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Becoming Boundryless through an Unattached Mind

That Aha Moment !!

That Aha Moment !!

Boundrylessness of an Unattached Mind

You may not realize it, however there’s a difference between Having a strong opinion and Holding Strongly To an opinion.

Opinions and preferences are the main motivations of our daily actions. Where we live, how we make a living, with whom or how we enjoy our time, each and ALL are decided by having an opinion or a preference. Something we may not even be consciously aware of even. However……by living in today’s world requires choice … choice requires opinion …OR preference, at times they can be extremely strong.

By the simple act of Holding Strongly To An Opinion causes us to then become invested – emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually.
OUR energy is put into it !!!!

When we hold strongly to an opinion we tend to go far out on the proverbial limb. We both align and alienate ourselves at the same time, often without being aware of it. We define who we are as we build our lives by as well as around our strongly held views. Any conflicting information or event might lead us to change on a foundational, and therefore monumental, level. Therefore, the greater our investment becomes, the more we have at stake in perpetuating it.

When we hold strongly to an opinion we become attached to the outcome. Our friends, associations, self view, our very way of life may be at stake. Because of this we view every situation or piece of new information with either hope or dread: hope that what we hear, read or experience will continue to support and justify our investment, dread that what we will discover will force us to make undesired changes. There is one way to avoid hope or dread and that is to close ourselves off so completely that we will not even acknowledge any opposing information or event. In this way we can insulate ourselves completely from the threat of change. But at what price?

Having an opinion or preference Without holding strongly to it means that it exists in this moment in time. It is renting rather than owning a place in our life. As such, it is constantly open to new assessment. We neither hope nor dread because we have not become attached in the outcome. Although we may speak strongly or act decisively, we accept the possibility that we might learn or experience something that will cause us to speak or act differently in the future – or not. This may sound scary when considering weighty topics such as murder, civil rights, religion. It can be. It requires courage to maintain that degree of openness when you feel so strongly now. But if your belief is ultimate truth, won’t it prove to be ultimate truth tomorrow? And if it’s not, wouldn’t you wish to know? It may sound tiring as well. We like to check things off of our to do list, like our multiplication table. Once we’ve learned it we never have to revisit it. We like to do that with our preferences, beliefs and opinions as well.

The trick is to meet each new piece of information or experience with a clean slate – no preference, no bias, no hope, no dread. Therein lies the truth. Easier said than done. Think of it this way ~ each experience we attach the energy of our emotion to, thus giving it power from our energy. Next time, before automatically doing it……CHOSE how to respond to it. Use your power of Choice, which we all have, then with a clearer mind, experience that moment and see…..FEEL the difference it makes for you, even those around you too!!

Here’s is what one of my teachers shared with me on this topic a few years ago…
Be ALIVE in each Moment ~ NOW ~ and NOW ~ and NOW…..in other words each moment and
All that we hear and all that we see can lead to the incredible discovery we are looking for.

So to receive the most of Each and Every moment, remember it all begins with what you PUT into it !!!
Or as my teacher later said, “It’s called that Aha Moment !!”


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