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What’s Real and what’s not ~ Food Booby Traps !!

Real and Healthy too !!

Real and Healthy too !!

Hi Folks,

Can you tell when something is real or not ?

Well, how about with your food.

Here’s some tips  for all of you ….

Greedy food manufacturers are looking to get the most bang for their buck by filling us up with more food than we want or need.

This is a recipe for disaster for people who are trying to diet and lose weight!

Food additives such as preservatives and chemicals that extend shelf life allow manufacturers to sell food that otherwise wouldn’t be fit to eat.

Adding insult to injury, MSG, sulfites, and mystery spices are “excitotoxins” that we become addicted to.

The chemicals that are pumped into our foods are a veritable enemy of the weight loss world and a hazard to our lifespans as a whole.

In addition, the food chemicals that preserve our foods actually damage our nervous systems.


Stick With “Diet Food”, Right?



You think you’re doing your body a favor with these foods labels.

How does this Cola still taste sweet without any sugar?

The natural sugars and fats in “diet” foods have been replaced with things like aspartame, a neurotoxin that has dangerous repercussions on our nervous system.

In fact, get this…75% of all FDA complaints are attributed to aspartame!

Sodium is another common substitute for fat or sugar.

Always remember to look at the sodium content before you consume these products.

Then imagine how bloated and unsatisfied you will feel when you consume them!


How Can We Avoid Toxic Foods?

One simple rule of thumb is to avoid buying boxed or packaged foods.

In most cases, the foods that are in boxes or packages have been developed to last long past their natural dates of expiration.

In addition, these foods are loaded with nasty chemicals, additives, and preservatives.

The food conglomerates are now so clever that they’ve labeled many processed foods ‘Organic’ in an effort to increase their bottom line… which often increases your waistline and trashes your nervous system.


Shopping “Non-Toxic” At Your Local Grocery Store

If you find yourself circling the outside rim of your grocery store, you’re probably off to a good start.

Weight loss coaches call this “Shopping the Perimeter”.

In refrigerated sections and in fresh produce bins are where you should shop.

Avoiding the aisles is a great way to keep away from the boxed and packaged foods.

Using techniques such as these, and by following non-toxic diet principles, you can gain energy, lose weight, and fight diseases.

Here’s to living with awareness to what is truly Real !!

Real food for Real Health !!

Real food for Real Health !!


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