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Health Sleep can really Make Your Day !!

Relaxed Sleep to enjoy Life !

Relaxed Sleep to enjoy Life !

Hi Folks,
Since returning from vacation, have found getting up early again a bit of a challenge.

If you ever faced this, then this post  may help you !!

Many people find waking up in the morning a drag and they really hate it – including me. It can be tough to actually get up as early as 6 or 7, especially when you have stayed up late the night before. Of course all this boils down to bad sleeping habits that you have trained your body and mind to throughout the years.

It is a fact that if you wake up more rested and relaxed, you are more productive the next day, not only at work but overall in your own daily activities.

So how can you unlearn those bad habits and wake up easily the next day, all rested, relaxed and ready to start the day head-on? Well here are a few tips to get you started.

Of course one of the easiest ways to do it is by going earlier to sleep. We all need our nightly sleep but if we don’t get enough of it, we are becoming cranky the next day and even insufferable. Also getting up can be a nightmare. So the trick is to teach your body to go to sleep earlier. If you go to bed and can’t sleep, there are a few things you can do. For example you can read a really boring book – that should put you to sleep guaranteed! Also you can make some exercises just before going to bed. This will make your body tired and easily accepting the blissful sleep.

It is also important to build up a regular routine. The body likes routines and if it gets used to one, it will follow it like clockwork. Routine usually transforms into a habit, and we are all very habitual people! So even if you are not sleepy, go to bed latest by 10. First you will find it impossible to sleep, however eventually after a couple of nights, the body will actually crave going to sleep so early and you will feel sleepy earlier and earlier on. This is a good sign!

Also don’t forget to set your alarm. This is the surest way to get up the next morning. The trick is however to either place it really far away from your reach or to get one of those funny jumping or rolling away alarm clocks. This will make you to get up from the bed to make it stop. And boy those alarms can be annoying!

While drinking coffee before going to sleep is a big no-no, you can however drink a small alcoholic drink. A glass of red wine will make you a bit drowsy and relaxed, enough to put you in an easier position to fall asleep.

Also, doing some “Quiet Sitting” as I like to call it can work wonders both during the day on break, and Especially before bed for chilling you out !!
Here’s to a good night’s sleep !!

Healthy Sleep makes a Great Day !!

Healthy Sleep makes a Great Day !!


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