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Get more in less time ….Be Boundryless!!!

Boundryless Living through Simplicity

Boundryless Living through Simplicity

Wanted to share something from a friend Craig Ballantyne on saving time…

1) Block time for projects, not email

The “gurus” of the day are all preaching “set aside time twice per
day to check email”.

But I actually believe that is the wrong mindset.

You should focus on blocking time for projects, and frankly, if you
get time for email later, then check it. But base your day around
making progress on your e-book or DVD’s, not on getting to email.

2) Set more deadlines

Each night, set a deadline to get a big task done before you even
think about checking email each day.

That might be writing 5 workouts for clients, or 10 pages of your
ebook, or 3 newsletters for your readers.

But get those done first, before any inboxes are checked.

Set deadlines for each day, week, and month. If you have deadlines,
you’ll get more done.

3) Charge yourself for each email sent

If you’d just stop sending so many un-necessary emails, you’d stop
getting so many needless emails in return.

So change your mindset. Imagine email isn’t free. Imagine it costs
one dollar to send each email.

Would you still send it?

Remember, each un-necessary email is robbing you of time, even if it
doesn’t cost you money.

Time you could spend in the gym, with your family, or sitting in a
comfy chair with a good book.

BONUS TIP: Take back your cellphone!

Listen, how many people absolutely, positively, MUST have your
cell phone number?

Maybe 5?

More than likely 3?

Possibly only 1?

Cellphones should be for emergencies only.

Cut out the needless cell phone calls, emails, and you’ll find
yourself with a lot more time to get things done.

Be ruthless with your time.

Remember…every minute spent on email or business calls is time
stolen from your kids, your family, your dog, or your business.

If you look at it that way, you’ll cut out the garbage and get more
done in every aspect of your life.

And if you want more energy, here are 5 of my best tips:
1) Go to bed and get up at the same time everyday.
2) Get 30-minutes of activity everyday.
3) Eliminate all added sugar from your diet.
4) Eat more fruits and vegetables and drink more water.
5) Decrease or even drop the mega-caffeine coffee and switch to Green Tea.
Use those tips and have more energy, and if short on time, no gym nearby…how about getting in a refreshing workout in a few minutes that gives you energy, frees up tension, while helping you get healthier wherever you are…then take a moment to read this and get a free guide too!!!



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