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Happy New Year Everyone !!

Wishing everyone a prosperous Boundryless Happy New Year of Dreams coming True as you fully awaken your Potential !!

Happy New Year of Dreams Come True and Potential Realized !!

Happy New Year of Dreams Come True and Potential Realized !!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!

Merry-Christmas and Happy New Year ! :-)

Merry-Christmas and Happy New Year ! 🙂

Hi Folks,

Wishing everyone a happy – healthy Merry Christmas followed by a prosperous Happy New Year too !!

Enjoy Holiday Cheer AND be Healthy too !

Healthy Holidays with Healthy Apples

Healthy Holidays with Healthy Apples

Hi again folks,

Just a quick note to share how it IS easy to stay healthy this holiday season, and here’s how….

You’ve heard the saying, “an Apple a day,  keeps the doctor away,” right?
Of course you know I didn’t mean your Apple iPhone or iPad …..Right ?!
Of course !

And this advice has transcended generation after generation as a staple to good health and longevity.

Now, what people didn’t know – and it took researchers a long time to discover – is that apples carry a lot MORE health benefits than once thought.

In a minute, you will discover a new component of apples that has the research community in a buzz over these latest results!

But first, here is a little bit of information that you may not know about your favorite little red, green, or yellow fruit…

Health Benefits of Apples

You know if you want to be healthy, you need a wide variety of nutrients in order to maximize your health.

Nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and countless others are responsible for improving your insides as well as your outside.

Apples – which are a perfect low-calorie snack food, by the way – have been shown to improve health in a number of different ways.

First, one of the main components of apples happens to be water.

Now, water itself helps to keep you hydrated throughout the day – which is important for maintaining normal function in your cells.

Also, when you consume a lot of water – in food or by drinking – it fills up your stomach, which leaves you feeling full instead of hungry.

And this may prevent you from OVEREATING!

Next, apples are chock full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which again are necessary for normal cellular functioning.

Plus, they are good for reducing inflammation (antioxidants), fighting off nasty viruses, and reducing the effects of free radical damage (shown to increase inflammation).

The apple peels also makes them an excellent source of fiber – which also fills you up and helps with normal digestion.

Now, one nutrient found in apples – pectin – is a fat soluble type of fiber that accounts for almost 50 percent of the fiber found in apples.

Pectin has been associated with decreasing fat in your blood (lower cholesterol levels) – therefore giving you heart-health benefits.

However, researchers have found a new nutrient in apples that may increase lean muscle tissue and increase the activity of a special fat in your body!

Apples, Brown Fat, and Weight Loss

For a long time, apples have been a staple in the diets of people looking to lose weight – which is very understandable.

They are low in fat and calories, high in water, and have plenty of fiber – which makes this a perfect fat fighting food.

However, there have been some very exciting findings as of late.

A nutrient found in apples – called ursolic acid – has been making headlines as of late.

Ursolic acid – which is found in the skin of apples – has been shown in some studies to help you burn more calories.

Here are some quick highlights of the study:

They found that ursolic acid – when added to high-fat fed mice – were able to increase lean muscle mass…

Increase BOTH fast and slow muscle fibers…

And, increase grip strength AND exercise capacity!

But, here is where it gets interesting:

Ursolic acid also was shown to increase brown fat stores on the subjects’ bodies!

This may have been responsible for increasing energy expenditure…

Reducing obesity…

Improving glucose tolerance…

And decreasing fat storage in their livers!

The researchers concluded:

“These data support a model in which ursolic acid reduces obesity, glucose intolerance, and fatty liver disease by increasing skeletal muscle and brown fat, and suggest ursolic acid as a potential therapeutic approach for obesity and obesity-related illness.”
Eat Apples to Burn More Calories

As you already know, apples are a great addition to any weight loss plan.

Full of water, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, apples go a long way to support overall good health.

Now, however, a new nutrient discovered in the peel of apples may provide a new approach to fighting obesity and obesity-related illnesses.

