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Awaken Your Heart and enter the Eleventh Gate ~

Awaken Your Heart ~ Open your Vision ~

Awaken Your Heart ~ Open your Vision ~

Hi   Folks,

Hope these recent posts have allowed you to pause, take a look at, then go forward with a new perspective which will help you achieve your Personal Growth goals.

As you take a moment before starting your day, reflect on and feel your heart.

As you take slow, deliberate, deep, breaths feel that love truly endures not from mere words, but from feelings put into action that carry you beyond interests of separate self, beyond mere reason, to more deeply embrace all people, as well as circumstances.

Today, begin your day by mindfully feeling ….

Love is truly an Action !!

Love opens the gateway to knowing and feeling yourself in a more true pure way.

Remember today and ….

Can you act with love without reason…. Enjoy practicing !!

An Open Heart is Awesome!

An Open Heart is Awesome!


Embrace the Tenth Gate ~ Embrace Your Sexuality

Touch the Wonderfully Amazing Sense !

Touch the Wonderfully Amazing Sense !

Hi Folks,

First want to apologize for the delay. Had to help with some family health challenges.

A close relative had been facing challenges of tight economy, raising family, while supporting his children in college.

So shared with him our tips here and just like you, hope you find these posts help open up the path to an Empowered Enlivened Life of Happiness.

Now for today’s Gateway of Experience …..

Many of us think of the senses as taste, smell, hearing, seeing, and touch.

Each a part of experiencing and expressing sexuality.

But have you ever wondered how even when you take away taste, smell, hearing, and even sight, you can still feel ~ touch?

Think of touch as a way of bringing the other senses into harmony with the amazing expression of touch.

Use touch to bring a richer, even deeper, meaning to your other senses can bring new life to enjoying making love, holding your loved one’s hand, or even to give a massage that both you and your loved one can Feel through the power of Touch.

Life is not a matter of indulging or denying the energies of life, but observing, accepting, and then wisely channeling them through our mind, body and senses. Making love can be a spiritual experience as well as a celebration of life.

Have you realized your potential for intimacy and joy of Living !

A famous person who learned to love life through the amazing senses was Leonardo da Vinci.

He would explore the world each daily through his senses while enjoying finding ways to enrich those moments by being mindfully aware.

So next time you’re enjoying a meal with your loved one, take time to truly enjoy the taste, smell, sight, and even feeling of the food …. while especially enjoying the ambiance of sharing all of this with that someone special.

Here’s to Boundrylessly celebrating our Sexuality, our Life, through the Mindful Power of the senses !

Celebrate the Power of Touch ~ Massage ~

Celebrate the Power of Touch ~ Massage ~

Enter the Ninth Gate Illuminating your Shadow ~

Engage the You within Your Shadow ~

Engage the You within Your Shadow ~

Hi Folks,

Hope you’ve enjoyed a Great week.

This time let’s talk about shining the light on your shadow.

Think of the shadow as energy that has been used for your perceived self image, yet not allowing you to enjoy getting to really know You ~

Reason use the word “perceived” is many times our self image is formed from what we feel our image “should be” instead of getting really getting to know ourselves.

By releasing energy used to defend and protect our self created self image…. You will find renewed energy.



First, acknowledge previously a need to place your energy into this self image.

Next, acknowledge Now, it is unnecessary to direct your energy to this.

Continuing to acknowledge that by releasing your bound up energy will come greater understanding of your true self, humility to learn and grow from mistakes not dreading them, and then finding the compassion for both learning more about the amazingly wonderful You while sharing this compassion of exploring, living, learning with those around you.

Enjoy the wondrous journey of Illuminating Your Creative Artist within !

Illuminate the Creative You !

Illuminate the Creative You !

Experiencing the lesson of the Ninth Gate knowing your true self … not what has been imposed on you by society, job, or self doubt. Truly growing through realizing what was once your shadow, is actually another incredible part of what makes you …  YOU ~

Illuminate Inner You and Know Yourself

Illuminate Inner You and Know Yourself