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Easy Energy Foods !!

Enjoying those Energy Foods !

Enjoying those Energy Foods !

Hi Everyone,

Was visiting some friends the other day and we talked about

what we like to get especially for energy.

Here’s some we mentioned…

  • Oatmeal – Switch to oatmeal for breakfast as it fuels your body for the day’s activities. Oatmeal has a combination of soluble and insoluble fibers and it pumps up your body with energy. It’s also highly recommended because it doesn’t contain sugar, which often leads people to great highs and subsequent crashes thereafter.
  • Marine Phytoplankton – This amazing green algae is full of Omega 3 fatty acidswhich are excellent source of energy as well. These improve your cardiovascular health and also boost your energy levels significantly. Found a great source of marine phytoplankton is Ocean’s Alive
  • Lean chicken – Lean chicken contains tyrosine, an amino acid that helps you remain bright and alert. It also provides sufficient energy to sustain you through your activities. Opt for lean chicken in your salads and sandwiches and watch how your energy levels change.
  • Cacao – As surprising as it sounds, cacao (chocolate, preferably raw) can also provide a quick burst of energy because it has two stimulants, caffeine and theobromine. Both these stimulants help in providing energy to the body. Of course, despite this good news, chocolate should be taken only in moderation as an excess of the same could have its own set of drawbacks.
  • Berries – Berries such as blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries are not only tasty, but are also known for the antioxidants and vitamin C they contain. Berries help in fighting aging and prevent various diseases from occurring. Berries also boost your energy, especially during breakfast when you eat them with cereal.
  • Bananas – Bananas are high in potassium and also have vitamin B6 and vitamin Cand they have the right balance of these nutrients which help you fight fatigue. Bananas are also rich in carbohydrates, so avoid them if you are on a low carb diet because that could totally go haywire if you eat too many.
  • Lentils – Lentils are high fiber foods that contain plenty of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and iron. They help in maintaining sugar levels in the blood and prevent them from rising highly after meals without affecting the energy levels. Red beans, lima beans, and kidney beans are excellent sources of protein too, and this is especially important if you’re going to keep red meat away from your diet.
  • Yogurt – Yogurt has vitamin B which helps in converting other nutrients to energy in your body. However, excessive yogurt consumption could lead to weight gain because of its fat content.
  • Seeds – The next time you feel low and are about to reach out for a Snickers bar, stop and reach out for some seeds instead. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds are excellent snacks for those times when you want to munch on something but also need an energy lift. Watch out for those that are excessively salted and opt for health bars that contain these seeds as they up your nutrition quotient several times over.
  • Water – You need to drink sufficient water to make sure that your body’s energy needs are met completely. Without water, your body cannot digest food or transport nutrients. Water also helps in regulating your body temperature. When there isn’t enough water in your body, you get tired soon because your cells aren’t getting enough energy. If drinking plain old water sounds boring to you, you could also try sports drinks, herbal teas, and unsweetened fruit juices.

We constantly need energy throughout the day for different activities. However, because of our lifestyles, we tend to eat the wrong types of foods that do nothing to help us meet our energy requirements. Switch to the above mentioned foods and notice the change in your energy levels immediately.

Enjoy an Energetic Boundryless Life !!

Healthy Eating = Healthy Energy !!

Healthy Eating = Healthy Energy !!

Happiness in your Home ~

Hi Folks,

Recently a man who feel truly fortunate to call both my teacher as well as my friend did an outstanding post on …

Happiness in the home.

So here it is untouched for its message should be read AND applied by us All !!

Stephen and Rumiko Hayes reflecting Happiness In Life AND Marriage ~

Stephen and Rumiko Hayes reflecting Happiness In Life AND Marriage ~

On Rumiko’s and my 31st wedding anniversary, a young friend asked for advice on how to create the happiest home possible with a life partner. This sort of thing is not my special knowledge power area; after 31 years I still tell people I was just very fortunate in getting the wife I did – that was the grandest sales job of my life.