Here’s to a Happy Healthy Holiday Season Everyone !!  🙂

Boost your Holiday Metabolism and Enjoy your Holiday More !

Enjoy a Happy Healthy Holiday AND Eat !!

Enjoy a Happy Healthy Holiday AND Eat !!

Hey Folks,

Recently chatted with friends on ways to keep our metabolism burning those holiday foods while still enjoying the holiday.

Here’s what we came up with…

First…Admit most of us do it…
Over did ourselves with the abundant
carbs, savory sauces, and decadent
desserts we were tempted with over
the season of holiday parties.
It can be really difficult not to give
in to that second serving or slice of
mom’s homemade pie…
Well, even if you did go overboard,
here are some super-simple tips to
trick your metabolism back into
fatburning mode and accelerate
your results.
#1 Hydration 
It is so simple its almost silly—
everyone has heard they should drink
8 glasses of water a day…
Well there’s good reason. According
to experts at the University of Utah,
if you’re not getting enough water
you’re likely burning 2 percent fewer
calories than your body should be
burning at any given time.

For optimal fat burning, make your last glass of
water very cold and drink it just before
bed. This forces your body to “heat
back up” while you sleep, thus burning
even more calories.

#2 Munch on Melon
This simple tip is tasty, inexpensive,
and incredibly easy to follow—eat

It contains arginine, an
amino acid, believed to significantly
decrease body fat, and increase lean
muscle. Make watermelon your
preferred snack as it curbs sugar
cravings, while enhancing metabolic

And while eating fruit like watermelon
can satisfy your sweet tooth and sugar
cravings, you NEVER want to eat it alone.

Fruit is pure carbohydrate and will spike
your blood sugar too high, making your
body release insulin and go into “fat-storage”

Always eat fruit with a handful of nuts or
some other natural healthy fat and/or protein
to slow down the blood sugar spike and release
insulin over time.

This will make sure you stay lean while you
eat fruit!

#3 Vitamin D Matters to Muscles 
Most Americans don’t get enough
Vitamin D—up to 80 percent of us are

You can obtain most of your
daily D from a 3.5-ounce of wild
salmon. Vitamin D is also in herring,
catfish, trout, mushrooms, and eggs.

During the winter months, it’s especially
important becuase we are not getting
enough sunshine from being outside.

Load up on your Vitamin D to keep your
muscles lean and tone while you keep
your metabolism firing.

#4 Iron = Energy
Not only does iron naturally increase
your energy and metabolism, it
provides the oxygen your muscles
need to blast fat.

Get your iron from
lean meats, shellfish, beans and
dark leafy greens like kale (yum!)
and spinach.

Beware of iron supplements,
as excessive iron can mean trouble
for your heart. Keep it natural by
eating natural foods high in iron for

best results.
#5 Spice it Up!
Spicy foods like red and green chili
contain potent chemical compounds
that can push your metabolism into
high gear.

Capsaicin is what’s
responsible for generating the
fat-burning heat in a process called

All you have to do is
“get it started” and eat spicy foods like
habanero, cayenne and jalapeno.
Doing so will accelerate metabolism
for several hours after your meal.

Who says you have to gain those
holidaypounds during this season
of decadence?…

You can enjoy your favorite foods
and still keep your metabolism firing.

Use these simple tips to get your
metabolism back into accelerated
fatloss mode, and be sure to check
in soon for more healthy living tips.
Here’s to enjoying a Boundrylessly Happy Healthy Holiday Season !!
Eat to Enjoy a Healthy Holiday

Eat to Enjoy a Healthy Holiday

Don’t Give Up ~ Get Up to Reach Goals !

Never Give up on Your Dreams !

Never Give up on Your Dreams !

Hi Folks,

Just wanted to share about how hatted with a buddy had not seen in ages.

We talked about how he persevered to achieve the goal of owning his own business.

