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Let’s talk about the “O” word…Obesity that is…


Healthy together... No Fat Cancer on those Bods !!

Healthy together... No Fat Cancer on those Bods !!

Hey Folks,

Wanted to share about something recently read about.

It’s called “Fat Cancer”

Very rarely will you find me in such a state
of desperation.
Perhaps “desperate” is not a good word to
use. “Alarm” is probably more accurate.
I’m also, normally, a pretty optimistic guy.
So presenting these facts to you in such
a way is not exactly pleasant for me.
Just ‘necessary’.
I want you to read this message very carefully.
I know you’re busy, but I promise the take-
home will be well worth it.
Over the weekend I was shown the recent
studies on global obesity and the direct link
to “common cancers.”
Common cancers are cancers the Center For
Disease Control deems “lifestyle-preventable”
… a least most common cancers.
Guess what?
“Obesity rates worldwide have doubled
in the last three decades.”
DOUBLED. In just 30 YEARS.
That stat is courtesy of Imperial College London
based on their recent study.
Being obese is painful enough by itself. And
I should know… I was obese at one point
in my life.
EVERYTHING was painful:  Emotionally and
physically. I was constantly tired, uncomfortable
and emotionally drained.
I’m pretty sure I’m not alone.
While it’s true that some people are “okay”
being obese, their bodies are FAR from okay.
Two counterparts to the London-based study
confirmed what I long suspected:
“About a third of all common cancers in the
United States, China and Britain could be
prevented each year if people ate healthier
food, drank less alcohol and exercised more,
health experts said on Friday.”

This may sound like common sense, but cancer
is SO complex it’s really hard to narrow down
simple lifestyle changes to a prevention for 1/3
of all common cancers.
Yet that’s exactly what the data shows.
There’s more:
These “common cancers” are referred to as…
ready? —
“Fat cancers…”

Honestly I’ve never heard the term until reading
the study, but there it was, plain as day.
And listen:  The authors are NOT being rude,
mean or blunt.
Just factual.
“So-called ‘fat cancers’ are usually associated
with wealthy countries are becoming more
common in the developing world, too,
according to new reports.”
So GREAT. Now the rest of the world is catching
up with the U.S.A. — and this is the absolute
worst trend to catch on to.
Okay… that’s a lot to take in.
Frankly, most people don’t even think about
global obesity or getting cancer when they
order out or scarf down that extra doughnut.
Really… we don’t. Be honest.
And here’s the reason why… and this is the
absolute truth as I see it based on over a
decade in this field of study:
We will do more to CURE something than
we will ever do to PREVENT something
from happening in the first place.

And that’s why I’m okay with helping folks like
you “cure” the problem of excess bodyfat.
It’s a symptom of a far worse condition.
And excess bodyfat causes so many painful
emotional conditions… ranging from not being
comfortable in your own clothes (and even
more uncomfortable OUT of them) to being
depressed and socially isolated…
… that excess bodyfat IS a disease if you ask me.
I say we stop calling it JUST a symptom.
There’s a politically-correct bent to why we do
not call it what it is:  A disease.
You know it. I know it.
Yet I’m not here to protect people’s feelings.
I’m here to help empower you to be the absolute
best YOU possible.
There’s a new movie coming out… just saw
the previews while watching the Super Bowl
yesterday with friends.
It’s about a pill that allows a guy to access the
“remaining 95% of his brain.”
( The film is based on the not-so-accurate notion
that we only use 5% of our brain. )
Answer me this:
How much of your LIFE are you using?

It makes sense to me to squeeze every drop
out of such a precious and short gift.
And bodyfat?  It drains away the amount of life
you can live. Not just from “fat cancers”, but
also by affecting the zest and enthusiasm we
apply to living.
So, here’s Part 1 of the 3-Part “Cure For Fat.”
Always begin with dietary changes, NOT
exercise!  ( Yes, I said it. : )

Diet is by FAR the most important element to
not only reducing bodyfat but also decreasing
the risk for SO many ills.
Concentrate on making only ONE CHANGE at
at time. Start with dietary changes.
Here’s how to get started:
1. Take the portions of meat you eat and cut
them into 3 parts. Eat two of the three. Save
the third part for later. SIMPLE.
2. Fill that extra space on your plate with a
green vegetable. SIMPLE.
3. Take both your hands. Hold them palms
down and put your two pointer fingers
together as if you’re making one big 10-
fingered hand. THAT is how big your plate
should be. The only thing taller than the
height of your hand (about 1/2 to 3/4 inch)
should be GREEN.
Now, eat as many of THOSE PLATES as
you want every 3-4 hours.
Enjoy your favorite foods twice a week and
take a long walk afterward.
( Walk as much as you can too. )
There:  I just gave you Part 1 and a bit of
Part 2 for good measure.
I hope this message hits home with you.
My intention IS to scare you a bit… but
more than that, inspire you A LOT.
Sometimes the facts are the best inspiration
to move.
Make the CHOICE  To Live FIT!”
P.S.  Remember:  You MUST keep it simple.
No matter what you decide, I highly recommend
that you start with ONE simple lifestyle change.
Build on that for a few weeks.
Then add light exercise… like I suggested.
( And hey, if you just can’t HELP yourself and
want to go for a walk before… great. : )
Then after a few more weeks, add resistance
moves to your plan.
THEN you’ll see exactly how great you can feel.
P.P.S.  Please feel free to share this newsletter
with folks you love.
Live Boundrylessly ~ Live Healthy !!

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