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Journey through the 4th Gate of Finances

Boundryless Journey to Personal Growth ~

Boundryless Journey to Personal Growth ~

Hi Everyone !

Hope all of you are doing well.

Here is the fourth in the continuing series on journeying through Personal Growth Gateways.

Practically everyone at some point realizes….

Hey, I need money to buy food, clothes, my favorite book or DVD.

Let’s now experience the journey through the Gate of Financial Stability.

Think a moment on how you manage your money….

Now ….

Make as clear as possible now…..

Your goals ~

Your talents or natural Gifts ~

Okay, now that you have clarified your goals and gifts you really Can harness them to make Good money !!

First is by doing something you enjoy while serving your inner soul, your heart ~

Remember this….

Intelligence Seeks Expression ~

Intelligence Seeks Expression ~

Money in and of itself is NOT good or evil, but is simply a practical necessity~  as well as one form of energy to express ourselves.

Think of it as your money is an expression of your e-motions (meaning Your Energy in Motion!!)

So just as we express ourselves through feelings of laughter, crying, cheering, we can also express our self with money.

This week, find ways to better express yourself ~ Creatively ~ Emotionally and ….especially with money.

Further, as we seek to not just “work” but “do” an activity we enjoy this Can become our job, even career.

Vietnamese Zen Teacher Thich Nhat Hanh wrote, 
Our happiness and the happiness of those around us depend on our degree of Right View. Touching reality deeply — knowing what is going on inside and outside of ourselves — is the way to liberate ourselves from the suffering that is caused by wrong perceptions. Right View is not an ideology, a system, or even a path. It is the insight we have into the reality of life, a living insight that fills us with understanding, peace, and love.

Hope you are enjoying this series and please feel free to comment.

Here’s to living Boudrylessly enjoying what we do !!

Find ways to Express Yourself ~Creatively ~ Financially ~ Enjoy the Process !!

Find ways to Express Yourself ~Creatively ~ Financially ~ Enjoy the Process !!

Enter the 3rd Gate of Energizing Self Growth ~

Enjoy Life ~ Enjoy exporing Self Growth ~

Enjoy Life ~ Enjoy exporing Self Growth ~

Hi Folks,

Hope you are enjoying as well as realizing your wondrous potential for Growth !

Let’s now journey through the Third Gate of Self Growth by Energizing our Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit.

Remember, each … Your Body ~ Your Mind ~ Your Spirit are interacting, blending together your experiences,

what you recieve AND give from your relationships, even your thoughts.


When we come to know each is not as much a separate part of ourselves, but one “Vital Ingredient” so to speak in making … even shaping who we are now.  So as we come to understand this, then energizing one part would be incomplete unless we energize all. For in this amazing interaction we will find the Vitality … True Energy to enjoy life, love, all we do !

So to begin, upon awakening, be thankful ~ Grateful for what you DO have in life. Be it family, health, love …..

Next, do some deep breathing (put your hands on your stomach just below your navel)  feeling deep within your breath reaching through to your fingertips, toes, even the top of your head.

Then, when possible, feel the morning sunshine ever so warming, energizing your body, mind, even spirit, as it gently touches you.

Enjoy Life's moments through Your Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit !

Enjoy Life's moments through Your Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit !

Now, get up and stretch. Reaching for the sky as you look up to the wonders of the clouds, how far you can see, feeling the potential awaiting you.

Time to do some yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, activities that help us unite our Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit.

In fact, enjoy some green tea to refresh and energize your body, refresh your mind and lift your Spirit too !


Enjoy discovering ways to enjoy ~ express your creativity through these three avenues while Energizing~ Empowering

your …

Thoughts ~

Words ~

Actions ~

to manifest your wondrous Self Growth for this New Year !!


May you gain from this series of posts while also challenging yourself to Grow Boundrylessly !!

Energize your Own Potential

Energize your Own Potential

Experiencing the Second Gateway ~

Successfully Using Your Knowledge

Successfully Using Your Knowledge

Hi Folks,

Hope  you enjoyed a wonderful New Year celebration and ready to enjoy new accomplishments this 2012.

Reclaim something very valuable you probably didn’t even know you may have lost …..

Your Will !!

Assert your Positive Will AND by Acting Upon what you Know.

This point is SO important please reread that last sentence again ~

By applying that sentence you can create an abundant Life while enjoying using your Knowledge AND Will to make those 2012 plans come true.

So to add to this….

We experience it a challenge in feeling at ease creating from our will….Dis-ease = disease ~

This is usually the result of wishing ~ hoping life “should be” a certain way then being surprised … even disappointed when reality shows that life just isn’t fair when judged by our personal standard.

In conclusion, if we chase after something impossible, without using our Knowledge AND Will, then we put our energy into a hopeless plan.

However, when we discover something of Great Power in our very possession .. Knowledge AND Will to CAUSE the outcome we so Desire, then the Effect will be…..

You hopefully have guessed….

Your Personal goals coming true !!

Please share your thoughts on these new posts along with some of your own personal success stories ~

Here’s to Living 2012 Boundrylessly !!

Will to Succeed ~

Will to Succeed ~

The Gateway to Growth in the New Year Part 1

Peaceful ~ Purposeful ~ Meditation

Peaceful ~ Purposeful ~ Meditation

Hi Folks,

Well, hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful holiday and is ready to enjoy new Personal Growth this new year !

This is first in a series of posts on Personal Growth that hope you enjoy and share your thoughts on.

Let’s Go !!

First Gate is to realize no matter skilled, or even the level of your intelligence you may possess it is in actuality the level that you still hold onto self-doubt of your worth that you are in reality self-sabotaging your own efforts in Life, even relationships and goals.

You need to daily each morning open up to a Boundryless life through believing … You ARE Wonderous and Deserving !! 

So begin each morning after waking, take 3 slooooow deeeeep breaths feeling the air from your head to your  toes ….

Bringing in energy ~ Potential to Accomplish whatever you need !!

Then remember ….

Visualize ~ Verbalize ~ Actualize !!!

Hope this will help you in enjoying Growing and Succeeding in this New Year Folks!!

Stay Tuned for Part 2 coming up ~

Here’s to Living a Boundryless New Year !!

Be You ~ Achieve Your Potential !!

Be You ~ Achieve Your Potential !!