He shared that  sometimes it feels so easy to give up…but giving up in life won’t enable you to achieve your goals.

That’s where the power of perseverance comes in.

Because everyone from Olympic athletes to billionaire business tycoons to successful everyday people know one thing …

They know that without the ability to truly persevere, they simply would not have made it to where they are today

They would not have achieved their goals and dreams.

He went on to say that without perseverance, neither can you.

So, whether you’re aiming for the stars or want to reach a “smaller” goal that’s important to you, you’re going to need to know how to persevere – because there will inevitably be times when things just don’t seem to be going your way…when you’re so down or stressed that giving up seems the best option.

I then asked him what tips he would give someone to persevere in their work, love, even Life so that you Never Give Up !

As the saying goes he started….”When the going gets Tough … The Tough Get Going !”

So Move !!

Here’s more …

1- Stay Rationally Optimistic… Be your OWN source of Positive energy folks ! 

Okay so maybe things don’t always go exactly as you planned. Maybe you sometimes face unanticipated challenges or things just don’t happen as fast or as easily as you’d like them to. That’s OK. Because the more you live life, the more you’ll see that things usually happen differently than we expected…But they do happen for the best and usually they turn out quite well :) . So take it easy and stay rationally optimistic.

No Excuses ~ Just Persevere to your Goals

No Excuses ~ Just Persevere to your Goals

2- Embrace Your Setbacks.

You’ll find that most rich and amazingly successful people in general say that some of their greatest “setbacks” were actually indispensable components of their success. Often, without these so-called “setbacks” they would not have learned what was necessary to achieve their success. So be sure to embrace your so-called setbacks as opportunities to learn more…it’s very likely that these frustrations are indeed vital elements to your ultimate happiness and success.

3- Take Breaks.

Really…Don’t work yourself to death as you try to reach your goals! Take breaks. Meditate. Read. Sip some tea. Live a little. Sometimes our greatest insights and creative solutions come during those moments when we give ourselves a break. We now know that Einstein achieved many of his ground-breaking creative insights during his “down time,” when he wasn’t in the lab hard at work.

…And the most mechanical fundamentals of your brain work the same way as Einstein’s did (we humans are all fundamentally built the same way). So, next time you’re in need of a truly creative solution or “ground-breaking idea” for your goal, do the counter-intuitive thing: take a relaxing break.

4- Realize You’re Always Right Where You Need To Be. 

No matter how close you are to your next goal, chances are you already have another one in place don’t you? That’s how life IS! So don’t beat yourself up about not being “there” yet, because the truth is that right now at this very moment you are exactly where you should be on your journey toward success.

Ahhhh… at last… you can finally persevere in stress-free happiness.. Yeah !!. :)

So next time you feel like giving up, or even if you just need a motivational pick-me-up, look over these four tips. You’ll be back on your feet in no time…and you’ll arrive at your next goal in both happiness and success.

What do YOU do to persevere when the going gets tough? Have additional tips for attaining your goals and achieving success? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

So live a Boundrylessly Happy Life and Persevere to the End to enjoy the sweet reward of your Goals everyone !!  😉

Eat to beat Stress ~

Eating to reduce stress to live Happily

Eating to reduce stress to live Happily

 Hi Folks,

Was chatting with my friends the other day after playing  Tai Chi ~ Qigong.
Our discussion was about how this time of the year gets stressful with holiday shopping, busy traffic  on top of the daily stress we may encounter at work or home. What came out of the talk was how can we naturally help our body deal with stress.
This does NOT  have to be you !

This does NOT have to be you !

Well, that lead to our discussing the role of our adrenal glands in handling our body’s stress and adrenal foods.
You see folks, the adrenal glands are small and sit just above the kidneys. These little glands are responsible for your body’s response to stress. They create, release, and regulate hormones—like cortisol and adrenaline—that help you cope with stress.

