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Do you have 5 minutes ~ To get 5 Years Younger…. I Do !!!

~ Celebrating 5 years Younger in 5 Minutes ~

~ Celebrating 5 years Younger in 5 Minutes ~

Hi Everyone,

Most people have a busy day, work, family, it’s hard to even squeeze in a few minutes
to even just relax.

So how about taking JUST 5 minutes to help yourself to better health…..Then share that with others !!!

Here’s how…..

Here’s a pleasant little pastime that takes about 5 minutes to do each day but could make you up to 5 years younger if you’re faithful to it: drinking tea.

In a Chinese study, the cells of enthusiastic tea drinkers showed about 5 fewer years’ worth of wear and tear compared with the cells of people who drank little tea.

Age Marker
The enthusiastic tea drinkers averaged 3 or more cups of green or oolong tea daily, while the group that showed more signs of cell aging averaged less than a cup. The researchers looked specifically at the study participants’ telomeres to see how much their cells had aged. Telomeres are the protective end caps on your DNA strands. They get a smidge shorter every time cells divide, so the shorter these caps are, the older your cells are, too. And in the study, the most avid tea drinkers had significantly longer telomeres than the people who drank less than a cup a day.

So I lift my cup of tea to Your Health….Come Join Me !!!


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