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Enjoying a Boundryless Marriage

Hello everyone,

Think a moment about what is most precious to you.

It probably won’t take long to think of your significant other…your spouse!

Would like to share some ways to enjoy a boundryless marriage.

Today, call your spouse to let them know you’re thinking about them.

Take time everyday to let your spouse know how much you appreciate and love them.

If we live for the other, think about how amazing each day will be.

As couples we often speak of our “better half.” Indeed, woman fulfills the purpose of love for man, and man for woman.

Spend some quiet time together, even if not talking, just share the moment together as one!

The first characteristic of true love is that it originates in God, who created for the experience of love. When God created us, He invested one hundred percent of everything He had. The act of living for others means that you give one hundred percent of yourself until there is nothing left to give. Only then will the love of your object (focus)  rush back to fill the void.

Further, true love is the love you give and then forget. If you consciously remember what you have given, you will begin to calculate how much giving is enough. If you decide that you have given enough, then love cannot continue eternally.

Love flows perpetually only if it is given unconditionally.

Some suggestions are :

Achieving true love in our marriage, and building a family of such love, is the central purpose of one’s life.

Marriage is therefore an event of enormous importance for each person having eternal significance. Not just in

helping us complete each other, though very important, but it’s what’s created from this “Heaven on earth” love that is so vitally important. Through this a couple can truly enjoy a boundryless loving marriage each and every day.

So enjoy even the challenges as an opportunity to learn , grow, love ever more completely while making that Boundryless Heaven on Earth love as one!!

Here’s a wonderful inspiring song by Josh Groban dedicated to my Eternal Heaven on Earth wife Eileen,

whom I love with all my heart, always and forever!

Hope you take time to enjoy  it with your spouse too!


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