3 Simple Steps to Actually Stick with Good Habits

Change the Plan__Not the Goal

Change the Plan__Not the Goal

Hi Everyone,

Today, want to refer you to an article that came to me at just the right time.
It’s about how to keep doing those habits good for us.

If you’re like me, we all find there are times we’re challenged to stick with our good habits. We have the best of intentions, but still for some reason go astray.

Well, today, going to share a portion of what my friend, and really all around cool guy,
James Clear, wrote recently. I find myself coming back to it, again and again.

First thing to remember folks, you’ll want to have a clear idea of your goal.

Write it down where it’s easy to see, such as a personal Daily Action journal.

Here’s an example from James, “The more *** I do, the leaner I get. For that reason, I recently decided to make *** a daily habit. I decided to use the three rules … and easily add more *** to my routine.”

James shares more details on his three so simple ways…it has helped me now more than once !!

If you’re anxious to learn more you can read the full post here at James website.

Want to personally thank James for writing with such clarity as well as being so inspiring. Especially, for allowing me to quote him. This is why repeatedly visit his site for new tips, along with receiving his informative newsletter.

Join his free newsletter and as James says “learn how to …”

“Break your bad habits and replace them with good routines that actually stick”

“Get in the best shape of your life (physically and mentally)”

“Increase your creativity and boost your energy”

“Plus, you’ll get fresh ideas on how to lose fat, build muscle, and feel superhuman.”

You can read more AND receive his free ebook on how to Transform Your Habits … at James website.

Here’s to living a Boundrylessly Energetic and Successful Life everyone !

Thank you James, for writing at the right moment, on what was so necessary.All the best to you ~

F – I – T exercise into your daily Plans

See exercise as your daily ritual

See exercise as your daily ritual

Hi folks,

Today want to mention about making time to exercise.

Like most of us, we have busy lives at home and work.

Here’s some simple ways to do it.

F = Find time. Find means make time, if only a few minutes throughout the day for it.
I = Invest in YOU ! You ARE important. You’re of more value when your body and mind are healthy.
T = Talk. This refers to telling yourself something Positive Daily !!

Here’s some additional tips for you…

First: Begin each day doing just 5 minutes of movement as soon as you wake up.
Who says you have to train for an hour in the gym as soon as you start a new fitness plan? No one with half a brain. In order to create a new healthy habit that you can stick with, begin with a lifestyle change that is so small that you barely notice it. To illustrate, let’s say you have to be at work by 8 a.m., so you usually wake up around 6:30-7:00 a.m. (Note: I’m just using examples to make sure you get the idea, modify this to fit your own schedule). Simply wake up 10 or 15 minutes early and do the following workout*:

15-30 squats

25-50 jumping jacks or run in place for 30 seconds (giving options here, because I notice most people don’t like jumping jacks. You can even dance, do the Twist – MOVE !

10-25 push-ups (with your hands elevated on your wall or kitchen sink if needed)

25-50 jumping jacks or run in place for 30 seconds

5 yoga poses/stretches of your choosing (make sure you take care of your upper *and* lower body)

*Note: I’m listing ranges of repetitions instead of a specific number, because I’m sure a wide range of folks with a variety of experience levels are reading this. If you’re not sure where to start, do this during your first training session: assuming a scale of 1-10 that describes how tired you feel, stop the exercise at #5. Write down how many repetitions you are able to perform and gradually add 2-5 more per workout to make it more difficult. Begin by performing a single set of every exercise listed for as many repetitions as you can safely, which should take about five minutes. When that becomes too easy, make it two sets. When that becomes too easy, make it three sets. You get the idea.

Second: Get your gym gear together the night before.
Before you go to bed, lay out your gym and work clothes for the next day. It’s a lot easier to get organized while you’re still half-conscious than it is before you’ve had your coffee (and feeling like a zombie). For bonus points, put your gym shoes and socks next to the bed. If you workout in the evening, collect your training gear, put it in a bag, and toss it into your car.

Third: Treat exercise as if it is your job.
Exercise should be an enjoyable experience (if you’re doing it right), but there is no denying that you’re not always going to feel like working out. But since exercise is just as important for your physical health as going to work is for your fiscal health, why should it be treated any differently? Treat exercise as if it is a very important appointment by scheduling your training days on a calendar or planner. Aim to exercise on the same days, at the same times, every single week. If repeated consistently, this will train your brain to turn exercise into a consistent habit that doesn’t require much thought process.

