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E = T + M or Energy = Time + Moving !!!

Enjoying Exercise ~ Feeling Happy !!!

Enjoying Exercise ~ Feeling Happy !!!

Hi Everyone,

After enjoying summer vacation it’s now back to work.
However, this doesn’t mean missing those workouts that give energy.

Now that the days are busy with work, then come home and want quality time
with family, AND be healthy, sometimes a gym workout takes too much time.

You say, so miss one, or some, no big deal…..NO Way !!! It adds up AND gets a person
use to skipping an important part of the day.

Remember if you are heathly, with energy, you have more to contribute to your spouse, family,
or whatever you do.

So here’s a recent workout that you can do in the convenience of your home, or wherever you may be,
traveling even on business.

The Busy Person’s Energy Workout ~
(No weights required)
This little beauty includes only four compound movements, one pushing exercise and one pulling movement, step ups and plank crosses performed back-to-back in superset fashion. But get ready to fall in love. It hits every muscle you’ve got, from your hips to your head. Bonus:

Here is how it works. Back-to-back, alternate Dive Bomber Push-Ups (beginners use the wonderful pushup) with Pull-Ups or Inverted rows if pullups too difficult.
Do supersets of between five and 10 reps of each exercise. Keep doing sets until you’ve had enough. Then do step ups to catch your breath. Next do planks, REMEBER keep good form!!! BUT do it with a twist by tucking your knee(will start with the right knee) to your left. Then tuck your left knee to your right side. You can do this Simple. Or do ladders, beginning at one rep for each exercise and keeping adding another one rep to each new set until you reach a set when your reps are about two away from failure. Then stop. Take a breather. If you’re up to it, start at one rep and ladder again. Either method you choose, this exercise combo is fun and a great, great workout. In fact it’s – stupendous.

Just writing about it makes me want to break a sweat and enjoy a burst of energy out on my deck inspired by the breeze !!!

Hope this helps all of you busy but needing to keep fit without going crazy what to do !!

Please share your ideas and comments Folks !!!

Don’t Sit ~ Get Fit !!!

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