But I did promise to give the request my most sincere consideration.

Napoleon Hill (a classic read, still valuable today) wrote that choice of spouse is one of the most important determinants of your future success. From watching and observing so many people over my decades, I would say it might be the most important thing that determines your level of success in life. If you have brilliant knowledge and skill in the marketplace but are anchored down by a miserable private life, it will be almost impossible to set sail.

Your home and the people you share it with are supposed to be your refuge, your safe haven of recharge and regeneration, your lounge of warm support and boardroom of cool collaboration. In all the best ways, you are a team of the heart.

Some of my friends tell me their home is not a refuge and not a safe haven for them. They lack a partner who sees and supports who they are and what their gift is and what they are destined to do and become. Their partners actually make them feel guilty for being who they truly are. And yes, a few of my friends are actually the problem in the home themselves; home is not a haven because they do not know how to tune in to others and do not know how to express properly what they need.

If you are spending more time working out knots and smoothing out disruptions in your home than you are solving problems out in the marketplace, your market endeavors are bound to produce the diminished results that come from reduced attention and distracted effort. If you are inspired by high ideals, wining a battle in the marketplace is called advancing the welfare of all; winning a fight at home is called breaking everybody’s heart.

Building and maintaining a warm and happy refuge of a home is much harder for young couples today than it was in my grandparents’ age, I believe. It seems that our culture no longer supports and expects happy homes. My observation is that our society actually prepares individuals to expect disruption and discarding; when things become even mildly displeasing, others encourage us to “do what makes you happy” (usually means take the easiest way to bail out of a difficulty) as opposed to “do the best thing for yourself and all involved” (usually much more demanding of attention and effort, and so more difficult and discomforting).

Any relationship will have its difficult moments, even the relationship with yourself. Have you ever let yourself down? Have you ever done something that just was not your best and felt bad about it? Have you ever said something that you regretted because it was not the best expression of who and what you are, and wished you could have re-done that moment? Have you even been so tired or distracted or stressed that you were less polite and encouraging to a loved one than you wished you had been? Have you ever looked less than your most attractive? In spite of those times, are you nonetheless still a good person who wants to do his or her best? Of course you have to answer yes.

Now take a deep breath and ask, “If I cannot always operate at tip-top best shape, why on earth am I expecting others I to do for me what I cannot always do myself?” Give ‘em a break now and then.

My number one suggestion when it comes to happy home life is to pick your partner wisely. Do not let convenience or accident make the choice for you. Know what you are looking for. If you do not know what to look for, see suggestion three below.

My number two suggestion is to want to enjoy happiness more than you want to have things be a certain way. Want to be happy. Look around and find what is right and happiness-inducing about the people in your home, as opposed to obsessing on “wouldn’t it be nice if” conditions that are not going to happen.

My number three suggestion is to find a person who lives the life you want to live, and then convince them to be your mentor, and then follow their advice without argument, especially when they suggest you do something in a way you would not usually want to do it.

I also make those same three suggestions when people ask me how to get more out of their martial arts training. Pick your art and school wisely, focus on what is good about your training, and do not argue with a mentor who knows how to do what you do not know how to do.

Blast Your Fat for just .03 of a CENT !

Healthy foods for a Healthy Life !

Healthy foods for a Healthy Life !

Hi Folks,

SO excited wanted to share this with all of you.

