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Let’s Explore the Sixth Gate ~ Your Intuition ~

Healthy Subconsciously and Consciously !

Healthy Subconsciously and Consciously !

Hi Folks,

Want to start by saying appreciate your support all who read here.  🙂

Now, time to experience the 7th Gate….

It requires ….

Trust !

Trust in Yourself…

Trust in your Intuitive ability you Naturally have….we All Have !!

The Subconscious holds keys to an incredible library of intuitive wisdom, clear insight, and especially ….

Untapped Power !!

One way, in fact about the easiest way to begin is to write down at least 3 to 5 goals you have for this week…..

Go right now and do that…..

I’ll wait….

Now that you have your goals written down clarify them…make them as clear as possible.

For example, I want to lose some weight this week is not clear enough.

Write this….This week I WILL walk the stairs at work on my lunch break and eat at least 3 vegetables a day.

Now THAT is a clear goal.

Next, create a Key word…a vocal instrument or reminder of your goal.  For example, upon awakening say the word “Healthy” and picture eating healthy foods, exercising or moving in some way every day. Then this will Empower YOUR key word “Healthy”.

Do this each morning as well as evening.

Why you may ask also in the evening????

Because this is when your Powerful Intuition will help you to make your vision, your Empowered word (ex. “Healthy) real and help prepare you for the next day. After a week of this, check your goals, adjust where needed, and Keep Going!

You may need to pack a healthy lunch for example, or set aside some time to walk the stairs after eating that healthy meal. Then return to your desk to either meditate, take a Power Nap, or enjoy some healthy tea.

Continuing on this you will find you intuitively begin doing what your power word represents…now is that Great or What !

Remember, this works for Any goal be it for learning, losing weight, gaining health, even just having more creative energy which we can All use ~   😉

Most important is to continue with other goals, since your subconscious  is not the mysterious place some make it to be. It is there to Help You achieve your goals ~

Also remember, to vocalize your goal as you visualize it. This Really does empower your desire to accomplish this goal to your subconscious so it will find a way to help you. You could say from our previous example say, “”Health” to me means losing five pounds this month while eating healthier too.

Then your intuition will guide you with time to the right “Natural” choices guiding you to successfully accomplish your goal.


Remember ~ Practice makes Perfect so start now !!

Have you accessed Your Inner Guidance System ~ Your Intuition ?!

Here’s to realizing our Goals through Boundryless Intuition ~

Live Consciously ~ Intuitively Healthy ~

Live Consciously ~ Intuitively Healthy ~


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