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Peace of Mind ~

If Only had Peace Of Mind ~

If Only had Peace Of Mind ~

So Folks, wondering what did you picture when reading the title?
What is Peace of Mind for You?

Let me share some on this thought …..

Cause and the resulting effect can be seen as a process through which
difficulty produces both stress as well as anxiety.


While Awakened Living
will produce Peace of Mind.

Folks, you should really take a look at what you have done in the past to
better understand why things are the way they are now.

Further, look at what you are doing …

Right now…..


to know how things are going to be in the future.

One could day that Life itself works through causes
producing effects.

Then effects become the new causes that will
generate new effects.

So what does this mean you ask?

Wake UP!! Don’t do Sleep Walk Living.

Wake UP!!! Make the Choice to live Awakened….Experiencing each moment.

For truly….You….

Yeah….YOU !!!

Have the power to cause, to spark that cause …

Then have the Peace of Mind that YOU attained the effect YOU wanted….YOU Caused….

Through Living Boundrylessly ~

True Peace of Mind ~

True Peace of Mind ~

Enjoy Boundryless Health is as easy …. with a Plan ~

Outdoor Health at the Playground !!

Outdoor Health at the Playground !!

Hi Everyone,

Met some friends over the weekend.
As we chatted over a morning coffee (keep that metabolism going 😉
one friend asked me why living a healthy lifestle seems so easy for me.
I replied, wouldn’t use the word ‘easy’, however just try to keep it simple.
Then mentioned if he would follow simple plan (don’t like saying rules cause
usually gives a feeling of rigidly having to adhere to something to get something
out of it….which I personally feel is NOT true !!!

So here’s my simple Plan ~

6 Steps For a Perfect Workout

Rules… As parents we are famous for making them. As kids we more often than not hated them.

Young and old, we all feel a need structure in our lives.
Simply … because it works.

When it comes to designing your own workout,
don’t get paralysis by analysis by the 1,950,000 results looking
back at you from surfing the net, just follow this simple plan (don’t like saying rules 😉

Rule 1: Dynamic Warmup
Ex. (Bodyweight Squats, Pushups, Lunges)
Starting off the workout with a Dynamic warmup instead of stretching,
increases body temperature and wakes up your nervous system by moving
your body’s major muscles in a natural range of motion

Rule 2: Compound multi-joint exercise
Ex.(Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, Chinups)
Including a compound exercise first in your exercise routine trains the major
muscles while working in a lower rep range you’ll build strength AND muscle
together from the start.

Rule 3: Upper Body Antagonistic Superset
Ex. (BB or DB Chest Press & BB or DB Row)
Then by pairing opposing muscles groups in a superset fashion but in a slightly
higher rep range you save time and keep your heart rate elevated to build muscle
and burn fat faster.

Rule 4: Lower Body Single Leg Movement
Ex.(Lunges, Steps Ups, Single Leg Squats)
By including a single leg movement you help correct any lower body
imbalances and work some inactive muscles like the glutes and lower back
which build functional strength you can use in everyday life.

Rule 5: Abdominal Move
Ex. (Planks, Mountain Climbers, Ab Wheel Rollout)
Training your abs the way they are meant to function by stabilizing your spine
and preventing rotation will give you rock hard abs that do more than look good
on the beach.

Rule 6: Cooldown: Stretching
Ex. (Wall Chest Stretch, Wall Back Stretch, Lying Leg Stretch)
Ending your workout with static stretching relaxes your mind as well as your
muscles by decreasing your heart rate and increasing flexibility.

Here’s my Sample Workout I did over this week:
Bodyweight Squats, 10 reps
Pushups, 10 reps
Lunges, 5 reps each

Strength Training
1. Barbell Squats, 3 sets of 4-6 reps, 90secs rest
2A. Flat DB Bench Press, 3 sets of 6-8 reps, no rest go directly to
2B. Bent Over DB Row, 3 sets of 6-8 reps, 60 secs rest
3. DB Step Ups, 2 sets of 10-12 reps, 60 secs rest
4. Abdominal Planks, 2 sets, hold for 60 secs

Wall Chest Stretch
Wall Back Stretch
Standing Bent Leg Quad Stretch
Lying Knee To Hip Stretch
Use these 6 Rules For a Perfect Workout and you will be on your way
to getting faster results with only 3 workouts a week.

