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Let Your Metabolism Naturally help You ~

Happy Healthy Metabolisms !!

Happy Healthy Metabolisms !!

Hi Folks,

Just the other day, had to work extra long so did my outdoor exercise in the evening. Have to admit it Was cooler too  😉

Afterward, enjoying some mango with yogurt and blueberry topping got to thinking of a chat my buddies and I had recently.

It was about how it seems to be popular to use artificial stimulants to boost the metabolism for burning fat.

Anyway, my friends and I challenged each other to think of natural alternatives that were safe as well as easy to use.

Here’s our ideas….Please share yours !


Protein sources

Protein sources

Everyone of you know how important protein is. Protein provides the body with the necessary building blocks, used for building muscle tissue. It also plays a role as an antioxidant and boosts your immune system. But the interesting fact is that protein has a powerful thermic effect on the body. It needs a lot of energy to be digested and this makes it a great metabolism booster. Protein intake coupled with moderate fiber intake will help you lose weight in the long run. Good sources of protein include: Meats, fish, eggs, nuts, almonds, beans, along with moderate dairy including the type called whey.

High Fiber Foods

High-fiber foods

High-fiber foods

Fiber is a nutrient that cannot be digested. It only passes trough our body and in its way changes the nature of contents of the gastrointestinal tract, and the way other nutrients and chemicals are absorbed. Fiber is crucial for our health and well-being. Good sources of fiber include non starchy fruits, vegetables and some grains. Without particular order here are a few high fiber foods that have the role of metabolism boosters.

– Leafy vegetables – spinach and kale
– Cauliflower and broccoli
– Peppers
– Berries,blueberries
– Apples
– Oranges
– Grapefruit
– Cabbage
– Oats (plain, not flavored)
– Nuts, Almonds, Pumpkin seeds  etc.

Grapefruit, Oranges, and Kiwi

No, NOT this kind !!

No, NOT this kind !!

Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Research had shown that participants that included ½ a grapefruit to each meal lost weight without changing anything else about their lifestyle or diet. Oranges have a similar effect. Both of these fruits have high content of fiber and vitamin C, which has metabolism boosting properties.

Green Tea

Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea is rich in catechin polyphenols, particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Research have shown that polyphenols have antioxidant like characteristics with potential health benefits. It is this compound that is believed to be the main ingredient that helps boost your metabolism and aid in fat loss. Additionally, green tea contains caffeine – a powerful stimulant that speeds up the heart and boosts metabolism.


Coffee for Health

Coffee for Health

One of the main reasons we drink coffee in the morning is to wake us up. Caffeine found in coffee has drug-like effects on the body – it speeds up the heart, which in turn increases blood flow and energy expenditure. Caffeine can be effectively used to speed up metabolism, but too much of it can cause arrhythmia and anxiety. Remember though….drink it black for the most health benefits. Adding sugar, and other artificial junk will rob you of the natural benefits AND the rich natural flavor too !!


Healthy Peppers

Healthy Peppers

Capsaicin is a phytochemical found in hot peppers like cayenne peppers, chili, and jalapeno. It’s actually the chemical responsible for the hot and burning sensation you feel when you eat the peppers. Besides the numerous health benefits such as: anti inflammatory, pain reducer and “bad” cholesterol reducer, it is also a potent metabolism booster. It  increased the metabolic activity up to 30 minutes after you consume it.




It helps weight loss in two different ways. One way is by controlling and lowering the blood sugar levels. Cinnamon also has a thermic effect on the body. In order digest it, the body creates a powerful chemical reaction that increases the body’s temperature and the metabolism. When the metabolism speeds up, you are burning more calories and lose weight faster.


Saved the best for last  Water


That’s right – plain water. Almost 2/3rds of our body weight is “water weight”. Being adequately hydrated ensures that you have an optimal metabolic rate. Water is one of the most underestimated of metabolism boosters. Drinking water helps you metabolize fat and flush toxins out of your body. The colder the water more energy the body uses to warm it to normal body temperature and digest it.

Here’s to a Boundrylessly Healthy Metabolism !!

Healthy Metabolism is a Happy Lifestyle

Choice and Paying Attention ~

You have the Power ~ Choose to Enjoy !

You have the Power ~ Choose to Enjoy !

Hi folks,

My friends and I got to chatting after a morning of Tai Chi and bodyweight exercises outdoors and the nearby park.

We discussed about how we really do chose what we pay attention to.

Later a friend shared this story …

“Attention is a choice ~
I am always choosing what I pay attention to”

He started to explain what we choose to pay attention to will always change your experience, no matter if it is positive or negative.
He told a story about a Buddhist monk who was walking through the jungle and when he walked down the path, he ran and smacked
into a ferocious tiger. The tiger started to chase him and he ran wildly through the jungle and before he knew it, he ran off of a cliff.

Luckily there was a vine and the monk grabbed on to the vine. He was just hoping that the vine was long enough so that he could lower himself down to the ground. As he slithered down the vine, he noticed 2 tigers on the jungle floor growling and looking up at him. He started to climb up the vine and noticed 2 hungry rats chewing at the vine he was hanging on.
“The monk was really in between a rock and a hard place.”

Sometimes, situations like this happen to us in our life.
What do you think the monk did?
He looked out and between the cracks of the cliff, there was a strawberry plant and on the plant there was a luscious ripe strawberry.
He reached out, picked the strawberry and ate it.

We always have choices. It makes no difference if we are hanging on a vine or if there are tigers above us and below us. We always have a choice.

“What I choose to pay attention to will always change my experience!”
The monk chose to pay attention to the luscious strawberry.

What do you chose?

To be eaten by the tigers or to eat the sweet luscious strawberries in life?


