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The Gateway to Growth in the New Year Part 1

Peaceful ~ Purposeful ~ Meditation

Peaceful ~ Purposeful ~ Meditation

Hi Folks,

Well, hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful holiday and is ready to enjoy new Personal Growth this new year !

This is first in a series of posts on Personal Growth that hope you enjoy and share your thoughts on.

Let’s Go !!

First Gate is to realize no matter skilled, or even the level of your intelligence you may possess it is in actuality the level that you still hold onto self-doubt of your worth that you are in reality self-sabotaging your own efforts in Life, even relationships and goals.

You need to daily each morning open up to a Boundryless life through believing … You ARE Wonderous and Deserving !! 

So begin each morning after waking, take 3 slooooow deeeeep breaths feeling the air from your head to your  toes ….

Bringing in energy ~ Potential to Accomplish whatever you need !!

Then remember ….

Visualize ~ Verbalize ~ Actualize !!!

Hope this will help you in enjoying Growing and Succeeding in this New Year Folks!!

Stay Tuned for Part 2 coming up ~

Here’s to Living a Boundryless New Year !!

Be You ~ Achieve Your Potential !!

Be You ~ Achieve Your Potential !!


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