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Journey through the 12th gate and Beyond !!

Vibrant Living is Easy AND Enjoyable too !

Vibrant Living is Easy AND Enjoyable too !

Hi folks,

Here’s the final installment of our Personal Growth journey.


It is not Really the end ….

It is a New Beginning after this !!

Live Life to the Fullest !

Live Life to the Fullest !

Let’s consider our twelfth gate to growth as serving the world.

This Service is both a means to an end, for in Giving to Others, You open Yourself to boundryless love, abundance, even Inner Peace.

The final gateway brings Meaning to Life from the Awakening of our Body, Mind, Spirit, our very Being.

Remember the things you do to enjoy Life should be ways to Explore, Grow, Embrace Living in New Exciting ways.

By Living the lessons from each Gateway of Growth, you’ll have more energy, intellengence, even Awareness !!

You’ll feel more postive enthusiaum through Excited Living doing what you enjoy, such as spending time with friends and family, enjoying crazy amazing opportunities that your new Awareness to Living brings you.

Living the Life Lessons of Personal Growth is training to experience a more Vibrant Life !!

So here is the final lesson ~ There isn’t one !!

Go out and Vibrantly Live and Feel each moment, each relationship, each sunrise and sunset.

Let the Boundryless energy around you be as much a part of you as You are a Part of  It !!

Go Live Boundrylessly as well as Vibrantly !!

Awaken and LIVE !!

Awaken and LIVE !!