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Destress to Deage ~

Relax into Qigong

Relax into Qigong

Hi Folks,

Recently was chatting with some friends after our workout in the park.

The discussion got around to how we’ve noticed stress can really affect health, especially how we age.

Here’s some of our conversation and appreciate your thoughts on this topic too ~

We intuitively know that stress is harmful. Recently, however, science has proven this to be factual. An overdose of stress can harm us down to our genetic makeup.

It seems to me there are many people, mostly men who are annoyed by the suffering and have lost their lust for living. But this man was different, you can tell by his eyes. He had patience and he took up my advice—of asking him to learn and practice Qi Gong in a regular class provided by a nearby friend. He practiced it as much as he could with his limited body but unlimited enthusiasm. With all his strength, he stood up in front of me from his wheel chair with assistance from his friend who had joined him. Enthusiastically, he proceeded quickly to try to lift his left arm. It jerked then moved upward as if an old compressed bed frame spring has been let loose. There were cheers from around the group, but I did not seem to notice. I was just staring at the pearls of tears streaming down his eyes. I knew they were tears of joy.

Just a little science to better understand this ..,
The cells in our bodies are continually replicating to replace old or worn-out cells. Our genetic material is stored within chromosomes in each cell, and when the cell replicates, these chromosomes make copies of themselves. In the early 1980’s, scientists discovered telomeres, the protective caps at the ends of chromosomes, and telomerase the enzyme that rebuilds these caps as they wear down. If you were to envision a chromosome as a shoelace, the ends of the shoelace that keep it from fraying would be telomeres, also keeping the chromosome intact. These protective caps and the enzymes that restore them protect the genetic material within the chromosome from mutation during cell replication. This is fundamental to optimum wellness and healthy aging.

Further study found that people under stress had shorter telomeres and less telomerase, implying increased chance of genetic mutations, disease, and accelerated aging.

Stress clearly wreaks havoc on telomerase and therefore the body, but we don’t have to surrender to it.

Our group agreed all of us can make changes for the better in our thought processes as well as our lifestyle:

Sleep: Give yourself time to restore.
Eat Well: Stay nourished to cope with life head on.
Talk Through It: When the stress is traumatizing, consider the guidance of a licensed therapist or experienced counselor.
Exercise: Get the blood pumping to detoxify your mind and body.
Get Acupuncture: Numerous research studies indicate that acupuncture reduces stress through the release of endorphins and the decrease of neuropeptide Y (NPY), shown to be elevated in those with chronic stress and thought to contribute to the physiological stress response.
Meditate: This ancient practice stands the test of time. It allows you to align your breath, body and mind to bring you into a peaceful state.

Most important of all ~ Find something you enjoy doing ~ Do it with friends ~ Relax and Truly Enjoy Living ~

Here’s to living a Boundryless life !!

Everyone can Meditate ~ Sit ~ Breathe ~ Relax ~

Everyone can Meditate ~                    Sit ~ Breathe ~ Relax ~

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