I know what I choose…
I choose opportunity, challenges, gifts, and growth.

Isn’t it time that you choose the best for yourself?
I have dedicated my life to teaching others so that they can grow, be on their limitations, enjoy a healthier life and be all that they can be.

Here’s to CHOSING to live a Boundryless Life !!

My Choice ~ I choose to Enjoy Life !

My Choice ~ I choose to Enjoy Life !


Being a Dad ~ Means Being ~ Living for Others

Happy Father's Day !

Happy Father’s Day !

Hi Folks,

Since recently Father’s Day, have been chatting with my friends on Being a Dad.

Here’s some of our thoughts …

We agreed on 3 basics :

1. Be there. If you’re in their lives, you rock. If you’re there when they scrape their knee, lose their first tooth, need someone to cry to, need help with their school project, want a partner for playing house or hide-and-seek … you are already being a great dad. Be there, when they need you, and when they don’t.

2. Love them. They will know you love them, if you love them fully. It will show in your smile, in your touch, in your good-morning hugs. But also tell them on a regular basis. Infuse all your dad actions with love.

3. Be present. It’s great to be in the same room with them, but as much as you can afford to, be fully present with them. Shut off the mobile device, close the laptop, turn off the TV, and really pay attention. Listen to their long fragmented stories. Really watch when they want to show off their new wizard or ninja move.

That’s it. That’s all you need to be a great dad. Well, there are some bonus moves, but those are just extensions of the above three.

Some Extras ..

If you want some specifics of how to do the above three rules, here are some ideas:

  1. Sing with them.
  2. Run around with them.
  3. Make believe with them.
  4. Read to them daily.
  5. Dance with them.
  6. Tell them corny jokes.
  7. Paint with them.
  8. Make videos where they are the star.
  9. Set a healthy example by being active and eating well.
  10. Show them how to be independent.
  11. Teach them critical thinking, rather than just obedience.
  12. Teach them how to teach themselves.
  13. Don’t nag.
  14. Don’t be overprotective.
  15. Show them you’re proud of them.
  16. Let them make mistakes.
  17. When they get hurt, use that moment to teach them how to deal with pain.
  18. Show interest in what they’re interested in, and don’t make it seem trivial.
  19. Show them how to work passionately.
  20. Spend some quiet cuddly time with them.
  21. Make them pancakes with faces.
  22. Have Nerf dart gun fights.
  23. Play board games.
  24. Take them on hikes.
  25. Play sports with them.
  26. Show them how to use a knife.
  27. Be honest.
  28. Honor your commitments.
  29. Love your wife, and treat her with respect.
  30. Be compassionate to others, and them.
  31. Be happy with yourself.

Here’s to being a Boundryless Father and husband as a shining example to his family !!

Destress to Deage ~

Relax into Qigong

Relax into Qigong

Hi Folks,

Recently was chatting with some friends after our workout in the park.

The discussion got around to how we’ve noticed stress can really affect health, especially how we age.

Here’s some of our conversation and appreciate your thoughts on this topic too ~

We intuitively know that stress is harmful. Recently, however, science has proven this to be factual. An overdose of stress can harm us down to our genetic makeup.

It seems to me there are many people, mostly men who are annoyed by the suffering and have lost their lust for living. But this man was different, you can tell by his eyes. He had patience and he took up my advice—of asking him to learn and practice Qi Gong in a regular class provided by a nearby friend. He practiced it as much as he could with his limited body but unlimited enthusiasm. With all his strength, he stood up in front of me from his wheel chair with assistance from his friend who had joined him. Enthusiastically, he proceeded quickly to try to lift his left arm. It jerked then moved upward as if an old compressed bed frame spring has been let loose. There were cheers from around the group, but I did not seem to notice. I was just staring at the pearls of tears streaming down his eyes. I knew they were tears of joy.

Just a little science to better understand this ..,
The cells in our bodies are continually replicating to replace old or worn-out cells. Our genetic material is stored within chromosomes in each cell, and when the cell replicates, these chromosomes make copies of themselves. In the early 1980’s, scientists discovered telomeres, the protective caps at the ends of chromosomes, and telomerase the enzyme that rebuilds these caps as they wear down. If you were to envision a chromosome as a shoelace, the ends of the shoelace that keep it from fraying would be telomeres, also keeping the chromosome intact. These protective caps and the enzymes that restore them protect the genetic material within the chromosome from mutation during cell replication. This is fundamental to optimum wellness and healthy aging.

Further study found that people under stress had shorter telomeres and less telomerase, implying increased chance of genetic mutations, disease, and accelerated aging.

Stress clearly wreaks havoc on telomerase and therefore the body, but we don’t have to surrender to it.

Our group agreed all of us can make changes for the better in our thought processes as well as our lifestyle:

Sleep: Give yourself time to restore.
Eat Well: Stay nourished to cope with life head on.
Talk Through It: When the stress is traumatizing, consider the guidance of a licensed therapist or experienced counselor.
Exercise: Get the blood pumping to detoxify your mind and body.
Get Acupuncture: Numerous research studies indicate that acupuncture reduces stress through the release of endorphins and the decrease of neuropeptide Y (NPY), shown to be elevated in those with chronic stress and thought to contribute to the physiological stress response.
Meditate: This ancient practice stands the test of time. It allows you to align your breath, body and mind to bring you into a peaceful state.

Most important of all ~ Find something you enjoy doing ~ Do it with friends ~ Relax and Truly Enjoy Living ~

Here’s to living a Boundryless life !!

Everyone can Meditate ~ Sit ~ Breathe ~ Relax ~

Everyone can Meditate ~                    Sit ~ Breathe ~ Relax ~