Forth: Enjoy a mid-day / lunch walk to relax and unwind.
Remember that early morning workout I gave you in point #1? If you’re interested in bonus points, here’s another easy way to squeeze exercise into your day. Sometime around the middle of your day (maybe at lunch time?), go for a 10-30 minute walk downtown or at a park. Breathe deeply and try to quiet your inner-chatter, enjoying the peace and silence, while you walk. You’ll come back to work re-charged and ready to make the most of the rest of your day (plus, you’ll burn extra calories too!).

Fifth: Remember why exercising is important in the first place.
Never forget why pursuing health and fitness is so important in the first place. Do you want to be a positive example for your children? Could you use more energy to carry you gracefully throughout your days? Would you like to get fit so you can feel more confident in your body? Are you taking expensive pills with nasty side-effects, all of which could be avoided if you made a better effort to take care of yourself? Whatever the case may be, know your why.

Remember: Doing a little throughout the day, adds up by the end of the day. Go for It !!

Here’s to living a Boundrylessly Happy & Healthy Lifestyle – Daily !

You ARE Awesome !

You ARE Awesome !

The Most Priceless Treasure ~

Jack LaLanne

Jack LaLanne

Hi Folks,

Over the weekend, was reading some famous quotes by people.

One in particular caught my attention.

It was by a man who made it his life goal to spread the word of the most Priceless Treasure there is.

Can anyone guess to who I’m referring ?

It is none other than my Health Hero, Jack LaLanne.

Going from an ill and weak health youth, to a fit and strong “Young” older man has always been an inspiration. Showing you are Never to old to be active and live life to the fullest.

A part of living to the fullest, is maintaining our body health. Exercise and joint health go hand in hand with this concept.

This month, the American Recall Center has made joint health awareness a focus!

You can find out more about them by clicking here.

Jack LaLanne finger tip  Pushups

Jack LaLanne finger tip Pushups

Another reason Jack LaLanne is my Inspiration, is how each year on his birthday he would choose to do a challenge in celebration.

Create Yourself

Create Yourself

Mind you, it wasn’t your usual challenge of ride a bike for an hour. Some of his challenges included:

1954 Age 40: Swam the length of the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge underwater with 140 pounds of equipment, including two air tanks… an undisputed world record.

1955 Age 41: Swam, handcuffed, from Alcatraz to Fisherman’s Wharf in
San Francisco, CA.

1956 Age 42: Set a world record of 1,033 pushups in 23 minutes on “You Asked for It, a TV Show with Art Baker.

1975 Age 61: Swam the length of the Golden Gate Bridge, underwater, for a second time handcuffed, shackled and towing a 1,000-pound boat.

1984 Age 70: Handcuffed, shackled and fighting strong winds and currents, towed 70 boats with 70 people from the Queen’s Way Bridge in the Long Beach Harbor to the Queen Mary, 1 ½ miles.

“Getting out of a warm bed at 5 a.m. to go down to my gym in the morning … I could be lazy and sleep late! But when I’m through, I think ‘Jack, congratulations – you did it again!’ And if I’ve got the will-power to do that, everything else is easy by comparison.” Jack LaLanne said.

And this was at an age when most people are complaining of heath related problems.

So find someone that inspires you, motivates you to want to become a Better You !!

Who do you decide to Be ?

Who do you decide to Be ?

Do you have Millionaire Habits ?

Hi Folks,

Now a days, most people are thinking of money. Not just for buying groceries mind you.
I mean, to enjoy a nice vacation.

Picture you get up. Go outside to enjoy a view of the beach. Casually chatting while eating breakfast. Then checking the latest news on a new tablet. Then checking your bank account, and seeing, make that feeling, the comfort of not only having a nest egg, but enough to actually live comfortably with out struggling, or laboring at a 9 to 5 job that gets you no where.

Picture, having enough to pay for your children’s college, as well as doing what you’ve always dreamed of doing.

Well …

It all starts with Goals.

Goals offer you a transparent sense of direction and a blueprint for the longer term. this is often wherever you\’re taking the dreams out of your head and place them down onto paper.

A crucial a part of goal setting is to raise yourself why?

For example:

Why does one wish that house?

Why does one wish that car?

