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Enjoying a Boundryless Love Family

Family, what do you think of when hearing that word. For it’s far more than a word.

Our family, our roots, can be an anchor in our lives.

Someone once said that as a potter shapes clay to create something beautiful from something so ordinary.

To see the potential within that clay, is what a family does for us. It’s about that beautiful creation that  strong bonds of a family create, along with good values. Family bonds are the string that connects us to our beginning as well as a guide to our future. These early influences are so fundamental to our individual development.

Everyone wants to “belong”, to feel accepted. This sense of belonging is derived from a strong family bond. Family is where our roots take hold and grow too.

A close family bond is like the proverbial light house in our lives, a safe harbor to go to. It is this light, this family bond, centered on God, that can provide the very elements we need to grow as a person, in heart, spirit, and in love.

A true boundryless family is centered on love. Such a powerful four letter word that has it’s roots in a heart of giving, living, for the sake of others. This is how a parent unconditionally loves their child, regardless of talent or appearance.  However it is also through centering on love that creates inseparable bonds forever.

Just think about that special bond, that very powerful four letter word called “Love” drawing upon it whenever you need it.

Remember though to nurture it, and just like a plant tended by a gardener, your garden of love will be your family, your spouse, growing ever more beautiful, precious, radiant….as you enjoy a Boundryless Marriage centered on LOVE!

Enjoy this with your loved ones:


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