Remember never too late to enjoy a simple Boundryless Workout and Life Everyone !!

Never too late to Exercise and Enjoy Life !

Never too late to Exercise and Enjoy Life !

Free Drink for Fatloss ~ Amazingly True !!

Drinking-Water- Anytime ~ Anywhere...For Free!!

Drinking-Water- Anytime ~ Anywhere...For Free!!

Hi Foks,

My long time friend and mentor coach posted a really super article that’s a must read.

Here it is……

Drink ‘This’ For Fatloss
Simple, freee trick to shed several more pounds/month

By Jon Benson
Nutrition, Fitness and Fat-loss Specialist
Bestselling author of “The Every Other Day Diet” and “7 Minute Body”

You may think you know this.

But I bet you don’t know it in this WAY…


Drinking water increases fatburning. The reason
is due to the fact that water relieves the burden
on the liver by keeping your kidneys doing
the filtering.

When kidneys are taxed from too little water
your liver has to take over and help… and…

… your liver is your primary fatburning organ.

So… there you go.
Ah, But There’s More…

I’ve told you that bit before. Here’s what I have
not told you:

Drink 16 ounces of pure water
15 minutes before eating and
you will drop weight.

Researchers testing hydration found that
drinking water prior to meals significantly
decreased the amount of food consumed.

One reason is the “duh” factor: Your stomach
feels more full.

Who’d thunk it? ; )

The other is more technical… In order to keep
acidity levels optimized the body begins to
increase its core temperature slightly. This
state called “thermogenesis” is prime for
fatburning purposes.

So you get a triple benefit:

1. More appetite control;
2. Increased thermogenesis (fatburning);
3. Increased hydration (less stress on liver=
more fatburning.)

This makes plain old water the number one
fatburner you can drink on earth.

Boundryless Health with a Burpee, no not a Burp !

Burpees Anyone !

Burpees Anyone !

Bodyweight Training Intensified!

It’s no surprise that prisoners are some of the fittest
people on earth. Why not, they have nothing else
to do but train. But there is always talk about how
prisoners get strong and ripped just using their own

One workout I have heard about will have you in shape
in no time, if you can do it. I call the exercise the “Prisoner
Squat Thrusts” You might know them as a non jumping
burpee. But make no mistake about this exercise it will
put a serious hurting on you on short order.

How it is done you are to start at 20 and work down
to 1 with no rest. You do 20 walk about 10 to 15 feet
do 19 walk back and repeat and see if you can finish.

This type of workout alone will destroy fat and whip
you into crazy shape.

If you can do some goals to shoot for:

If you could do 25 sets you were considered to be pretty
tough and people thought twice about messing with you.

And if you could do 30 sets you were labeled a bona fide
stud and given much respect.

I have done 30 down to 1 and it is brutal. It works out to
465 and done in 30 sets done in 41 minutes it was pretty

I added another element to the pain. I walked off 10
yards and brought out the 100 lb heavy bag, you can
use a sand bag or whatever else you want.

Do 20 Prisoner Squat Thrusts, shoulder the heavy
bag or sand bag walk 10 yards, drop the bag do
19, shoulder the bag with other shoulder and continue
this until you get to 1.

The workout is already brutal, but if you add the extra
exercise picking up and putting down an extra 100 lbs
or whatever just makes the workout that much more
brutal and painful.

If you drop the bag you have to take it back and do the last
set you did. If you get to 15 and you drop the bag you repeat
the 15 reps again. Don’t drop the bag.

If even prisoners can unlock the boundaries they have in
their environment…..then what is our excuse?!

Ultimate Cat Burpee ~

Ultimate Cat Burpee ~

Don’t be a prisoner to your boundaries ~ Unlock your boundaries, be Boundryless !!!

