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Did you Eat your Berries to Gain Muscle ?

My those Blueberries are GOOOOD !

Hey Folks,

Here’s a great idea for getting your nutrition AND gain muscle too !!

Sounds like a Win ~ Win to me everyone !  😉

We all know that we should eat the right kind of foods but what are these foods and how can they help our muscle building endeavors? I am going to explain how blueberries can help you to recover and build muscles after your workout and why they should be included in all healthy meal plans.

Blueberries are packed with antioxidants.

Antioxidants carry a large number of health benefits. After a workout, a period of stress or illness, your body goes through oxidative stress in which electrons are taken from substances during a chemical reaction. After this process has taken place, we are left with a nasty little thing known as a free radical. Free radicals are basically unstable oxygen atoms.

Free radicals don’t want to be unstable and they will try to find another electron in order to balance themselves out. Free radicals won’t even stop at stealing an electron from one of your body’s cells. In essence, free radicals therefore cause your body to rust on the inside.

Having too many of these free radicals in your body has been linked to a number of diseases, even if it’s not the exact or single cause. Even the most simple of “diseases” is caused by free radicals – aging. We age more quickly with an increase in free radicals. Cancer and Alzheimer’s disease are also both linked with these mischievous substances.

There isn’t a lot we can do about preventing free radicals since they are produced with almost every part of being alive. Working out is one of the biggest producers of these substances and so is any form of stress. Smoking, pollution and eating sugary foods are all attributed with free radical producing properties and any activity that increases your oxygen intake is culpable as well.

Free radicals aren’t entirely useless and we actually need them to survive. They attack germs as well and are very useful in producing energy. However, we don’t want too many of them and that’s where anti-oxidants are very handy. Foods such as blueberries that contain a lot of these anti-oxidants are what’s needed to prevent the surplus production of free radicals.

Anti-oxidants, such as blueberries, are really quite simple; they give an electron to the unstable free radical atoms. Even though your body can produce a certain number of anti-oxidants, you still need to get the majority of them in your diet. This means incorporating as many such foods into your day to day meals.

You should eat a range of foods containing anti-oxidants to ensure that we are fueling up on the other minerals contained in these foods. There isn’t a single food that stands well above the others but rather a selection of foods which are necessary in order to reduce your free radical content.

Understanding all of this allows us to fill up on the foods required for our activities. In the case of bodybuilding, you need to prevent free radicals forming when you put your body under stress and increase oxygen intake. You will find it difficult to grow your muscles if your body is attacking itself with electron exchanges. Put back some vitality and fuel up on antioxidants, such as blueberries along with other muscle building foods.

Blueberries are one of my personal favorites, but there are others out there that are also very beneficial….Do you have another favorite ‘Antioxidant’ fruit you like?  Please share your healthy recipes !!

Here’s to a Boundryless Healthy Life !!


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