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Lucky 7 is spices

Spice Up your Life !

Spice Up your Life !

Hey Folks,

If you enjoy cooking  ( or as my friends call it experimenting in the kitchen 😉

Then you will enjoy how spicing up your food CAN be healthy AND Fun too !!

Here’s how ….

Personally,  feel spices can definitely make a big difference in how your food
tastes and in the fat-burning and metabolism-boosting effects it
can have on your body. Spices can really be a secret weapon when
used correctly (and no, beer is not a spice and neither is
chocolate syrup …  Sorry folks !

So they’re well worth learning more about.

Black Pepper

Sounds simple enough but this spice will can offer up to an 8%
increase in your metabolic rate and will also help to reduce
symptoms of constipation and gas from your meals. This one is
ultra easy to add to any meal, so start making the most out of

[Note: I use this on chicken and steak, sometimes eggs]



A very often forgotten spice, this one will help to lower your
blood sugar so you don’t get strong food cravings and help to
reduce body fat. This spice can actually help to block fat gain
so it’s one that you definitely want to be making good use of.



A sweet spice that many people enjoy, this one helps to control
your blood sugar levels and will also give your immune system a
strong boost. It’s going to promote a healthy digestive system as
well, ensuring that you’re able to remove all the toxins from the
body on a regular basis. If these build up, they can influence
your metabolic rate and how well your body is able to rid itself
of its body fat.

[Note: great on oatmeal…and make sure you’re using REAL
cinnamon, not the “cassia tree” cinnamon, which most
commercial-grade cinnamons are…looks and tastes like cinnamon
but it ain’t real cinnamon]


This spice is often used to combat nausea, but it too has
metabolic boosting powers. It works great in many recipes and
will add an oriental flare to the dish.

[Note: if you eat shavings of it raw off the root, this will
clear your sinuses like nothing else. Great for your immune
system, too]



One of the most commonly used spices, this one will help to
detoxify the body so that you’re burning off fat as effectively
as possible. This spice also helps to loosen up fat to get it
ready for fat burning.
When you combine this spice with a proper calorie intake and
regular workout sessions, you have a strong fat loss combination.

[Note: studies have shown this doesn’t actually repel vampires
but will give you the elevator all to yourself  😉


Cayenne Pepper

This spice has reportedly given some individuals up to a 25%
boost to their metabolism so if there’s one that you definitely
want to be making good use of, this is it. Adding this to a meal
can increase the number of calories you burn over the next few
hours, ensuring fat loss progresses along maximally.

[Note: great in your socks in the winter if you go skiing – keeps
your feet warm…doesn’t burn fat in your feet this way, though,


Chili Powder

Finally, last but not least we have chili powder. This one acts
very similar to cayenne pepper in the body due to its capsaicin
content and will provide you with a nice metabolic boost so you
burn more calories all day long. As far as fat loss goes, it
can’t be beat.

[Note: DO NOT mistakenly put this in your oatmeal instead of
cinnamon…it’s a mistake you’ll only make once   😉


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