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Being Boundryless… Like the ocean waves !

 Ocean Waves


Have you ever wished you could remain more calm in a situation, or when facing a challenge. Or even under adversity be better able to make a decision. You need to go no further than water to learn.

When you watch water at a beach, it recedes for a time, and then returns crashing the white foam waves onto shore. Next time you need to make a decision, or face a challenge that feels so big, be like that wave, step back for a moment, to see the bigger picture. This will usually give you a much better view of not only what you are facing, but a solution to the problem as well.

So next time, when facing that challenge that perhaps seems perplexing or overwhelming….be like Boundryless nature…the wave, step back, gather what you need, then move forward with  Confidence past the rocks of challenge to Boundryless Victory!!

Here’s something that may help you ….

“When water is pure and sparkling clear, you see straight to the bottom.

When your mind holds no concern, no circumstance can turn you.

And once your mind doesn’t stray … then you are residing in (Boundryless) spaciousness.

From such awareness nothing hides.” – Han shan

Enjoy the Happiness and Freedom that comes from Living Boundryless!!!


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