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Having that Boundryless Concentration ~

Peaceful Concentration

Peaceful Concentration

Hi Folks,

Ever have a time you really….REALLY need to concentrate, but there is that outdoor sound of
someone mowing, or people talking in the next room.

Perhaps you need to study, get that last bit of work done, or simply need to Concentrate !!!

Well, time for you to make noise.

No, I don’t mean scream in frustration, Fortunately đŸ˜‰

Instead try .. The white kind of noise.

Studies have shown that while listening to background white noise,
such as the constant whoosh sound—while working may actually improve your concentration.
“A steady, smooth sound of a constant intensity and regularity reduces the impact of unpredictable noises by making it harder for the brain to process them,” says Mary Anne Baker, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at Indiana University Southeast.

In non-Techy talk: White noise is produced at a constant low level, therefore screening out random,
or we coud say distracting sounds without being a distraction itself. Sounds Good to me !!

This helps your mind to focus on whatever you need to do.

WAIT Folks !!!

Don’t spring for a white-noise generator; turn your computer into one with free software from …

Here’s to having Boundryless Concentration to get those jobs done….and going on to live a ……Boundryless Life !!

Please let me know if this helps you ~


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