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Be Boundryless by losing Christmas Leftovers on Your Body !

~ Supporting Each Other ~

~ Supporting Each Other ~

Hi Everyone,

Does it seem like those Christmas leftovers went from the refrigerator to
the tummy…. Wondering how you’re going to lose those holidays pounds?

Well, no need to wonder or be frustrated any longer.

Here’s an Easy solution that won’t have you working hours in a gym or diet tuna salad for
breakfast ~ lunch ~ and dinner.

Follow these EASY – TO – DO steps right away so YOU CAN …
be losing 3-5 pounds before New Year’s.

DO the Morning Thing !!

Simply getting into a healthy ritual to kick-start your day will
help you stay on the fast track to fat loss.

– Drink 2 cups ice cold water and take 1g Vitamin C

– Workout (with supersets and intervals)

– Have a high-protein, high-fiber breakfast (such as an omelet with
spinach, or a blender drink with berries, spinach, and protein powder)

– Drink 2-4 cups of Green Tea before lunch

– Take 1-2g of fish oil

These steps will keep you full of energy, fight hunger, and support
fat burning. Nothing magic in any of them, but combined, this is a
powerful plan for fat loss.

Take Full Advantage of Others ~ The SUPPORT of others, that is…

Research shows that online, in person, and in the gym social support
helps you lose fat faster.

Get a workout partner and a diet buddy, and add this one simple
little act to your morning ritual:

Set a DAILY GOAL !!! Whether big or small, it will help you focus while
being clear what to accomplish as well.

Most of all Live Boundrylessly in the upcoming 2011 Folks !!!


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the tips, it will help this holiday season, lots of food out there

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