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Lose it in 30 Seconds … Really !!

Healthy Water !

Healthy Water !

Hi Folks,

Here’s a Super Easy way to burn some unwanted F..A…T  !!!

You CAN Drop 8 Pounds

Worth Of Calories In 33 Seconds A Day !

water in a glass

Yep… Here’s a quick, super-easy, totally FREE way to burn off the amount of calories that make up 8 POUNDS OF FAT…
and do it in just 33 measly seconds a day!

Here’s what you do: Go to your refrigerator first-thing in the morning before you eat anything. Get a 20-ounce glass. Put ice in it. Pour fresh water in the cup…

Then drink it down.

Repeat this 2 more times between meals but an hour before you eat.

Can you believe it? That’s it… no kidding.

“100% Supported By Science And Over 30
Research Studies In The Field of Human Nutrition!”

If you think this is made up, check out the science… that’s right: It’s backed by hard, tested, 100% verifiable SCIENCE. Not myths or fantasies, but biological reality!

Here’s how the ice water trick works:

The definition of a “calorie” (scientifically speaking) is the amount of heat required to raise 1 milliliter of water by 1 degree Celsius. Pretty boring, right? (And all this time you may have thought calories were evil demons that you should count and avoid! … : )

Ice water is roughly 0 degrees Celsius… and your body has to maintain a temperature of around 32 degrees Celsius. So, when you drink ice water on an empty stomach, your body is FORCED to increase it’s calorie-use… remember, calories are just units of HEAT and your body must heat up to solve the problem of “cold water” entering your system!

About 60 ounces of ice water takes 72 calories of internal body heat just to normalize your body’s temperature… and this does not count the natural weight loss benefits of drinking water that’s documented in a thousand journals!

Yet let’s JUST look at those “measly” 72 calories…

“Big deal!” you may say… and YES… it IS a big deal. 72 calories a day = over 25,000 calories over a year… or in other words… more than 8 POUNDS OF BLUBBER!

So enjoy some sparkling H2O while knowing you are helping hydrate AND burn that blubber !

Here’s to Living a Happy ~ Healthy Boundryless Life !!

Enjoying H2O and burning Blubber Too !

Enjoying H2O and burning Blubber Too !


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