Some SUPER HOT new way to make ordinary foods into fat-burning feasts:
— 3 tablespoons dried parsley
— 3 tablespoons dried basil
— 3 tablespoons dried oregano
— 3 tablespoons dried rosemary
— 1/2 teaspoon black pepper
Mix these spices together in a bowl.
If you like things tangy, add a bit of a few table-
spoons of Greek yogurt (the good stuff) and the
juice of a whole lemon.
Spread this on just about ANY meat or meat-
substitute like tofu.
——–>  This is NOT just for taste:
This is for SERIOUS Fatburning!
Here’s exactly why this works:
Parsley: Improves digestion so you can use
the foods you eat. The more food you “use”
the less you store as bodyfat.
Basil: Known to us pros as the “secret”
appetite-suppressing herb. Yep… it makes
you feel more full. Fantastic for killing those
late-night carbohydrate cravings.
Oregano: Reduces bloating! I love that.
When you are on a dietplan, you often get
tricked into believing tummy bloat is tummy
“fat”… but it’s not. It’s water pulled in from
cells during fatburning processes. Oregano
helps reduce it.
Rosemary: Helps keep you calm and lowers
the bellyfat-storing hormone “cortisol”. It’s
nature’s best cortisol-lowering spice.
Black Pepper: Known fatburner, and it just
tastes really good. : )
———– >  Now, the question:
“What are some tasty recipes that I can make
to put this fatburning concoction to use?”
Try it in your recipes then come back here to  share !!

Not so secret ways of becoming Athletically Fit ~

Matthew McConaughey enjoying living fitness at the beach ~

Matthew McConaughey enjoying living fitness at the beach ~

Hi Folks,

For years as a young fitness fanatic obsessed with working out, there was one thing that kept baffling me about athletes workouts despite all the fitness books and muscle magazines I read.

As a big time sports fan into baseball, basketball and of course hockey, it amazed me how these athletes could perform at such a high level during the season and train hard in the gym at the same time!

athletes workoutsI would read articles or even see TV clips of theses pro athletes training hard in the gym to stay in shape for their sport and wonder how they can go out and plan 9 innings or 3 periods of intense NHL hockey after throwing around hundreds of pounds in the gym the day before.

Meanwhile, I would train my ass off in the gym to the point of exhaustion and would be limping around for a week with sore legs or have trouble putting my shirt on because my chest was so sore from “chest” day at the gym. Even being active in my own recreational sports was difficult because of the debilitating soreness from my weight training workouts.

athletes workouts
I was always led to believe building muscle in the gym would make me stronger and faster…

I wanted to find out how these guys did it. I know genetics, talent and performance enhancing drugs play a roll in pro sports to enhance recovery and performance, but I knew there had to be more.

It was actually the media frenzy of drugs in sports with the baseball scandals and the Olympics that help lift the curtain on how athletes actually trained and how it was different from bodybuilders and regular gym goers.

More and more TV clips, books and videos on how  athletes workout started appearing and I realized these guys weren’t doing bicep curls and spending an hour on the treadmill to stay in shape for their sport.

More specifically their workouts weren’t split up into high volume bodypart workouts like chest, back, and legs or the isolation exercises that came along with this old school bodybuilding method.

athletes workouts
1. Frequency not Failure

As I started reading more about the strength coaches of pro athletes I seen they were using FULL-BODY workouts based around natural compound movements that not only built show muscle, but more importantly, (with millions of dollars on the line), it build GO muscle that was functional and improved performance in their chosen sport.

Basically, instead of pulverizing one specific muscle with many exercises all in one workout once a week (like bodybuilding workouts do) they work all their large muscle groups with just 1 or 2 multi-joint exercises each and every workout 3-4 times a week.

Some still do some basic lifts like the squat, bench press and deadlift but with variations more specific to their sport and focusing more on lifting fast and explosive with light weights than grinding out slow heavy reps to muscular failure.

This is how they recover faster and prevent extreme muscle soreness from their workouts that allows them to get stronger and faster (not necessarily bigger) in and out of the gym because they are stimulating their muscles, not annihilating them.

athletes workouts
2. Conditioning not Cardio

The second difference in their training that became obvious was their “cardio” workouts. They didn’t spend hours each week slaving on a treadmill Slowly watching the calorie counter tick away.