Why does one wish that position within the company?

Why does one wish that salary?

Once you raise enough whys? the hows get easier!

Habit Two: Passion.

Whatever you\’re employed at, be keen about it. this is often a basic secret for money success.

What does one very love doing? And what does one have a natural talent for? What are your hobbies and interests? Once you’ve got these answers, put your heart and soul into doing it in the simplest, most easy way – Love it actually !

All millionaires love the work that they are doing.

Habit range Three: Excellence.

Set a goal that is bring your dream Alive. Let your love of what you do Shine in Excellence as you put 100 % of your heart into what you do. A millionaires’ secret ;)

\”Excellence is obtained if you:

…care quite others assume is wise;
…risk quite others assume is safe;
…dream quite others assume is practical;
…expect quite others assume is feasible.\”

Habit range Four: Education.

Dedicate yourself to long education.

The Millionaire Habits Learn and enjoy learning. Remember how a child enjoys exploring what the day holds, what lessons it holds. Learn the most recent news and trends. Remember, the market pays wonderful rewards for having wonderful data.

\”Learning is that the starting of wealth. Learning is that the starting of health. Learning is that the starting of spirituality. looking out and learning is wherever the miracle method all begins\”- Jim Rohn

Learn more by clicking here.

Habit range Five: client service.

Dedicate yourself to continuously providing wonderful client service, because the rewards measure in direct proportion to the service that you simply provide to individuals.

Ask yourself these questions:

What do my customers want?

What do my customers need?

What do my customers value?

What service am i able to provide my customers higher than everybody else?

What square measure my customers shopping for from others today? And what do i want to try to to to induce them to shop for from me?

Habit range Six: don’t think of failing, but learning from Mistakes – and then it’s not failure.

Be ready for the ups and downs Millionaires don’t believe in failure, they merely consider it as not the specified result nonetheless, simply a special strategy is required.

Habit range Seven: Imagination.

Use your imagination. you’ve got additional inventive ability .. in fact more than you think. You’ll surprise yourself once you open your creative mind.

Start using a journal, and begin writing down all of your concepts, notes, along with lists that you simply have throughout your day!

Keep in mind to continuously express, Plan on paper! You may not understand a thought or idea at the time, but upon reviewing your journal, understand and have that eureka moment that might be lost forever to memory, if hadn’t committed it to paper.

Guess what? Millionaires don’t spend most of their free time wathcing soap operas and reality TV shows. Limit the number of TV you watch to a minimum. Let it be something that inspires you !

Learn more by clicking here.

Habit range Eight: Surround yourself with positivism.

Surround yourself with compatible, positive individuals. you may have heard that 80 % of success comes from 20 % of your focus, determined efforts.

Remember to keep positive people, ideas around you, while distancing yourself from negative people, ideas, environment.

Habit range Nine: Back it all up!

Back-up everything that you simply do with the 3 qualities of perseverance, possession and belief. These strong traits provide rich rewards !

To have the courageousness to uphold in the face of adversity or disappointment,and The Millionaire Habits to possess persistence to remain at it longer than anyone else, while possessing total belief in everything that you simply do. These qualities show your drive as well as determination, and confidence in yourself and your ability to succeed.

Habit range Ten: Feeling.

Millionaires express daily gratitude for what they have. Their friends and family, their health and spirituality, their business and their social life. as a result count themselves rich even before making money or becoming successful.

It’s time for You to enjoy having the Millionare Mind and enjoying your Plans, Your Dreams …. Come True.
Click here to find out how.

Excellence is a Habit !

Excellence is a Habit !

Push Your way to Fitness

Push your Way to FItness

Push your Way to FItness

Hi Folks,

Today we’re going to discuss how to push your way to fitness.

Of course, one obvious way is to push yourself away from the table when you feel 80% full.
This allows room for digestion. In Asia, this is called “Hara Hachi Bu – eat until you are 80% full.”

You can read more on that by clicking here.

Now, on to more tips.

To get lean muscle tone from pushups, you’ll want to focus on a few things I’ve mentioned below.

One of the all time great exercises is the pushup. I think it’s safe to say that everyone has done a pushup in their lifetime … or at least tried! One thing I’m not too sure of though is that if many people realize just how effective a focused pushup workout routine can be at building solid muscle mass as well as great definition. Probably when most people think of doing a pushup workout they think of doing as many pushups as they can or doing 3 sets of 10 reps. The best pushup workouts do not involve either one of those approaches.