Have Boundryless Focus and Concentration in 5 ~

Concentration ~ I CAN Do it ~

Concentration ~ I CAN Do it ~

Hi Folks,

Know if you’re time is anything like mine….and Friday arrives soon….so does the
crazy schedule to finish the week while starting the weekend and …..

WOw!!! Just typing that was crazy, even lose your focus….or perhaps there IS a way to get it back!?!

Read and apply these 5 easy tips….You’ll soon feel more focused, a lot less crazy (well, it at least less if more focused 😉

In our current busy world today…being able to concentrate
and focus is extremely important for work or everyday life.

So that’s what I’ll be touching on today…=)

When you want to strengthen your muscles, you lift weights.
If you want to improve the concentration and focus of your
mind, then you need to work out and exercise your brain.

The correct brain exercises will improve the way your brain
works and develop better focus and concentration.

As we age, we may lose the ability to concentrate, but
brain exercises can improve concentration even in older
people. Brain exercises are excellent tools for people
of any age who would like to strengthen their mind!

Here are some great brain exercises that can help you
build your brain:

1. Do some crossword puzzles. Not only are crossword puzzles
a lot of fun, but they can help improve your concentration.
Relying on your long-term memory and trying to solve tough
questions help stimulate the brain.

Taking only 15 minutes daily to work on crossword puzzles
can benefit you.

To keep a fresh supply of puzzles handy, you can buy a
crossword puzzle book, check your daily newspaper, or look
online to find them for free.

2. Changing your daily routine challenges your brain to
do something that’s outside your comfort zone.
This can
strengthen your problem solving abilities.

Consider changing things by taking a different route to
work one morning and then finding another on your way home.

3. Try Sudoku puzzles. These are number placement puzzles
based on logic. You complete a 9×9 grid so that each row
and each column only has numbers that range from 1-9.
Within the grid, in each 3×3 block, a number can only be
used once. Most definitely challenging!

These puzzles are often found in daily newspapers, printed
books, and online.

4. Eat foods that help your brain. Your brain will stay
healthy and function at its best if nourished with
nutritious foods.

Proteins are great for the brain, and may be found in
cheeses, meats, fish, and milk.

Complex carbohydrates are important as well, and these
carbs come from fruits, vegetables, and grains.

The brain needs some fat, so don’t shy away from healthy
oils like olive oil or fish oils.

Eat foods that include omega-3s, such as trout, salmon,
and tuna, which are oily fish. Some nuts contain these fats
as well and are healthy food for the brain.

5. Start a new hobby. Trying a new hobby is another way
to expand your interests and use your brain to learn
something new. Being busy and learning new things expand
the way the brain thinks and gets you out of a rut.

Join a local club or take a class at a hobby store or
community college.

Challenging yourself and improving brain function is
something that any person can do. Young and old alike
can enjoy and benefit from these great techniques. Get
your whole family in on the fun!

Make just one change today to stimulate your brain.
You won’t notice any drastic changes overnight, but with
time and practice, eventually you’ll find that you can
finish puzzles quicker, solve problems more easily, and
enjoy improved concentration and focus.

Keep the Focus while enjoying a Great Day Everyone !!!

Focus is Power !!

Focus is Power !!

Vitamin D can do What !?!

Sunshine Health ~

Sunshine Health ~

Hi Folks,

Just had to share some AMAZING facts about Vitamin D…called The Sunshine Vitamin.
Appears that it packs quite a punch against cancer…..reducing its effects by a staggering…50 %!!!
That’s not a typo folks!!!

Here’s the details….

Vitamin D influences more than 200 genes. This includes genes related to cancer and autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis.

Vitamin D affects your DNA through the vitamin D receptors (VDRs), which bind to specific locations of the human genome.

Reuters reports: “Vitamin D deficiency is a well-known risk factor for rickets, and some evidence suggests it may increase susceptibility to autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS), rheumatoid arthritis and type 1 diabetes, as well as certain cancers and even dementia.”

Reuter’s information is actually a bit misleading as other scientists have identified a total of nearly 3,000 genes that are upregulated by vitamin D. The particular study referenced above identified 200 genes affected, but it’s not clear if that is in addition to the ones already identified, or if they simply confirmed many of the ones found by others.