The adrenal glands evolved to help us deal with danger, life-threatening situations, and times when we need to be quicker, sharper, stronger, and faster. They are a large part of the fight or flight response that prepares muscles to move quickly and violently while shutting down unnecessary bodily functions. Heart and lung actions accelerate, digestion slows, tear and saliva production shuts down, and energy nutrients are released for quick use.

Our modern lifestyle has altered when and how often stress factors affect us. We are not very likely to be hunted by a tiger on our morning commute, wrestle a rival for dominance during a board meeting, or chase down a mammoth for lunch. But this doesn’t mean that the adrenal glands are less active.

Our bodies were designed to deal with short bursts of stress like those described above. Unfortunately, we’ve modernized stress, making it more constant, and the body has a hard time distinguishing between life-threatening stress and any other kind of stress. The frustration of traffic during our commute, the presentation during the board meeting, the short lunch where we rush to down something, the responsibilities, the financial strains, and the deadlines all pile up and your body acts like it is in imminent danger, no matter the source of stress or whether it is physical or emotional.

Modern stress is not the short and occasional thing our bodies are prepared for. It is frequent, prolonged, and often very intense. This overstimulates the adrenal glands, leaving them unable to meet our needs and resulting in adrenal fatigue. Adding to the stresses of our lives are infections, trauma, poor diet, anxiety, depression, and prescription drugs. These all can make it harder for your adrenal glands to keep up. So what are the symptoms of adrenal fatigue?

  • Fatigue, even after adequate sleep
  • Craving salty and sweet foods
  • Unexplained pain in back or neck
  • Inability to handle stress
  • Low stamina
  • Difficulty waking
  • Normal energy levels arriving in the evening
  • Impaired immune system
  • Consistently low blood pressure
  • Blood pressure drops initially when standing
  • Foggy feeling, impaired memory, difficulty focusing
  • Sensitivity to cold

There are many more symptoms, but these are the more commonly recognized. You can easily test yourself for adrenal fatigue by checking your blood pressure while lying down and then immediately upon standing. If it drops by quite a few points, your adrenal glands may be struggling. Here are a few things that can help.

Reduce Stress – Take some time and let some of your stress go. Breathing exercises help and so does yoga, meditation, or tai chi.

Sleep – Get enough sleep each night and take a few naps during the day when you can. This will let your body recover, catch up, and rebuild stores.

Avoid Sugar – Refined sugar and processed foods make adrenal fatigue worse as they cause sugar spikes that burn through cortisol.

Good Fats – Most hormones are composed of good fats that your body needs. Avoid saturated fats and trans fats, but eat healthy fats like those found in seeds, nuts, and avocados. Chia seeds are a great option.

Potassium Rich Foods – The adrenal glands produce aldosterone, which helps control mineral balance in the body. Potassium and salt levels can get imbalanced if the adrenal glands aren’t doing well. Go for seaweed and sea vegetables, sunflower seeds, almonds, parsley, avocado, garlic, and brazil nuts.

Light on Fruit – Fruits contain a lot of natural sugars that can still cause some bumps in blood sugar levels. Stick with fruits that aren’t super sugary and that contain a good amount of fiber and water to balance things out. Think papaya, mango, plums, pears, kiwi, apples, cherries, and a small amount of grapes.

Calcium, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C – Vegetables and dark greens are a great source for some of the vitamins that will help your body heal, recover, and get back to normal. Carrots, broccoli, kale, parsley, oranges, turnip greens, and asparagus are a good place to get all three of these.

Magnesium – Magnesium is used in thousands of processes within the body and plays a part in the formation and function of hundreds of enzymes. Magnesium is important to muscles, sleep, and controlling the release of stress hormones. Magnesium is found in sunflower seeds, nuts, brown rice, wild rice, lentils, and peaches.

Sea Salt – Many people suffering from adrenal fatigue also crave salt. Our modern diet contains way too much sodium. It is a good idea to avoid high sodium foods, but give yourself the salt your body needs to re-balance fluids. Choose a good natural sea salt with minerals and add it to your food as needed.

