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Peace of mind

How to Get Peace of Mind

Through daily practices, I’ve discovered with time

one of my ultimate
goals, ‘peace of mind.’

Now, here’s the ironic twist to it.

You probably are not going to obtain peace of mind
by sitting at home alone, watching TV, or simply doing nothing.

Instead you can obtain peace of mind by being creatively
alive; by pursuing a challenging goal that benefits
both yourself as well as others. By living for the sake

of others, we fulfill our own goals.
Once heard that,”By making the world (people) better
while accomplishing goals is the path we should walk more often.
And one we should practice daily, especially with
our familes.

You obtain peace of mind by DOING something good …

NOT just for yourself, but for others in the process.

You obtain peace of mind by being involved.

And you obtain peace of mind by developing
your self-image, thus your confidence as well,
to the level where you KNOW you can accomplish
whatever you set your mind on. Acknowledging

that God and family are with you. So the more you
share, include, others in the path towards your goal,
the more energy, and momentum, you’ll receive.

Each day YOU and I have about 1440 minutes. What
we chose to do with those minutes determines our future as
well as how we feel in the present. Notice the key word…chose!

When we’re creatively involved in stretching our minds
to become MORE than we currently are, we feel good
about ourselves.

Consider for a moment one thing you can do today to
move yourself toward a worthy goal (one that not only helps you,

but others). Then do it !!

Rest assured in the doing of that thing, your
attitude will change. You’ll feel different. Why.
Because you’re creatively involved in doing something

Now, to make life flow more smoothly, always
take a few quiet minutes to daily have a “quiet time”.
Picture the person you want to be, focus your energy into

that desire…what you to be.

Remembering that in order for you to make a lasting change,the person

you see, feel,  on the inside must change first.

You have two sets of eyes. The ones you use to observe
who you are on the outside. And the set of eyes (spiritual eyes some call it) you use
to observe who you are on the inside.

Picture the new you each day, give that picture strength through your words,

then power through the actions you take to make it real.

Then you will become the new you.


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