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Harness Nature to help You ~


Hi Folks,

Was recently chatting with my friends from Tai Chi class. We got to talking about the recent solar eclipse. This led us to discussing how the more we work With Nature the more attuned we feel in our day.

Here’s some of our discussion and hope you’ll share your thoughts too !

All of us are in a amazing global pattern that over the next coming years can have an affect on us all.

Now, sounds like a good time to practice staying grounded for keeping you balanced.

A Solar Eclipse occurred at 7:47 pm on last Sunday May 20th 2012 and the Lunar Eclipse will happen on June 4th.
The full moon has triggered an aspect telling us to pay attention to what is right under our nose.It is time to look at mental patterns that no longer work.

Pay attention to your habitual thinking and what you create as the by-product of those thoughts.

Change the way you think about a condition and the situation will change.

It’s as simple as that!

What you are saying to yourself can change a habit and it creates the space for something new to happen.

It’s your Self-Talk – which is that conversation that goes on inside your head, the running commentary about everything you do. It never lets anything go by without some comment, remark or evaluation.

Once you become aware of this process you can charge yourself to the positive, successful, powerful person you want to be. If the your Self-Talk is not under control, look out -the automatic reactions you have to this constant chatter of judgments and evaluations can keep you feeling stressed and less able to meet your goals and challenges of life.

Mind chatter like, “I’m not smart enough, good enough, something is wrong with me, I can’t do it, I never finish anything, and this is too hard” can rule you if you don’t take charge.

You may have initially formed these negative ideas about yourself from things you heard from a parent, teacher or someone who was an influence over you. You definitely don’t need those people to tell you what to do anymore, even if it’s just in your head.

These thoughts surface when you are faced with doing something that is counter productive to what
your mind thinks you can do.We may still crave things that are no longer fulfilling. But now it’s essential to move in a new direction. It is time to let go of the old mental chatter and learn something new.

The past is the past — it is time for a healing and release!

We need to communicate what is important to us. “Put your money where your mouth is”
“The proof is in the pudding” or “There is no free lunch” may be the mantra for this period.

Start to look at things from outside of the box, think differently and get on a healthy program.

Learning new things is the big key to the situation.

It is time to listen, learn, practice and ground your energy.

This will give you the rooting and the grounding you need to keep your balance mentally, physically and spiritually.

So take that moment first thing in the morning to deep breathe for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Not long really.

Next, imagine clearly a goal you want to accomplish today.

Now, face the challenge of keeping balanced by stretching, do some yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi, or other easy flowing movement while deep breathing then go about your day Centered and Focused for Success !!


Happy Mother’s Day !!

Happy Mother's Day !!

Happy Mother’s Day !!

Wishing all those very special women in our lives a Happy Mother’s Day !! Let’s show our Mom how much Love, Appreciation and Respect we have for her ~ The woman who unconditionally loves and gives without asking for anything in return ~ Mom ♥