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Happy ~ Healthy Holidays !

Hi Folks,

Family Fun in the Snow

Family Fun in the Snow

Here’s a quick read that hope will help you this busy holiday season to continue enjoying
Boundryless health.

Do some House Work

The scenario: A festive cookie exchange at the office causes you to miss your yoga class, company’s coming tonight, and the house is a mess.

Lucky you! “Housework is the best way to fit in a workout without even knowing it,” says Shannon Griffiths, group fitness director for Lakeshore Athletic Club in Boulder, Colo. Scrubbing, sweeping, vacuuming … they all burn calories.

Even cooking fires up the calorie furnace, says Griffiths, especially if you’re moving around the kitchen. So put on perky music and boogie down while you bake.

Shop Until You Drop — Pounds!

“I like to use Christmas shopping as exercise, too,” says Me 😉 who maintains that the best thing about going to the mall is all the walking. “That translates into a calorie burn.”

To maximize that burn, carry your own holiday packages, then unloading them after every stop.

If you’re going to buy something at several different shops, go out to your car between each store adds some walking AND calorie burrning too !!

To encourage yourself to make those multiple trips to the parking lot or to take the mall stairs instead of elevators, remember to wear a pedometer.

It will be motivating to see how much you walked AND got that holiday shopping done as well.

Keep your pace brisk and you can burn 250-300 calories an hour.

Make Snow Your Friend AND calorie burning helper too !

When it’s snowing, it’s time to bundle up and enjoy the free gym outside.

“The best calorie-burners are those that bring the heart rate up to a cardiovascular training zone,” says Julia C. Jackson, owner of Friends in Fitness Corporate Wellness and Personal Training in California. For most healthy people, the American Heart Association recommends an exercise target heart rate ranging from 50% to 75% of your maximum heart rate, which is normally calculated as the number 220 minus your age.

Jackson advocates snowshoeing as a great way to get into that range.

“Snowshoeing is fantastic,” Jackson says, “because absolutely anyone who can walk can snowshoe.” The big bonus: you’ll blaze through some 563 calories an hour doing it.

And don’t forget cross-country skiing, which Jackson says offers “a complete body workout,” building balance and coordination while burning about 650 calories an hour.

Prefer other winter sports? Downhill skiing flies through 352 calories an hour, while ice-skating glides through 493 calories an hour.

Or simply do a good warmup of bodyweight squats or split squats, chinups from a door with a towel to cushion your hands, and crank some pushups (for newbies on your knees with a pillow under them, or Advanced feet on a chair), then go play …. Ooops ~ shovel some snow AND play some too. Playing makes any task more fun, easier, and can be a family fun event….all while getting that driveway clear 😉

Wish Everyone a Happy ~ Healthy and Safe Holidays !!!

Merry Christmas to All ~ followed by a Great New Year too folks !!


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