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See Green for Summer time Health ~

Drink Green Tea for Health

Drink Green Tea for Health

Hey folks !

If you’re like me, enjoy summer time with the fresh fruits, outdoor activities and…..

Staying health too !

So here’s one of my favorite beverages in summer or anytime …

Especially if you’ve been looking to help keep off stubborn fat while getting lean muscle, then it’s time to take a good look at your nutrition plan.

However … Nothing will beat a well-rounded diet when it comes to changing your body composition as well as improving how you feel. In this quest for less fat with improved health, one factor that many overlook is the beverages that they’re consuming on a regular basis.

Not only should you be looking at the ones that you should remove from your diet plan, but you’ll also want to consider the ones that deserve a place on your diet.

One of the best is green tea. If you want to boost your nutrition intake, green tea is an essential beverage to be taken in daily.

Healthy Meal Plans - Green Tea

Let’s look at what green tea is all about so that you don’t miss out on what it has to offer.

So what is Green Tea Exactly?

Green tea is a beverage that’s made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant and originates from China.  It’s a very pure tea with little to no processing and has been shown to offer numerous health benefits to the body.

This tea has been consumed for many years by all the countries throughout Asia and now North Americans are also starting to realize just how powerful it is to be adding to their diet regime.

So why Green Tea Is Effective For Improving Nutrition?

So what makes green tea so powerful for improving your nutrition? First, green tea has been proven to help lower the risk of heart disease and cancer.  Those who consume it on a daily basis show decreased occurrences of both of these diseases, so if that is at all a concern for you, it’s something to take seriously.

In addition to that, green tea contains certain polyphenols that will help to stimulate the rate of calorie burning in the body, increasing your metabolic rate by about 4%.  While this may seem minimal, over time it can add up and help to add to the weight loss results you see while still building lean muscle tissue.

Plus, it does this without any increase to your heart rate, so is a much safer option than some of the drugs that are out there.

Finally, green tea contains a number of flavonoids that will help to boost your overall health by reducing the amount of oxidative damage that you experience.

When To Drink Green Tea For Maximum Results …

So now that you can see the benefits to having this in your diet, when should you be including it in?  For best results, consume your green tea first thing in the morning as well as a couple more times throughout the day.

As it does contain a small amount of caffeine, avoid drinking it too close to bed time or it may interfere with the process of sleep. For me that means finish drinking my tea by 4 p.m.

So there you have the low-down on green tea.

Is green tea part of your daily nutrition?

Do you have a favorite brand?

Please share and let us know…

Here’s to enjoying a Boundrylessly Healthy Summer one cup at a time ~


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