Pushup Fit

Pushup Fit

Yes, I do lift weights for my workout, but I also really enjoy mixing in body weight exercises with it. Here is what I think is the ultimate pushup workout routine for developing both muscle mass and muscle density.

Here is a full pushup workout based on escalating density training — a solid approach to build muscle mass while performing body weight training.

In this pushup workout we’ll incorporate the standard pushup and two common variations in order to work the entire pec muscles. There are certainly some much more extreme variations and I wouldn’t call any of the following three pushups the ultimate pushup, but the routine is what will make these effective!

For fun, I’ve got some of the “ultimate pushup” candidates a little farther down.

Standard Pushup
Diamond Pushup
Wide Grip Pushup

When it starts to get tough to do the 3 reps you should add 10 seconds of rest time. At first you will think this will not happen, but it will!

Warning: this may seem a little “too easy” at first and you’ll probably be tempted to start out doing higher amounts of reps. That’s actually not ideal though. In fact, one of the aspects that makes this pushup workout effective is the fact that you are not pushing to failure.

Now for some … Ultimate, Amazing & Just Plain Impressive Pushups

Here are a few advanced pushup variations for the adventurous. I’ll save the best for last, but they’re all worth a look. To get us started off, here is Craig Ballantyne from Turbulence Training with a quick video demonstrating a few different types of pushups.

Here’s where it gets impressive! My top 3 pushup variations. Click on the names to watch a pop-up video demonstration of the pushup — 90 Degree Pushup is a “must watch!”

#3 – Aztec Pushup
These pushups made the top 3 list for a reason! Start off in standard pushup position and push/jump/explode off the ground so that you can do a jack knife in the air!

#2 – Full Planche Pushup
This is where it starts to get serious. Short description: do a pushup without your feet ever touching the ground.

#1 – 90 Degree Pushup
The ultimate pushup! Do a pushup without feet ever touching the ground. Oh yeah, that’s after you’ve done a handstand pushup — all without your feet ever touching the ground.
Obviously you’ve got to be in amazing shape to even preform these pushup variations! As far as doing an actual pushup workout based off of these — forget it, right!

For another great pushup variation, checkout this about Hindu pushups. Although I only sometimes use them as part of my workout “routine” they are actually really good for you and fun to do every now and then.

Hope this gives you some ideas for your next workout.

Also, reminds you, body weight can be challenging enough to get us fit and toned too.

Here’s to Pushing our Way to Boundrylessly Healthy Living !!

Maximize your Fitness

Somanabolic Fitness !

Somanabolic Fitness !

Hi folks,

Hope all of you are enjoying a safe and healthy winter.

Well, if you are like most people, you’re thinking ….

Wow, it’s March already….Spring is on it’s way….

and soon to follow …

SUMMER – beaches, swimming, outdoors – Yeah !!

What’s not to like about summer.

But …

Will you be ready …

I mean, will you feel comfortable taking off that shirt,
wearing that bathing suit, guys, gals….. be honest.

Somanabolic is for women too !

Somanabolic is for women too !

If like most people, we’ve probably indulged a little over the holidays and winter ;)

However, don’t worry. For a great guy by the name of Kyle Leon, has found a good way to match the natural type of your body, to help you get fit and ready for summer.

It’s called “The Muscle Maximizer“, and is state of art nutritional software created qualified nutrition expert and fitness trainer Kyle Leon.

To learn more about this plan you can customize to meet YOUR goals, just click here now !
This program gains its edge because unlike many nutrition programs out there its in no way a one size fits all. The software requires a host of personal information, e.g metabolism type, height, age and weight to calculate your optimal diet to gain maximum muscle without any fat.

Muscle Maximizer Software at a glance:

3 Custom nutritional meal plans
Everyday you have three meal plans to choose from that will give you the perfect nutrition for optimum muscle growth and fat loss.

100% Nutrition for your body

You put all you specifics into the software, and it builds a nutritional program for your body,
AND your lifestyle.


Intensive muscle building program … Although this product is marked as a nutritional software first and workout program second, the workouts are top quality and work together with the nutrition program perfectly.

So, if you are tired of those one size fits all workouts. But instead, are looking for a way to lose fat, get toned, or BOTH, then you have found the right plan.

