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Keep Going ~ Keep Growing Boundryless !!


Boundryless Determination

Boundryless Determination




All: Don’t let a setback stop you from your dreams. Hope this helps, shared with some of my friends over the weekend and will post here. Yeah, each time before doing workouts I knew my a** was going to get kicked big time.

But also reminded me of saying read from Navy SEAL Richard Machowicz, “We all have conversations with ourselves all the time and they play a tremendous role in what we do. The conversation that one has with him or herself is what kills you. Especially under extremely stressful situations like “hell week” where you are almost up for 110 hours a week! I had to get myself in the mindset of never giving up no matter what. A buddy of mine gave me a quote which stated, “A man can only be beaten in two ways: if he gives up or he dies.” I had that quote in my wallet until the pencil marks rubbed off. I really lived that motto.

I decided that if I am *not dead*, then I *cannot quit.*”

Have read where intense training is as much mental as physical. That it builds a person that will not quit; developing their heart. If you do not have heart, you could be the greatest athlete in the world. However you are going to cave when the pressure comes. You have to have the guts to finish what you start.

Also Mr. Richard Machowicz stated, “if people can say yes to the following three questions, they have the guts to finish anything: * **

1. Are you willing to make a choice? *Very rarely do people make choices that fundamentally effect their lives. For example, changing channels on the TV is not something that fundamentally effects your life. You have to step up to the plate and make a fundamental life changing choice. *

2. Do you have the courage to start now?* We get people that make choices but do not do anything to get started. Half the people that made a choice drop out at this stage. They do not take the first step to move in the direction that they want.* **

3. Do you have the commitment to finish?* You can start, but can you finish? This is where most people disappear. Very few people finish. People can start things, but can they see it through the end? Can they be there when it matters? Would further like to share a video that has really been inspiring.

It’s on YouTube and here’s the link….. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vB59PkB0eQ

Want to thank you Jon for getting Intense Conditioning out to us, the awesome nutrition too, that will both inspire us, both mentally, as well as physically. Along with the building blocks of what is real no nonsense nutrition.

By the way really enjoyed the Pistachio and chicken patty, breakfast bruschetta, along with other delicious recipes you have for us in the “Cooking for the Fitness Lifestyle”. Truly awesomely delicious recipes that are also healthy. Been enjoying growing this week with the All the Two’s never realized such a small number can have real productive results. Even though the last set was sweatin’ like a freight train and breathing like one too.

But the results were awesome…mentally and physically. Mid-week the practice day was great, giving the opportunity to really focus on them, but mindful of making progress in them too. Friday, I called third a** kickin’ day, was “Boxer’s Dream MK1″ and took me to a whole new level of good pain. Like one coach used to say, “Pain is weakness leaving the body.” Well had a lot of that, and felt it, but the next day, felt on top of the world after conquering it!!! Especially after enjoying some of your great recipes!! They are so enjoyable since I’m not a great cook, and every recipe so far has been really nutritious as well as recharging….what my body has been needing for a long time…


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