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Live Boundrylessly …Chose to Improve your Health with these Easy steps!

10 Easy Tips to improve your Health Now!


Top 10 Tips for Health:
Focus on the experience of eating.
Be entirely focused and keep your mind present while eating. Digestion starts in the mind. Focus on the
sensation of chewing and swallowing. Savor the textures and flavors. Chew your food until it is almost
liquid to aid digestion. Avoid other stimulation, such as the TV or reading while eating.
Drink the correct amount of water for you.
(0.033lts x bodyweight in kg; e.g. 0.033 x 86kg = 2.84lts). Our bodies are 70-80% water and this needs
to be topped up constantly, you have to be consistent to remain hydrated, you can’t save up and have
a slack day. Add at least 0.5lts for every hour of exercise you do.
Get out more.
Spend at least 15 minutes outside each day irrespective of weather. This could be just sitting in the park
and watching the world go by; or ideally include some movement have a stroll in the country and
breathe some fresh air.
Eat some protein with every meal.
This generally means food that was an animal, or comes from an animal. Vegetarians choose foods
naturally higher in proteins (Nuts, Quinoa).
Pay more, eat less.
Aim to eat good quality fresh organic foods. Organic food can be expensive, but your body will absorb
more nutrients from the food so you will not need to eat as much. Avoid all processed foods, they are
high in poor quality nutrients and place a stress on your system. If you can’t pick it, harvest it or kill it, don’t
eat it.
Eat regularly, 5-6 meals per day.
Aim to eat something every 2-4 hours (3 ideally), this doesn’t have to be a full meal, small more frequent
meals are better at maintaining blood sugar levels and reducing cravings.
Don’t avoid fat.
Avoid low fat and diet products, they are often higher in total calories and contain large amounts of
sugar. Good quality fats and oils are needed for many of the bodies natural functions and should be
included in a balanced program.
Throw the microwave out.
It destroys nutrients and turns the food into a non-food. Microwaves damage the cell wall of foods to
such a degree that the gut receptors are not likely to recognize microwaved food particles as a food.
Move more.
Our bodies are designed to move, it doesn’t have to be exercise in a gym. Anything that gets your
body moving around is good; from walking the dog to laying down some moves on the dance
floor. Add a little extra activity into your routine each week until it becomes part of your routine.
Plan your menu for the week.
Having a plan of your meals for the week and shopping accordingly, helps keep focus on your
program. Allow yourself time at the weekends to prepare meals and snacks for days when you feel
you will not have time. It’s when we are not prepared that we ‘grab’ something quick (which generally
means poor quality) from the shop. Planning ahead reduces the need to do this. Complete a food
diary regularly to keep track, good nutrition isn’t rocket science you will be able to spot when you are
going wrong, if you write it down.

So Live Boundryless…..Chose to Live a Healthy Life…Now!!!

Face Your Fear ~ Journey through the Eighth Gate to Growth !


Conquering Fear ~ Conquer it One Step at a time ~

Conquering Fear ~ Conquer it One Step at a time ~

Hi Folks,

Glad to hear you are enjoying this series. Remember to accomplish going through each Gate requires looking within oneself to learn AND grow ~ Both Challenge as well as Goal !

Today’s is about Facing our Fears…

A famous quote …..”Courage is not in the absence of fear, but the Conquering of it.”

Daily courage is not just a feeling…

Daily courage is … An Action !!

So make fear (especially of the unknown) your Servant and Guide not your master.

Do this through beginning with weekly challenges of facing an “unknown” in your life.

Such as fear of trying something new. For me, one example was instead of working out in a gym, do it at the park, wherever my work took me… be more spontaneous.  Soon I found others felt my enthusiasm so they would join me or even start chatting sometimes.

So turn a negative into a Positive folks….

Face Your Fear while journeying through this Eighth Gate to Growing from Fear into Courage !!

Here’s to Living Boundrylessly conquering our fears to build our Courage !!

Courageously Conquer your fear !

Courageously Conquer your fear !

The Seventh Gate ~ Your Emotions and You ~

E-motion = Energy in Motion ~ You CAN Do It !

E-motion = Energy in Motion ~ You CAN Do It !

Hi Folks,

More times than not people don’t feel it is good to accept their emotions.

When in reality emotions add Zest to Life !

Think of an emotion as “E – motion” or Energy in Motion.

So as a person attaches emotions to an experience in their life they are actually giving that experience energy.

Good news…

We CAN choose to let our emotions become an integral part of charging our experience to our benefit.

Another tip….

First….when wanting success….Picture….Visualize a time in your life when you succeeded.


Verbalize  it….speak aloud how it felt to succeed in that past experience.


Actualize it … by applying ~ attaching this E – Motion ~ Energy in Motion to your new experience to succeed.

Just remember to you don’t need to “fix” your emotions, just choose how much “Energy in Motion” you desire to attach to say a goal and you will begin to see how much more exciting it is to work at as well as attain that goal.

So be at peace with your emotions they can help us charge our goals while enriching our lives too !!

Here’s to living a Boundrylessly Energy in Motion Lifestyle !!



Let’s Explore the Sixth Gate ~ Your Intuition ~

Healthy Subconsciously and Consciously !

