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Face Your Fear ~ Journey through the Eighth Gate to Growth !


Conquering Fear ~ Conquer it One Step at a time ~

Conquering Fear ~ Conquer it One Step at a time ~

Hi Folks,

Glad to hear you are enjoying this series. Remember to accomplish going through each Gate requires looking within oneself to learn AND grow ~ Both Challenge as well as Goal !

Today’s is about Facing our Fears…

A famous quote …..”Courage is not in the absence of fear, but the Conquering of it.”

Daily courage is not just a feeling…

Daily courage is … An Action !!

So make fear (especially of the unknown) your Servant and Guide not your master.

Do this through beginning with weekly challenges of facing an “unknown” in your life.

Such as fear of trying something new. For me, one example was instead of working out in a gym, do it at the park, wherever my work took me… be more spontaneous.  Soon I found others felt my enthusiasm so they would join me or even start chatting sometimes.

So turn a negative into a Positive folks….

Face Your Fear while journeying through this Eighth Gate to Growing from Fear into Courage !!

Here’s to Living Boundrylessly conquering our fears to build our Courage !!

Courageously Conquer your fear !

Courageously Conquer your fear !


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