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Did you know these for your health ?

Challenge is Good !

Challenge is Good !

Hey folks,

Thought would share with all of you a chat with some friends on being ‘In the Know” for optimizing your health.

See if you are doing these …

First … Your body works as a whole. Maintaining a higher
(6.9-7.2) pH to alkalize your body; neutralizing toxins,
removing waste; consuming vitamins, enzymes and coenzymes
all determine whether your training “works.” This occurs
when you consume those greens and fiber in optimal amounts.
It’s not as simple as “eat in a surplus and you’ll grow.”

Second … Not detoxing your body and taking care of your liver
with certain herbs, vitamins, minerals, fiber (not BS
“cleanse products”).  Start adding more lemons, grepefruit,
apples, berries, spinach, kale, beets, fennel, broccoli,
collard, brown rice and parsley to support your bodies
natural detox mechanism.

Third … All your training and nutrition decisions must be
dictated from your CURRENT SETTING.  For example,
you don’t need a “high protein intake” if you
train like a pansy and use super low volume
workouts.  You must know how to tailor
fitness science to YOUR individual
goals, body type, training
intensity et.

Fourth … Eating the same foods over and over leads to food
allergies like sleepiness, shortness of breath, mucous
(most common), upset stomach, diarrhea.  Mild responses
will cause a cascade of hormonal responses NOT favorable
to muscle growth.  This is the problem when you follow
Grade 1 level muscle diets that consist of the sample staples
of protein powder, chicken and tuna all the time.  Idiotic!

Your bodies look has VERY LITTLE to do with your genetics
(20-30% at best).  Your body looks the way it does because of
DECISIONS you can control – understanding the lifestyle
factors like time, training age, intensity, recovery, stress,
durability etc are what you need to manage.

Sixth …  How much protein you REALLY need. When it comes to
muscle growth, there is ONE tried and true starting
point you MUST hit.  Drop below this number and
you’ll shrivel up… However, the QUALITY of your protein
is more important than the quantity of protein.

Last but not least …  BEST BREAKFAST you can possibly start with
and it does NOT include carbohydrates.  The Meat & Nuts
Breakfast is going to become your new staple breakfast.
Attention span and energy productivity levels are highest
till noon when consuming a high protein and fat meal
because it sets up the ideal neurotransmitter production
for the day.

Please let me know your thoughts and your tips too !

Let’s live Boundrylessly through learning !!

Find the Time for Health !

Find the Time for Health !

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