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Personal Power ~ Be Boundryless !!

For those of us becoming Boundryless provides us Personal Power.

Here’s an easy way to start~ Enjoy !

Exercise #1 The “What” to do: Set aside time in your life to feel stressful, fearful, threatening or sad feelings. The idea that you can choose when to feel them (or least for how long) is new to a lot of people. I always thought that emotions came when they came and then we would feel them. To imagine that there were ways to put off feeling them until a better time had never been a conscious thought of mine before learning this? It is important that we learn we can be in control of our feelings and that we can feel safe even with overwhelming feelings. What about you? The “Why” to do it: What I had discovered a long time ago was that in learning to survive, I had learned to hide feelings away. It’s a very common reaction most of us have, because we’ve never been taught any differently. How many times a day do you find yourself doing the same thing? When we are in survival mode we can’t always deal with all the strong emotional feelings that beset us, so we tuck them away somewhere. I had become so proficient at this that many times I couldn’t even recognize that I was feeling anything. This “stuffing of feelings” of course leads to all kinds of stress, health troubles, anxiety, and unhappiness. It also stalls creation. Using simple techniques like this give you more mastery over your life. It may seem small but in reality using a strategy like this becomes incredibly empowering once it becomes a natural part of your life. Is there something you know you need to feel but are avoid feeling? Consider doing this exercise because it is like an emotional cleansing. I know that just us talking about emotions and “feelings” can be uncomfortable (maybe more so for men – maybe not). Consider that releasing those emotions and having a system for not allowing them to get buried deep down inside of you can lead to helping you quit smoking, overeating, drinking, getting angry, feeling agitated, all sorts of bad habits that we have learned along the way to help keep those emotions buried where no one can find them. I’m not saying you “should” do this, I’m simply asking you to consider it as a possibility. Sound fair? Okay, now the good stuff. The “HOW” to do it: (This is the part that’s usually left out) Consider setting aside three 20 minute “empowerment sessions” a week where you are allowed to fully feel and experience disempowering emotions. Like sadness, stress, fear, overwhelm, etc. Note: Even though we are allowing our selves to feel the disempowering feelings, I prefer to call it my “empowerment sessions” because that’s how I feel when I’m done. Name them anything you want, just keep them positive and powerful, not negative. Make sure that you create the right space for these “empowerment sessions”. Meaning, make sure that you are in a safe place, where you can simply be with yourself without any distractions and without anyone around you that will judge you for feeling these feelings. One thing that I learned was also to make sure the time I chose to feel had a definite beginning and a definite end. So, during this time that you have set aside, completely allow yourself to feel those feelings. Allow yourself to feel the stress that work has put on you Allow yourself to feel the fear of needing to pay the bills, or not knowing what to do Allow yourself to feel overwhelmed by life and all the pressures that are on your shoulders Simply allow yourself to live these feelings, feel them. – Cry if that’s what you feel – Scream if that what you feel Just allow yourself the time, space and above all the freedom to feel these feelings without judgment, criticism, shame or guilt. Can you do this? The beauty in this strategy is that you learn that you can control when you want to feel certain feelings. You are the one that begins choosing when to feel disempowering feelings and when not to. Do not skip this next step After taking the scheduled time to feel stressful, overwhelming, sad, angry feelings, I learned to immediately go into feelings of intense love. Identify times when you have felt completely loved. Find at least one time in your life when you have felt overwhelmingly loved. That is the feeling and moment you will revive at the end of every “empowerment session.” So, the simple how-to strategy is: 1. Consciously set at least three 20 minute empowerment sessions every week to feel stress, fear, overwhelm, angry, sad or any other feelings that arise. 2. Make sure you have a specific beginning and end time. 3. Eliminate all distractions and do this in a “safe” space 4. Allow yourself to just experience these disempowering feelings without guilt, shame or judgment. 5. Wrap it up by recalling and feeling one of your intensely, loving moments in depth at the end. (do not skip this step) Take a moment to begin feeling the power of this easy Exercise right now. There is no need to rush.
Hope this helps you on your path to being Boundryless!

Watch for Exercise #2 coming up everyone.


2 Responses

  1. I don’t usually write on blogs but had to on yours. You have a very distinctive writing style. I don’t have time to read all the articles right now, I found this site when looking for something else on about.com, but I’ve bookmarked your homepage and will check back soon to see what’s new. I really appreciate you having this website. As someone who has struggled with an addiction myself, I have started a site devoted to information about it. Please check out my site at http://www.qvof.com when you have a few minutes. Thanks again for this resource! Sites like yours are a real inspiration to me. I just wanted to let you know that I got a lot from your site.

    • Hi Jesse,

      Really appreciate your comments, and feels SUPER to know this blog helps others.

      Wish you the best of success with your blog too Jesse !!!

      By the way, checked out your blog and it is something I feel more people need and should take
      the time to check out. If not for themselves, then for perhaps a loved one or someone they could
      reach out and help.

      All the best to you Jesse !!

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