One thing’s for sure: Vitamin D is one of the major keys for disease prevention and for optimal health.

The Astonishing Power of Vitamin D to Transform Your Health

In recent years vitamin D has emerged as a star of the “vitamin” world. For example, there are currently over 800 studies showing vitamin D’s effectiveness against cancer. Optimizing your vitamin D levels can literally cut your risk of several cancers by 50 percent!

Further, middle aged and elderly people with high levels of vitamin D could reduce their chances of developing heart disease or diabetes by 43 percent.

How Does Vitamin D Do What it Does?

Vitamin D is actually a “prohormone,” which your body produces from cholesterol. Because it is a prohormone, vitamin D influences your entire body — receptors that respond to the vitamin have been found in almost every type of human cell, from your brain to your bones.

So what modern science has now realized is that vitamin D does more than just aid in the absorption of calcium and bone formation, it is also involved in multiple repair and maintenance functions, touches thousands of different genes, regulates your immune system, and much, much more.

Just one example of an important gene that vitamin D up-regulates is your ability to fight infections, as well as chronic inflammation. It produces over 200 anti microbial peptides, the most important of which is cathelicidin, a naturally occurring broad-spectrum antibiotic.

This is one of the explanations for why it’s so effective against colds and influenza.

In addition, since vitamin D also modulates (balances) your immune response, it can prevent an overreaction in the form of inflammation, which can lead to a variety of autoimmune disorders, such as Crohn’s disease for example.

When you consider the fact that you only have about 25,000 genes in your body, and vitamin D has been shown to influence nearly 3,000 of them, the bigger picture of its true impact on your health can be easily understood.

It may, in fact, have literally thousands of health benefits!

However, it’s also very clear that unless you have taken specific measures to address it, the odds are overwhelming that you are deficient in this important nutrient.

Are You Vitamin D Deficient?

Vitamin D deficiency is a growing epidemic across the world and is contributing to many chronic debilitating diseases. There are a few reasons for this trend.

First, most people spend far too much time indoors during daytime hours. You may also have also been seriously misled by “expert’” recommendations to avoid all sun exposure, and to slather yourself with sunscreen whenever you do go outside. Please understand that sunscreen will virtually eliminate your body’s ability to produce any vitamin D because it blocks the UVB radiation that causes your skin to produce it naturally.

As a result, in the United States the late winter average vitamin D is only about 15-18 ng/ml, which is considered a very serious deficiency state.

In fact, new studies show that about 85 percent of the U.S. population is vitamin D deficient. This is primarily related to the recent appreciation that your levels of vitamin D should be MUCH higher than previously thought.

Consider the following vitamin D facts:

* Vitamin D deficiency is epidemic in adults of all ages who have increased skin pigmentation, such as those whose ancestors are from Africa, the Middle East, or India, who always wear sun protection, or who limit their outdoor activities.
* African Americans and other dark-skinned people and those living in northern latitudes make significantly less vitamin D than other groups.
* 60 percent of patients with type 2 diabetes have vitamin D deficiency.
* Studies showed very low levels of vitamin D among children, the elderly, and women.
* One nationwide study of women revealed that almost half of the African American women of childbearing age might be vitamin-D deficient.

Winter, when sun exposure is at its lowest, is the time of year when you need to be most concerned about the amount of vitamin D you are receiving, as your vitamin D levels can drop by up to 50 percent in the winter.

Of course, if you have the tendency to spend the summer months indoors, out of the sun, or you only go outside with sunscreen on, then you would need to be concerned during the summer months as well.

The Many Health Benefits of Vitamin D

It’s absolutely tragic that dermatologists and sunscreen manufacturers have done such a thorough job of deterring people from the sun — your optimal source for natural vitamin D.