Somanabolic Invertor - Kyle Leon

Somanabolic Invertor – Kyle Leon

To learn more about this and to have the body you WANT for summer, before the price goes up, just click here.

Impress your friends with Artfully Scrolling ~

 The Art of Scrolling

Today folks about the Best Physiques Ever?

If you look at the history of the Iron Game and Physical Culture, you know that some of the greatest physiques ever developed were back in the time of the Oldtime Strongmen.

Guys like Eugen Sandow had big, bulging biceps and wide torsos, but they also had extremely narrow waists, the picture of perfection when it came to physique.

eugen snadow

One of the ways that these strongman greats developed the kind of chiseled look and sinewy muscle that looked like it was forged from iron was by Bending Steel.

Yes, they would take big, long steel bars and bend them over and over until they resembled giant steel paper clips, clover leafs, and Christian fish.



Double Loop Fish Bent by Jedd Johnson

This kind of training involves a great deal of high intensity pushing and pulling, so the body gets worked in a variety of directions with just one bar bend.

Also, completing bends like these requires a great deal of sustained isometric and near-isometric contractions, so the muscles’ fatigue factor is often equal to a complete hour-long workout, although it might only take 10 minutes to bend a steel bar.

My friend, Jedd Johnson, is an expert when it comes to bending steel. Aside from conventional muscle building and strength training workouts, Jedd enjoys dabbling in steel bending.

Look at some of the things he has bent:

- 60-penny nails

- Frying pans

- 8″ Adjustable Wrenches

- Horseshoes

  • 10-foot long steel bars.

                                        Here’s a picture of Jedd doing what is called Scrolling.

Jedd scrolling__doublelop2

Jedd scrolling__doublelop2

Jedd just released a very cool instructional DVD called The Art of Scrolling Steel

This DVD shows you exactly how you can take big, long steel bars and coil them up into various awesome designs.

Jedd and his friend Bud, actually bent 6 different steel sculptures when they put this DVD together and they donated them all to a benefit that was held for the daughter of one of Jedd’s High School Classmates who has a very serious type of brain cancer, and they were a big hit!

If you are looking for a new way to challenge yourself, Steel Scrolling could be exactly what you are looking for.

You can experience the feeling of steel giving way to your might.

Doesn’t that sound cool?

Plus aside from bending steel into cool shapes, you can forge a body that looks like a modern-day Eugen Sandow, stacked with muscle from head to toe.

Click here to find out more.

Signing off,

Boundryless Living & Scrolling, Bill

P.S. Jedd just released this product today, so the price is ultra low right now, plus if you live overseas, you can pick up the digital copy and you won’t have to worry about shipping costs, customs charges or having to wait for the snail mail to arrive.

Check out The Art of Scrolling Steel here today !

The Art of Scrolling ….

The Art of Scrolling - Steel

The Art of Scrolling – Steel

Hi Folks,

The title probably has you wondering.

The picture looks like an art piece.

So you may be wondering….You want to talk about how to better scroll through daily messages or something.

Not really.

Here, scrolling refers to bending steel.

Yes, you heard that right….steel.

Now, just picture, you want to impress a friend.

How’s stronger wrists, fingers, without looking bulky.

Wouldn’t it be nice to open that stubborn container in a jiffy.

Think how impressed your friends will be, when after dinner, you tell about a new hobby that was easy to learn.

Then you proceed to create a piece of art, as you bend, scroll, the steel, in your hands. Making it look easy, and it really Is !

Even better, is when your friends, come up to you afterward, asking how they can learn how to to that.

Well, two down to earth guys, who have tons of experience showing others how to do this just came out with an easy to watch DVD on Scrolling.

That’s right, you don’t have to go travel to some special workshop, or even leave the comfort of your home.

Picture, the next time your friends see you, they are amazed to see you make the art in the picture above. All the while you have a smile on your face as you show them.

Thanks to Jedd Johnson and Bud Jeffries. Two of the most easy going guys you could ever chat with, have just completed an at home DVD to help you learn this amazing art.

Enjoy learning this now through DVD in the comfort of your home now.

You too can bend and twist steel bars into amazing pieces of art, once you learn the Ultimate Form of Steel Bending – STEEL SCROLLING. 

What is Steel Scrolling?

