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Enjoying the Holidays Boundrlyless AND Healthy too !!

~ Being Thankful and Enjoying a Happy Healthy Thanksgiving ~

~ Being Thankful and Enjoying a Happy Healthy Thanksgiving ~

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving and take time to …BE THANKFUL ~

Unfortunately, most people over indulge on T-Day.

Sadly, T-Day is the nation’s number one day for heart
attacks due to the surge in calories combined
with the stress of travel and family.

Here’s a BETTER IDEA ~

One that can help you drop 1-2 lb between now and the end of the
week… while Enjoying Thanksgiving too !

1. Starting today, cut your carbs back to just
a handful of starchy carbs per day (literally a
handful) — or none at all.

2. Substitute all starch for green veggies cooked
in olive or coconut oil. Tasty, trust me.

3. Eat each meal on a SMALLER PLATE… this
is just for the next three days. So your serving
sizes should be about 1/2 to 3/4 normal.

4. Drink at least 12 glasses of water per day.
I know that sounds like a drag, but you can
make it tasty if you add lemon and Stevia, a
natural sweetener to it. Lemonade all day!

5. Finally, no food 4 hours prior to bedtime
unless it is raw green veggies (in other words…
no food. : )

Then enjoy your Thanksgiving
meal with the following tips:

1. Continue with the small plates (or just go
with smaller servings)… don’t worry, on my
plan you’ll eat all you want…

2. Eat SLOWLY. Do not rush. Your brain will
signal your stomach that you are full in time
to prevent those horrible stomach pains from
eating too much at once.

3. Wait a few hours, then have seconds! Same
idea, but even less food.

4. Eat your dessert after your second feeding
but do NOT eat it without first eating real food.
That way you’ll have less of it but still get all
the taste you desire.

5. Stop eating when the sun goes down… this
is KEY to enjoying your meal and letting it
digest without packing on bodyfat.

6. Give your leftovers to the homeless… they
need them more than you do.

7. Be SURE to drink plenty of water throughout
the day and the following day drink even more.

Remember to do some activity each day as well. From walking after that big ‘T’ day meal to some pre-meal execise
which actually allows your body to channel the food to recovery INSTEAD of storing it as excess fat calories….COoL Huh !! 😉

Wish your Holiday is Boundrylessly Happy and with those you are thankful for ~


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