Their widely dispersed message to avoid the sun as much as possible, combined with an overall cultural trend of spending more time indoors during both work and leisure time, has greatly contributed to the widespread vitamin D deficiency seen today — which in turn is fueling an astonishingly diverse array of common chronic diseases, including:

Cancer Hypertension Heart disease
Autism Obesity Rheumatoid arthritis
Diabetes 1 and 2 Multiple Sclerosis Crohn’s disease
Cold & Flu Inflammatory Bowel Disease Tuberculosis
Septicemia Signs of aging Dementia
Eczema & Psoriasis Insomnia Hearing loss
Muscle pain Cavities Periodontal disease
Osteoporosis Macular degeneration Reduced C-section risk
Pre eclampsia Seizures Infertility
Asthma Cystic fibrosis Migraines
Depression Alzheimer’s disease Schizophrenia
Vitamin D Against Cancer

A study by Dr. William Grant, Ph.D., internationally recognized research scientist and vitamin D expert, found that about 30 percent of cancer deaths — which amounts to 2 million worldwide and 200,000 in the United States — could be prevented each year with higher levels of vitamin D.

Other studies showed that you can decrease your risk of cancer by more than half simply by optimizing your vitamin D levels with sun exposure.

Vitamin D has a protective effect against cancer in several ways, including:

* Increasing the self-destruction of mutated cells (which, if allowed to replicate, could lead to cancer)
* Reducing the spread and reproduction of cancer cells
* Causing cells to become differentiated (cancer cells often lack differentiation)
* Reducing the growth of new blood vessels from pre-existing ones, which is a step in the transition of dormant tumors turning cancerous

When is the Best Time to Go Out in the Sun, and for How Long?

The optimal time to be in the sun for vitamin D production is as near to solar noon as possible. That would be between roughly 10:00am and 2:00pm.

During this time you need the shortest exposure time to produce vitamin D because UVB rays are most intense at this time. Plus, when the sun goes down toward the horizon, the UVB is filtered out much more than the dangerous UVA.

When you’re out in the sun, be very careful about the length of your exposure. You only need enough exposure to have your skin turn the lightest shade of pink. This may only be a few minutes for some. Exposures any longer than this will not produce any more vitamin D but will accelerate photo aging and increase your risk for non-melanoma skin cancers like basal and squamous cell cancers.

Once you reach this point your body will not make any additional vitamin D and any additional exposure will only cause harm and damage to your skin.

Most people with fair skin will produce the maximum amount of vitamin D in just 10-20 minutes, or, again, when your skin starts turning the lightest shade of pink. Some will need less, others more. The darker your skin, the longer exposure you will need to optimize your vitamin D production. African-Americans need perhaps 20 percent more sun exposure time than whites.

And contrary to popular opinion, your body simply cannot make adequate vitamin D from the sun unless you have more skin area exposed than just your face and hands. In fact, at least 40 percent of your body should be uncovered to optimize your vitamin D production.

Another option is to use a safe tanning bed, again paying attention to not getting burned.

New Way to Protect Against Sunburn

A few months ago I found out that a carotenoid extracted from algae called astaxanthin can be extremely useful in preventing and eliminating sunburn. Interestingly, this is the antioxidant in krill that prevents it from being damaged.

What current research is showing is that if you are on 2 mg of astaxanthin for a month, it becomes very difficult to get sunburned.

Additionally, it also appears to prevent the development of the most common form or blindness, age-related macular degeneration, as well as cataracts, and most likely protects you from EMF when you are flying or being exposed to diagnostic X-rays.

The key though is that it takes weeks to build up in your tissues, so you can’t just swallow a few pills prior to your exposure and expect to receive any benefit. Astaxanthin is also fat soluble and needs to be taken with some fat or you simply won’t absorb it.

Vitamin D Supplements: How Much Should You Take?

It is wise to consider oral vitamin D3 supplementation during the winter months, or year-round if you haven’t time or sufficient access to the sun or a safe tanning bed.

However, the Reuter’s article above is years behind the research on their recommended dosage of 1,000 IU’s a day

It’s true, there are no definitive studies on the optimal daily dose of vitamin D, but based on studies on healthy indigenous peoples, many vitamin D experts now agree that most adults, including pregnant women, require about 5,000 IU of vitamin D daily for optimal health – or 35 IU’s of vitamin D per pound of body weight, which is certainly well above the current RDA.