Steel Scrolling is the art, science and physical performance of bending steel into purposefully made, artistic shapes, usually with a crowd watching in amazement.

Alexander Zass

Steel Scrolling is what they did in the times of the oldtime strongmen, back before everything got all watered down and packaged into a 7-minute abs commercial.

Back then, Scrolling showed you ARE  the real deal and made you immortal if you mastered it.

It’s the perfect blend of heavy metal ferocity with graceful ballet artistry.

It combines the strength of a weight lifter with the endurance of a distance runner and the cunning of an engineer.

An outlaw variety of strength that stands alone as the king of steel bending.

And you can learn this lost art of the oldtime strongmen with our video, “The Art of Scrolling Steel.”

Go here to learn more  …  http://zenhealthy.artscroll.hop.clickbank.net

Is your fitness Life in Balance – Let’s find out !


Hi Folks,

As usual, been traveling for work, however, wanted to share this with you that had me thinking.

Just like life, it is good to have balance in our fitness. 

It was in high school that got truly serious about fitness. Doing daily pushups, chinups, and hiking alternated with run – walking (which later evolved into my new interest…. Hill Sprints!).

However, with time, realized need more balance in life. So began daily planning to start my day, and deloading at the end of the day to relax. Then not long ago, realized just like life, my fitness needed to be more balanced to achieve my goals. 

Here’s some suggestions that I hope will help you too.  :-)

Let’s begin with this question …What is balanced fitness?

Essentially, I consider balanced fitness as fitness challenges, that strengthens, stretches and restores the body and mind with a range of motion..what I call Mind – Body Fitness.

Balanced fitness is really no silver bullet fitness solution. Instead, a balanced approach to fitness incorporates a variety of fitness techniques, sports and movement into your overall health regime.

Remember…. It’s important not confuse balance with perfection!

With fitness fads, as with fad diets, it’s tempting to follow a strict regimen with an “all-or-nothing” approach. Instead, balanced fitness encourages listening to your body, developing a healthy relationship with your body and using your fitness regimen to support health and healing instead of focusing on strict goals that may harm the body.


Ready to dive in?!

Here’s  what I consider some key ingredients that you’ll want to include in your balanced fitness plan. 

1. Moderate cardio/endurance/aerobic exercise.

You’re probably familiar with this one. Slow-paced biking, walking, swimming, etc. all fall into this category. Often thought to be the cornerstone of fitness, this area is generally given the most attention. However, though regular cardio is an important element of fitness, it’s important to not over do it. Beware! Too much cardio can actually wear out the body, increase inflammation, burn muscle and cause weight gain in the long run. A few hours of “slow-go” cardio a week is plenty for most people. Also, be sure to mix it up with a variety of different sports and activities!

2. High-intensity exercise.

Many of us neglect this key piece of the fitness puzzle. Did you know that a short blast of intense exercise is a powerful fitness tool that strengthens the heart, lungs, bones and immune system, not to mention trains the body to burn excess fat, increase muscle, and prevent injury by improving joint strength? Welcome to the world of sprints, high-speed jumping jacks, quick sit-ups, burpees and fast-paced sports such as soccer or rugby. The best part? Pushing yourself to the limit means you can spend less time working out while still reaching peek athletic performance. Integrating a few high-intensity sessions into your fitness routine each week will bump your degree of fitness to new heights.

3. Yoga.

The physical and emotional benefits within yoga are so endless: strength, balance, flexibility, healthy joints, mental control, stress reduction and restoration. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different yoga styles and move your body in a variety of ways. A Kundalini class will affect your body much differently than a stand-up paddle-board class.

4.Strength training or body resistance exercise.

Unless you regularly practice ashtanga or some other athletic yoga style, you’ll want to incorporate this element into your fitness routine as well. Try adding some kind of resistance exercises to your fitness routine. To tone and strengthen your body, heavy weights aren’t necessary (unless you’re looking to build muscle). Another example is doing bodyweight exercises at home, or even better outdoors to enjoy the fresh air!!    

Either will help your muscles, while strengthening bones, boosting metabolism,as well.


Though being active is Great for our body and Mind….this next step is equally important in a Balanced Fitness Life.

