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Living Mindfully or … so What are you Thinking!?

When your eyes first opened this morning, what were you thinking.

Well, it’s usually  one of two options. Most people who’ve read and studied self- help have never heard about this very first WAY to keep your mind focused and centered on the positive. In fact, many people wrongfully assume they are ‘positive’ – yet can never figure out why they have so much trouble manifesting their heart’s desire.

Maybe, just maybe, their unconscious programming is overriding their heart’s desire. You’ll know which is which when you become aware of which thought you’re having first thing in the morning. Now, just so that you know, your first thought is NOT about what you’re going to do today. It’s not about how much m-oney you have – or want to have. it’s not about your body, your mind or anything else. Your first thought is something that plays as background music in your brain every time you wake up – and the most amazing fact about this ‘music’ is you’re probably not even aware of what it is. You will be from this day forward when you read and devour and utilize the principles of Mindfull Living.

Be 100% in the moment, utilizing past experiences, while being open to the potential the future holds.

Enjoy Mindfully Living a Boundryless Life!!!


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