That said, although these recommendations may put you closer to the ballpark of what most people likely need, it is impossible to make a blanket recommendation that will cover everyone’s needs.

The ONLY way to determine how much you might need is by testing your blood level of vitamin D.

This is in fact a very important aspect of optimizing your vitamin D levels that you should not skip over.


Because while overdosing on vitamin D from sun exposure is highly unlikely as your body has a built-in “failsafe” feedback loop, which will tend to shut down production when your levels are healthy, it IS possible to overdose when taking supplements.

So you need to be careful when using oral vitamin D therapy and make certain you have your blood levels checked. Many of you may choose to ignore this warning, but I am telling you in no uncertain terms that while vitamin D has enormous potential for improving your health, it has significant potential to worsen it, if you use it improperly.

What Vitamin D Level do You Need to Stay Healthy?

The OPTIMAL value of vitamin D that you’re looking for has recently been raised to 50-70 ng/ml, with even higher recommended levels required for more serious disease prevention, as shown in the chart below. The only caution is to use Lab Corp, as tests done at Quest are consistently falsely elevated due to a different assay.
Vitamin D Levels – Hydroxy D

I hope you can see now some of the many benefits of vitamin D, and why it is so critical to make sure you and your family maintain healthy levels at all times.

Please take this opportunity to use one — or more — of the options I’ve suggested for getting your daily dose of vitamin D. Optimal vitamin D, however you get it, can literally make the difference between a lifetime of chronic disease and one of vibrant health and vitality.

So hope you get your Vitamin D today…..and Every day along with doing daily activity that strengthens as well as stretches the muscles,
works the lungs, while toning the internal organs with deep breathing !!!

Here’s to Living Boundrylessly !!!

Reuters August 23, 2010
Genome Research August 23, 2010; [Epub ahead of print]

J isn’t just for Jay Z, it’s also Juniper Berry !!

J is for Juniper-berry

J is for Juniper-berry

When it comes to superfoods, berries are right on top of the list because they are crammed with beneficial antioxidants. One such berry that can help you a great deal is the juniper berry and over the years, scientific research has shown what a marvel it is.

Botanically speaking, the juniper berry isn’t an actual fruit but the juniper plant’s seed cone. It’s considered as a berry because of its scales. The juniper is an evergreen tree and there are apparently 6 species of this tree whose berries are edible and used for a lot of beneficial purposes.

Juniper berries are widely used in European cooking, particularly meat based preparations as it lends a unique flavor. Gin lovers also might be surprised to learn that juniper berries are the main ingredient in gin. But the juniper berry is most well known for its reputation as a herbal remedy for an amazingly long list of diseases and ailments.

How does do it …. Read on …..

The juniper is indeed a useful tree as most of its parts are used for some sort of medicinal preparation or the other. So, the berries, leaves, bark and even oil derived from the berries and wood are used in various ways.

Essentially a bitter tasting berry, the juniper berry contains numerous volatile oils or essential oils, vitamin C, flavonoids, fiber and whole slew of active constituents that make it the power packed healer that it is. Note that juniper berries can be consumed in the form of teas and the crushed berries can be applied topically as well for a variety of ailments.

Here’s a look at some of the uses of the juniper berry and how it can help us lead healthier lives:

* Juniper is considered to be a herb with the most powerful effects on kidneys. It is also used to treat various urinary tract infections and it can remove uric acid from the body. Juniper makes the kidneys work faster and the body produces more urine, making it an excellent diuretic as well.

* People facing water retention problems can experience a lot of relief with the juniper berry and its oil because of its diuretic properties.

* Oil from the juniper berry has an antiseptic effect and it comes as a great relief to people suffering from cystitis and urethritis.

* Suffering from digestive problems? The juniper berry might just be your answer as it can help reduce flatulence and colic and aid digestion. It also eases problems such as belching, bloating and heartburn. As a digestive aid, it’s excellent as it increases the appetite, relieves gas and boosts the production of gastric acid.