5. Restoration and rest.

Most of you will be happy to hear that balanced fitness includes rest days! It’s essential to let your body recover from intense workouts. You can even enhance rest days by treating your body to a restorative yoga session, often called the dessert of yoga. Incorporating rest and restoration is key to balanced fitness. In fact, lack of rest (over-exercising) can be as damaging as lack of exercise. Exercise addicts, take note!

Take a moment to consider which if these areas you might be neglecting. Perhaps you need to integrate more high-intensity exercise into your regimen, or maybe restorative yoga and rest need to be priorities. Listen to your body, and do your best to incorporate these five elements of fitness into your life. You might be delighted to find that a balanced fitness regimen keeps your body and mind engaged, inspired, and on track, while helping you feel and look your best.


Take away from this is…move, enjoy, both stimulating your Body and Mind, while also including times to simply Breathe, Reflect…and Enjoy those Golden Moments within your day.

It is my hope this article will help you in balancing fitness to enjoy Life ever more Fully !!

Here’s to Living a Balanced – Happy – Healthy Boundryless Life !!  :-D



The Amazing Power of being Positive !

Hi Folks,

Read this recently and wanted to share with you the power of Positive Attitude ~

Have included the article in its entirety…

Sam Cawthorn’s near-death experience transformed his life, now he teaches others to do the same


Sam Cawthorn's near-death experience transformed his life.

Sam Cawthorn’s near-death experience transformed his life. Source: Supplied

THERE was a loud bang. The next thing Sam Cawthorn remembers is the looks on the faces of people hovering around his broken body, lying in the middle of the road.
“Their eyes were taking in my crumbled leg and my arm that was smashed to pieces and their faces said: ‘This guy’s not going to make it’,” he said.

Mr Cawthorn had fallen asleep at the wheel before crashing into a semi-trailer in a combined speed of 206km/h.

He was pronounced clinically dead by paramedics for three minutes. Hours later, Mr Cawthorn said he woke on life support in a Tasmanian hospital room.

“I suddenly realised that I was alive. If things had turned out differently, I could have been jelly,” he said.

The doctors said they were amazed by Mr Cawthorn’s recovery.

“They described it as a miracle. And that got me wondering about the difference in psychology between someone who survives a crisis like that and someone who does not,” he said.



Amazingly, Sam Cawthorn survived this car crash.

Amazingly, Sam Cawthorn survived this car crash. Source: Supplied


The difference, as it turns out, was an ability to tap into the positive – and rather than dwell in the crisis, embrace whatever happens to you as an opportunity for growth, Mr Cawthorn said.

“It’s our decision, not our condition that determines our happiness and success in life,” he said.

As his body began the gruelling road to recovery, Mr Cawthorn began to think that he could apply these same lessons to life in the business world.

That may seems a surprising assertion from a man living with a prosthetic arm and chronic phantom pain – but then, that’s all part of his philosophy.

“Everyone has a crisis, it doesn’t matter what or how it occurs, but there is a formula for overcoming it,” he said.

“Before the accident I was a very motivated person, but I had no real direction. Now I see everything differently. I am more grateful for everything and I focus on going forward,” he said.

This is Mr Cawthorn’s advice:

• Connect to your ‘why’: Spend time figuring out why you’re doing what you’re doing with your life. Most people spend more time planning a holiday than they do their lives.
• Be strategic: Seek to maximise every opportunity, no matter how obscure or unlikely.

• Take stock of your relationships: In other words, the people with whom we spend most of our time have the biggest influence on our lives. Associate with people who are positive and you will reap the rewards.

• Leverage happiness: Deciding to be happy is a conscious choice, one that you have to make every single day. No matter what happens, make the most of the situation.

• Focus on ‘bouncing forward’: Don’t look back and try and be someone you used to be, always look to the future. “Looking back on my own experience, I still would not change what happened to me. I am a better version of me because of it,” he said.

The incredible life lessons that emerged from Sam’s extraordinary experience have been documented in his new book ‘Bounce Forward: How to Transform Crisis into Success’.
Purchase a copy or to find out more on Sam Cawthorn.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health-fitness/sam-cawthorn8217s-neardeath-experience-transformed-his-life-now-he-teaches-others-to-do-the-same/story-fniym874-1226698347012#ixzz2cJfNHsJQ
Read more: http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health-fitness/sam-cawthorn8217s-neardeath-experience-transformed-his-life-now-he-teaches-others-to-do-the-same/story-fniym874-1226698347012#ixzz2cJfCkD8i


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