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Stick~To~It ness !!

Progress through Persistence

Progress through Persistence

HI Folks,

Was recently chatting with a friend how it seems easier for me to make progress.

My reply was it REALLY IS as easy as you think…..

When ….  (Enjoy my story)

How did I one up myself recently in my exercise progression?

It’s easy…I am all around stronger then I was just a year ago.

I use a  lift as a “test” of non specific strength.  If weight goes up in this exercise
when I haven’t trained it…it means that I am stronger then I was
a year ago.  That’s a good thing…not a bad thing 🙂

The trick is that “stick to it”ness that I talked about yesterday.
Each time I train, I do it with the intention of making myself a
little bit stronger, leaner or more conditioned over the long haul.
As I learn more the programs I am on may evolve and that is only if
I am on a “specific program”.  Most of the time I treat my training
just like a jam session where I work on this or I try to perfect
that but it’s all with the same intention in mind.

Treat every training session like a step to getting stronger and you
will get stronger.  Not every session is a test of strength but more
of a step towards strength.  If you have a mentality like that you
will become stronger and there are no “if’s” “and’s” or “but’s”
about it.

Here’s to enjoying the progress of Stick~To~Itness !!  🙂


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