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Recharge and Recover is a GOOD Thing ~

Change is GOOD !

Change is GOOD !

Hey Folks,

Recently was talking with some friends how many people have forgotten how important …

Recovery is. It doesn’t have to mean doing nothing. Make it productive and you will be richly rewarded.

During the course of your training, it is normal for your progress to slow down. Oftentimes, when we hit a plateau and don’t see the results we expect, it is a sign that our body needs some time for rest and recovery. Recognize that this is normal and don’t feel discouraged. Instead take this time to rest, reassess and recharge. Then come back re-invigorated and break through your plateau.

During your recovery period, you can lower the intensity of your workout, or even take some time off (a week should do it). You may be plesantly surprised to see that you make gains during this time off. That’s because your body is repairing itself, building muscle.

Here are some suggestions on how you can tweak your training and diet program to overcome your plateaus:

  1. Workout in the morning (on an empty stomach). This is a great way to lose body fat. Make sure to take a post workout shake immediately afterwards.
  2. Add 20 minutes of low intensity cardio to the end of your workout. Another great way to lose that excess body fat.
  3. Change the type of exercises you do. Instead of bench press with a bar, do chest flyes with dumbbells. Instead of lat pulldowns, do pullups. Your body adapts rather quickly to the same stimulus, so this is a great way to mix it up and shock your body into adapting to new stimulus.
  4. Add a Shock Workout. This type of workout should be totally different from your current routine. If you are lifting low reps, maybe you want to do higher reps. If you are doing a push/pull body split, maybe you want to try a full body workout. Do this workout for a week or two, then go back to your regular routine. This type of shock workout adds new stimulus for your body and prevents it from adapting too quickly to your routine.
  5. Decrease your workout time. Do the same workout in less time. Often, we spend more time in the gym than is necessary. By cutting down your workout times, even by just 10 minutes, you will increase the efficiency and thus the intensity of your workout. Also, if you are working out at a faster pace, you will be increasing your heart rate during your workout – which helps to burn body fat.
  6. Change the order of your exercises. If you are constantly doing chest exercise first, do your leg exercise first. Again, this confuses the body. We usually work on our strongest body part first.
  7. Lower your calorie intake. It helps if you had a set calorie goal. Usually as you start to plateau you can micro-adjust your calorie intake. Take about 100-200 calories less. You may need to constantly lower your calorie intake every 2 weeks or so.
  8. Increase your calorie intake. If you are trying to bulk, then make sure you are getting enough calories. Aim for 500 or more calories above your maintenance levels.
  9. Are you getting in enough protein? Protein is very important, whether your goal is to lose body fat or gain muscle. Eating protein helps stomach fullness, promoting eating less food. Also, for muscle growth and recovery – which additionally supports weight loss. Make sure you are getting at the minimum 1gm of protein/ lb of bodyweight.

So if you’ve noticed your gains slowing down, or your motivation isn’t as strong as it was in the beginning, it may just be your body’s way of telling you that it needs a bit of a break. After you feel rested, your motivation, energy and enthusiasm will return. This is a great time to evaluate your progress and make changes to your program that will help you reach your goals.

Here’s to enjoying Boundryless progress through Recharging and Recovery !!

Recharge and Recovery is FUN !

Recharge and Recovery is FUN !


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