Healthy Subconsciously and Consciously !

Hi Folks,

Want to start by saying appreciate your support all who read here.  🙂

Now, time to experience the 7th Gate….

It requires ….

Trust !

Trust in Yourself…

Trust in your Intuitive ability you Naturally have….we All Have !!

The Subconscious holds keys to an incredible library of intuitive wisdom, clear insight, and especially ….

Untapped Power !!

One way, in fact about the easiest way to begin is to write down at least 3 to 5 goals you have for this week…..

Go right now and do that…..

I’ll wait….

Now that you have your goals written down clarify them…make them as clear as possible.

For example, I want to lose some weight this week is not clear enough.

Write this….This week I WILL walk the stairs at work on my lunch break and eat at least 3 vegetables a day.

Now THAT is a clear goal.

Next, create a Key word…a vocal instrument or reminder of your goal.  For example, upon awakening say the word “Healthy” and picture eating healthy foods, exercising or moving in some way every day. Then this will Empower YOUR key word “Healthy”.

Do this each morning as well as evening.

Why you may ask also in the evening????

Because this is when your Powerful Intuition will help you to make your vision, your Empowered word (ex. “Healthy) real and help prepare you for the next day. After a week of this, check your goals, adjust where needed, and Keep Going!

You may need to pack a healthy lunch for example, or set aside some time to walk the stairs after eating that healthy meal. Then return to your desk to either meditate, take a Power Nap, or enjoy some healthy tea.

Continuing on this you will find you intuitively begin doing what your power word represents…now is that Great or What !

Remember, this works for Any goal be it for learning, losing weight, gaining health, even just having more creative energy which we can All use ~   😉

Most important is to continue with other goals, since your subconscious  is not the mysterious place some make it to be. It is there to Help You achieve your goals ~

Also remember, to vocalize your goal as you visualize it. This Really does empower your desire to accomplish this goal to your subconscious so it will find a way to help you. You could say from our previous example say, “”Health” to me means losing five pounds this month while eating healthier too.

Then your intuition will guide you with time to the right “Natural” choices guiding you to successfully accomplish your goal.


Remember ~ Practice makes Perfect so start now !!

Have you accessed Your Inner Guidance System ~ Your Intuition ?!

Here’s to realizing our Goals through Boundryless Intuition ~

Live Consciously ~ Intuitively Healthy ~

Live Consciously ~ Intuitively Healthy ~

Enter the Fifth Gate of Taming Your Mind for Power ~

Power of Positive !

Power of Positive !

Hi folks,

Want to say a big Thanks to those who have liked and supported the recent articles ~ You ARE Appreciated !!

Time to enter the Gateway of Personal Growth ~ Our Fifth Gateway takes us to an Amazing world……

When you hear tame…

What do you think of …..

How about Taming of the Mind?

How about this… Taming as focusing the Mind ~ Different image now?

As we clear our mind,

we can perceive reality simply …

As it Is ~

Folks, it is common to see the world through filters of our belief, opinions, as well as intrepretation.


How do you beliefs Shape Your Experiences !!

The reflection of your mind..

Here’s a real world story on the Power of the Mind …. AND why to focus in a Postie on Your Goals !

A real man called Mr. Wright was suffering from lymphatic cancer. His lymph nodes were swollen to the size of oranges, while his spleen as well as his liver had become so enlarged that two quarts of milky fluid were daily drained from them. The doctors felt they had done everything medically possible (for the mid 1950s) for Mr. Wright. They told him to put things in order since he will most likely not survive much longer.

Shortly after this Mr. Wright heard of an experimental drug for cancer being used on patients who had around a three month life expectancy. Wright pleaded with his doctor to administer this drug to him, and finally the doctor agreed not making any promises to Wright.

According to the doctor’s report Wright wasn’t expected to live through the weekend.


Unbelievably, on the following Monday, less than 72 hours after receiving the drug, Wright was walking around feeling on top of the world in health. The tumors, according to the report had “melted like snowballs on a hot stove.” Ten days his first Krebiozen injection, Mr. Wright went home from the hospital, being determined by the doctors to be cancer free!!

Unfortunately, months later the American Medical Association published a nationwide study on  that flatly stated it was of no value in treating cancer. Mr. Wright read this study, believed it, and his cancer returned. Just two days later…. He died !

So what happened to him ~ he had been told by doctors he was cured of his cancer.

What went wrong?

Mr. Wright used the Power of his Focused (Tamed) mind to believe that the experimental drug WILL cure him and that’s why he survived thus far. Then, Wright attached his emotions (Energy in Motion) and intellect (Tame ~ Focused mind) on the belief the drug WILL cure him so his body obeyed.

Who knows if Wright had not read the study which negated his positive belief.

The point ~ Whatever you believe about yourself, intellectually as well as emotionally, WILL determine who and what you become physically ~ spiritually too !!

THIS is the reason you should guard your thoughts, words, actions and associations.  You should surround yourself with positive reinforcement in what you see, hear, say, and especially Think so when you … Follow through with Positive Action you’ll attain Positive Results !!


Folks, here’s to you following the Path through the Gateway of Focused Positive Action while living Boundrylessly !!

Power of Positive Thinking ~

Power of Positive Thinking ~