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Enter the Ninth Gate Illuminating your Shadow ~

Engage the You within Your Shadow ~

Engage the You within Your Shadow ~

Hi Folks,

Hope you’ve enjoyed a Great week.

This time let’s talk about shining the light on your shadow.

Think of the shadow as energy that has been used for your perceived self image, yet not allowing you to enjoy getting to really know You ~

Reason use the word “perceived” is many times our self image is formed from what we feel our image “should be” instead of getting really getting to know ourselves.

By releasing energy used to defend and protect our self created self image…. You will find renewed energy.



First, acknowledge previously a need to place your energy into this self image.

Next, acknowledge Now, it is unnecessary to direct your energy to this.

Continuing to acknowledge that by releasing your bound up energy will come greater understanding of your true self, humility to learn and grow from mistakes not dreading them, and then finding the compassion for both learning more about the amazingly wonderful You while sharing this compassion of exploring, living, learning with those around you.

Enjoy the wondrous journey of Illuminating Your Creative Artist within !

Illuminate the Creative You !

Illuminate the Creative You !

Experiencing the lesson of the Ninth Gate knowing your true self … not what has been imposed on you by society, job, or self doubt. Truly growing through realizing what was once your shadow, is actually another incredible part of what makes you …  YOU ~

Illuminate Inner You and Know Yourself

Illuminate Inner You and Know Yourself


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