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For us Guys ..get rid of Embarssing MB…

Live Life with Gusto !!

Live Life with Gusto !!

Hey Folks,

This is addressed to us guys today.

It concerns those guys concerned with MB (Man Boobs).

Here are some easy to do tips that may just help.

Men who suffer the embarrassment of having excessive chest fat and are looking to get rid of their man boobs, must approach the problem from the source.

Specifically, the hormonal imbalance that has cursed them with a reduced production of the male hormone, testosterone, and an abundance of the female hormone, estrogen.

Fortunately, correcting the estrogen-testosterone hormone balance is possible and these tips will help you dramatically with losing man boobs.

Naturally Balance Hormones Through Testosterone-Boosting Exercise

Change how you exercise, staying away from low-intensity exercises.

Instead, focus on compound exercises like squats and bench presses.

These are exercises that use more than one joint in the execution of the exercise.

As a result, they trigger the largest increase in testosterone in your body.

It’s the use of resistance training, commonly called “bodybuilding exercises”, that works best for triggering natural production of testosterone.

Alcohol Intake And The Testosterone-Estrogen Balance

Drinking to excess triggers estrogen production and can also contribute to gaining unnecessary body fat.

Limit alcohol intake to just one drink a day.

Remember that when I say, “one drink a day,” I don’t mean a total number.

You can’t save up your one-drink-per-day and then binge on the weekends.

But moderate alcohol intake spread over the week will avoid the negative impact on your hormones.

Naturally Boost Testosterone By Reducing Stress In Your Life

One of the reasons that testosterone levels are dropping in men generationally is the increased stress of modern lives.

Your body, on average, produces less testosterone than your grandfather’s, and less still than HIS grandfather’s, largely because of the increased stress that we as men are subject to between work pressure and economic responsibilities in taking care of a family.

If you want to increase testosterone and lose man boobs, you need to reduce stress in your life.

Take advantage of your weekends as “down time”; take your vacations and get away from the home; and find social activities and hobbies that enjoy that will help provide balance in your life.

Getting Better Quality Sleep Helps To Lose Man Boobs

Most of us do not get enough sleep.

Make sure to plan your work, workout, and sleep schedule to afford you enough rest every night.

If you like to stay up late watching television, record those late-night shows and work them into your day some other time.

Also, lest we forget, there is also evidence of a lot of estrogen in our water supply.It comes in through our pores I’ve read.

So don’t take long especially hot showers keep em cooler …look cooler too !

While you’re at it, consider this:

Regular sexual activity stimulates the secretion of the hormone oxytocin, which causes a natural release of endorphins that help you get deep, restful sleep.  (Oxytocin levels in the body spike from 3 to 5 times higher during sex, in fact.)

So, to get enough sleep …  AND …  Enjoy making love with that special woman in your life !


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