They did metabolic conditioning workouts that were based on high intensity interval training. Even with all the high tech trainers and equipment available to these pro athletes they were flipping heavy tractor tires, pulling weighted sleds, sprinting up hill and swinging heavy sledge hammers around to stay lean and increase endurance.

athletes workouts

3. Core not Crunches

Not only were these athletes ditching single joint isolation exercises for biceps and triceps like seen in many gyms but they were also avoiding isolating their abs as well with endless crunches, despite sporting some of the best 6 packs seen away from a bodybuilding stage.

With the combination of full-body weight training workouts to build muscle, heart pounding bodyweight interval training to incinerate body fat and specific core focused training to develop strong abs these guys train their core the way it was meant to be used, for spinal stability and support.

By focusing on training the core which includes all 360 degrees of your torso such as the main rectus abdominals, the surrounding internal and external obliques, and the lower lumbar muscles of your back with stability and rotation exercises you work your core in multiple ranges of motion naturally and avoid the back breaking spinal flexion that crunches and sit-ups force you to do.
athletes workouts

So there you go, the 3 secrets of athletes workouts and building a body like a pro athlete, not a pro bodybuilder, so you can look better, feel great and perform at the top of your game…

Lucky 7 is spices

Spice Up your Life !

Spice Up your Life !

Hey Folks,

If you enjoy cooking  ( or as my friends call it experimenting in the kitchen 😉

Then you will enjoy how spicing up your food CAN be healthy AND Fun too !!

Here’s how ….

Personally,  feel spices can definitely make a big difference in how your food
tastes and in the fat-burning and metabolism-boosting effects it
can have on your body. Spices can really be a secret weapon when
used correctly (and no, beer is not a spice and neither is
chocolate syrup …  Sorry folks !

So they’re well worth learning more about.

Black Pepper

Sounds simple enough but this spice will can offer up to an 8%
increase in your metabolic rate and will also help to reduce
symptoms of constipation and gas from your meals. This one is
ultra easy to add to any meal, so start making the most out of

[Note: I use this on chicken and steak, sometimes eggs]



A very often forgotten spice, this one will help to lower your
blood sugar so you don’t get strong food cravings and help to
reduce body fat. This spice can actually help to block fat gain
so it’s one that you definitely want to be making good use of.



A sweet spice that many people enjoy, this one helps to control
your blood sugar levels and will also give your immune system a
strong boost. It’s going to promote a healthy digestive system as
well, ensuring that you’re able to remove all the toxins from the
body on a regular basis. If these build up, they can influence
your metabolic rate and how well your body is able to rid itself
of its body fat.

[Note: great on oatmeal…and make sure you’re using REAL
cinnamon, not the “cassia tree” cinnamon, which most
commercial-grade cinnamons are…looks and tastes like cinnamon
but it ain’t real cinnamon]


This spice is often used to combat nausea, but it too has
metabolic boosting powers. It works great in many recipes and
will add an oriental flare to the dish.

[Note: if you eat shavings of it raw off the root, this will
clear your sinuses like nothing else. Great for your immune
system, too]



One of the most commonly used spices, this one will help to
detoxify the body so that you’re burning off fat as effectively
as possible. This spice also helps to loosen up fat to get it
ready for fat burning.
When you combine this spice with a proper calorie intake and
regular workout sessions, you have a strong fat loss combination.

[Note: studies have shown this doesn’t actually repel vampires
but will give you the elevator all to yourself  😉


Cayenne Pepper

This spice has reportedly given some individuals up to a 25%
boost to their metabolism so if there’s one that you definitely
want to be making good use of, this is it. Adding this to a meal
can increase the number of calories you burn over the next few
hours, ensuring fat loss progresses along maximally.

[Note: great in your socks in the winter if you go skiing – keeps
your feet warm…doesn’t burn fat in your feet this way, though,


Chili Powder

Finally, last but not least we have chili powder. This one acts
very similar to cayenne pepper in the body due to its capsaicin
content and will provide you with a nice metabolic boost so you
burn more calories all day long. As far as fat loss goes, it
can’t be beat.

[Note: DO NOT mistakenly put this in your oatmeal instead of
cinnamon…it’s a mistake you’ll only make once   😉