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The string of our past…links our present…our future

This is a short post of what some of my friends and I saw by means of Remote Viewing as well as using our heightened senses you could say. Over time will share more, but just a brief glimpse first.

As the world weather changes so will we…by adapting in many ways. For example, the country of Taiwan will be affected by the ocean covering over time at least the southern third  and nearly one-third of its east coast. This will also create a greater difference between climates while also increasing the size along with the frequency of storms.

In technology, with time see Intuitive Technology on a whole new level rivaling AI. This will be the forefront of learning machines. But it’s not this alone that will affect progress. It is through the advancement of “Living Technology”. Through this, will be the opening harnessing the true powers of nature. For example, harnessing Radiant Energy. This will usher in a greater understanding of using it for buildings of light. That themselves maintain a comfortable environment for us. Also from this Living Technology, will come, as in Microsoft’s Bill Gates home that senses his presence, so turns those lights on, one wall becomes a living picture, and with time a computer or movie screen projected in mid-air.

Following this, and learning from our environmental mistakes, learning from the lessons Nature has to teach us, find that all foods have a special vibration that provides for a specific need of our bodies. This will usher in new breakthroughs in medicine along with health knowledge overall.

For buildings, cars, other modes of transportation will be harnessing this Radiant Energy, will help us cope with warmer climates, various countries around the world losing part of their coast, and cities, to the melting ice-caps. But how to turn this into good by tapping into the oceans potential for food as well as other resources. However this time gleaning them naturally. Another example will be the advancement of what is called now memory plastic / metal to a whole new level. What would appear as a wall, would then in part begin to open into a door or window. Or close again when needed. Will be able to change shape with a given design as well

As our knowledge continues to advance, we’ll use such Living Technology, to make a transparent screen like wall we can walk through feeling a slight tingling, but when needed can become more transparent to let in more light, or less to filter the sunlight, heat, or cold if necessary. This tied together with the environmental controls of having a Living Technology building whose architecture will seamlessly fit in with nature itself.


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