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Choice and Paying Attention ~

You have the Power ~ Choose to Enjoy !

You have the Power ~ Choose to Enjoy !

Hi folks,

My friends and I got to chatting after a morning of Tai Chi and bodyweight exercises outdoors and the nearby park.

We discussed about how we really do chose what we pay attention to.

Later a friend shared this story …

“Attention is a choice ~
I am always choosing what I pay attention to”

He started to explain what we choose to pay attention to will always change your experience, no matter if it is positive or negative.
He told a story about a Buddhist monk who was walking through the jungle and when he walked down the path, he ran and smacked
into a ferocious tiger. The tiger started to chase him and he ran wildly through the jungle and before he knew it, he ran off of a cliff.

Luckily there was a vine and the monk grabbed on to the vine. He was just hoping that the vine was long enough so that he could lower himself down to the ground. As he slithered down the vine, he noticed 2 tigers on the jungle floor growling and looking up at him. He started to climb up the vine and noticed 2 hungry rats chewing at the vine he was hanging on.
“The monk was really in between a rock and a hard place.”

Sometimes, situations like this happen to us in our life.
What do you think the monk did?
He looked out and between the cracks of the cliff, there was a strawberry plant and on the plant there was a luscious ripe strawberry.
He reached out, picked the strawberry and ate it.

We always have choices. It makes no difference if we are hanging on a vine or if there are tigers above us and below us. We always have a choice.

“What I choose to pay attention to will always change my experience!”
The monk chose to pay attention to the luscious strawberry.

What do you chose?

To be eaten by the tigers or to eat the sweet luscious strawberries in life?


I know what I choose…
I choose opportunity, challenges, gifts, and growth.

Isn’t it time that you choose the best for yourself?
I have dedicated my life to teaching others so that they can grow, be on their limitations, enjoy a healthier life and be all that they can be.

Here’s to CHOSING to live a Boundryless Life !!

My Choice ~ I choose to Enjoy Life !

My Choice ~ I choose to Enjoy Life !



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