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Learning …Growing …..Adapting !

Learning ....Growing ...Adapting ....Living Boundrylessly !!!

Learning ....Growing ...Adapting ....Living Boundrylessly !!!

Today wish to share something with everyone. It’s about taking our lessons, experiences, we encountered in the past with us into the present. This will give us a broader vision, richer experience in the present through past wisdom. Let’s say for example when you first learned  how to write.  That pencil may have felt awkward….perhaps even strange. Then as we gained experience….Wow!! This is cool, I can not only write with a pencil, now I can even draw!!

Let me ask you….What changed?  Did the pencil change?  Or did our perception, our skill, through experience change? Now, let’s take a look at our daily lives. From our past encounters or experiences, how can we use them to make our life easier….to Grow in understanding.  Just like as we first learn to ride a bicycle, it takes time to feel the right balance, to learn and grow from our mistakes and overcome imbalance. Just the same way we can apply this to our daily lives, to gain balance where first felt imbalance. And it is this process that then prepares us for the future…

So how did we do all that……by Learning….by Growing….By Adapting !!!

It is through this process you could call it broadening our vision….

That we can truly experience Boundryless Living!!!

Enjoy the journey !!!


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