* The juniper berry also has anti-inflammatory properties and it’s of great help to those suffering from arthritis, gout and other diseases such as rheumatism. These joint related ailments occur because of the fluid retention around these joints and the juniper berry with its diuretic action relieves this pressure considerably.

* Skin ailments such as acne, dandruff and athlete’s foot can also be treated with topical application of the juniper berry.

* Juniper helps in reviving the muscle tone and considerably reducing the effects of ageing for most people.

* Menstrual cramps are often some of the most troublesome aspects of a woman’s life, but these can also be reduced significantly with the help of the juniper berry. Some herbalists even use the juniper to improve the uterus tone and to help those who have slow or late starting periods.

* Concentrated oils of the juniper are used topically for lung congestion and coughs while it is also important in helping those suffering from respiratory infections. The volatile oils help in easing up bronchial passages and removing mucus.

* It has a high concentration of insulin and helps in healing the pancreas.

* Essential oils derived from juniper berries can help in relieving toothache and making gums stronger. It can also be used to control hair fall.

* Finally, the juniper berry is used by many to lose weight and since it even cleanses the toxins from the body, it is a great overall purifier as well.


The juniper berry does have some notable side effects and it’s important that you’re aware of them before you start using them as any form of treatment.

* Avoid the juniper berry if you have severe kidney problems as it can aggravate the problem and cause further damage.

* If you use more than the prescribed amount, chances are that you could suffer from diarrhea, kidney pain, high blood pressure, fast heartbeat and purplish urine.

* When taken internally, it can affect the absorption of iron and various other minerals.

* Open wounds are best not treated with juniper because it can cause irritation and swelling.

* Juniper causes uterine spasms and could result in lowered fertility, so women who are attempting to get pregnant should avoid juniper.

* Pregnant women should not use juniper as it can cause uterine contractions and cause an abortion.

* Diabetics should be careful while using juniper as it can increase the levels of glucose in the body.

The juniper berry when taken in advisable amounts and with people who do not have the indicated problems as mentioned above, can be a godsend as it provides them with a lot of relief.

So besides enjoying some Jay Z, enjoy some J for Juniper berry while enjoying better health.

E = T + M or Energy = Time + Moving !!!

Enjoying Exercise ~ Feeling Happy !!!

Enjoying Exercise ~ Feeling Happy !!!

Hi Everyone,

After enjoying summer vacation it’s now back to work.
However, this doesn’t mean missing those workouts that give energy.

Now that the days are busy with work, then come home and want quality time
with family, AND be healthy, sometimes a gym workout takes too much time.

You say, so miss one, or some, no big deal…..NO Way !!! It adds up AND gets a person
use to skipping an important part of the day.

Remember if you are heathly, with energy, you have more to contribute to your spouse, family,
or whatever you do.

So here’s a recent workout that you can do in the convenience of your home, or wherever you may be,
traveling even on business.

The Busy Person’s Energy Workout ~
(No weights required)
This little beauty includes only four compound movements, one pushing exercise and one pulling movement, step ups and plank crosses performed back-to-back in superset fashion. But get ready to fall in love. It hits every muscle you’ve got, from your hips to your head. Bonus:

Here is how it works. Back-to-back, alternate Dive Bomber Push-Ups (beginners use the wonderful pushup) with Pull-Ups or Inverted rows if pullups too difficult.
Do supersets of between five and 10 reps of each exercise. Keep doing sets until you’ve had enough. Then do step ups to catch your breath. Next do planks, REMEBER keep good form!!! BUT do it with a twist by tucking your knee(will start with the right knee) to your left. Then tuck your left knee to your right side. You can do this Simple. Or do ladders, beginning at one rep for each exercise and keeping adding another one rep to each new set until you reach a set when your reps are about two away from failure. Then stop. Take a breather. If you’re up to it, start at one rep and ladder again. Either method you choose, this exercise combo is fun and a great, great workout. In fact it’s – stupendous.

Just writing about it makes me want to break a sweat and enjoy a burst of energy out on my deck inspired by the breeze !!!

Hope this helps all of you busy but needing to keep fit without going crazy what to do !!

Please share your ideas and comments Folks !!!

Don’t Sit ~ Get Fit !!!