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Living Purposefully ~

Purposeful Happiness ~ Found in Children ~

Purposeful Happiness ~ Found in Children ~

Hi Folks,

From time to time will journey from the physical tips and posts to ones of a more reflective nature.

This is one of them….Enjoy and please post your thoughts and comments….they are truly appreciated ~

Overcoming Difficulty…

When all is said and done, difficulty can actually be easily overcome.

You ask….How is it soooo easily overcome.

Join me in this reflection from one of my teachers on a sunny spring day ~

By paying attention to HOW you live your life from moment to moment.

Causes produce effects, so decide NOW….this very Moment,
to take charge of those Causes thus Creating the effects you truly
want to experience.

You DO have a choice ~

Chose your path with a purpose in mind….


Replacing those …

thought patterns …

behaviors …

expressions …

that are leading only to anguish, even distress.

Then you’re on the path to eliminating suffering.

It all comes down to Living each Moment as if it is Golden


Making a Purposeful Conscious Choice !!

Live Boundrylessly ~
Moment to Moment ~ Purposefully !!


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