Protein – You need healthy protein to rebuild enzymes. Lean more toward plant-based protein sources and maybe some deep sea fish, but avoid animal protein as it can put more stress on your adrenal glands and kidneys. Go for seeds, nuts, whole grains, hemp seeds, chia seeds, avocado, legumes, and lentils.

Whole Grains – Avoid processed grains and anything made with sugar and white flour. Stick with complex carbs that are paired with fiber. This will release energy slowly all day, so your stamina stays up and you get less tired. Whole grains, brown rice, wild rice, barley, oats, and quinoa are a good source of good carbs.

So here’s to nourishing our bodies to handle daily stress and live Boundryless Lives !!

Enjoy Adrenal foods to reduce stress and increase enjoying loving life

Enjoy Adrenal foods to reduce stress and increase enjoying loving life

Do what you Love ~ Love what you Do !


Love what  You Do ~ Do what you Love !

Love what You Do ~ Do what you Love !

Hi folks,

My friends and I were chatting recently after doing some hill sprints, chinups and hand-stand pushups.

This was followed by some Qigong and Tai-Chi, after we all felt so refreshed while sipping our green tea.

We each got to mentioning about what we love to do and how important it is to do what you love.

 I’ll tell you a secret to loving what I do: if I think my work will help someone, there’s no better motivator.

I see lots of people, every day, who don’t like the work they’re doing. If I could help a few of them find work they love, it would make my year.

So this is a mini-guide to finding the work you love. Because it’s waiting for you — you just need to find it and go get it.

We’re going to do this in just a few simple steps.


Let’s go!

Step 1: Believe in yourself. The main reason people don’t try to do work they love, don’t even look for it, is because they don’t think they’re good enough. That’s hogwash. We’ve been bamboozled and hornswoggled into believing we are insufficient, that it’s scary to fail, when neither is remotely true.

You are not only sufficient, you are Perfect!  However …  failure is inevitable, but it is how you succeed to be perfect step by step. Failure is how we learn to get better. It’s a step towards success.

I highly recommend you watch this TEDx talk from Scott Dinsmore for some inspiration … it’s the best 18 minutes you could invest in your life right now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=jpe-LKn-4gM


The Work You Love is Waiting For You

I’ll tell you a secret to loving what you do….

if I think my work will help someone ….

THAT is the Best motivator !


Step 2: Find the work you love. This is probably the most difficult step for many people, because they don’t know what they want to do.

Actually, this step is the fun part. You get to try different things. Fail often. Explore yourself. Learn about what you’re good at. Help people.

“A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.” by John C. Maxwell.


Step 3: Take the leap. It’s the scariest, most exciting thing ever to take the leap and do work you love.  It’s totally worth it.

Making a living doing what you want isn’t exactly easy, but it’s not as hard as you might think. Create something that will help people. Do it the best you can, and keep getting better. Make it uniquely you, and tell your story. Don’t be a marketer or push yourself on people, but really help them and they’ll come to you.

What are you waiting for? I’ve given you three steps, so you should be taking the first step already. If not, get moving!

The work you love is out there, just waiting for you.

But it won’t find youyou have to go looking for it.

Live Boundrylessly by loving the your work ~ doing what you love!

Love What  You Do by Steve Jobs

Love What You Do by Steve Jobs


When Less is More ~



Body weight exercise is So easy to do anywhere ~ Trust Me

Body weight exercise is So easy to do anywhere ~ Trust Me

Hi folks,

Hope all of you enjoyed a wonderful Happy Thanksgiving while giving Thanks to those special people in your life.

Between traveling for work and visiting family for the big Thanksgiving Turkey day been bus..but a Good Busy 😉
Whenever life gets busy it reminds me of the lesson of …Less is More ~

Focus on Exercise for Health. Exercise shouldn’t ever be something used to counter bad eating habits or because you feel as if you should do it – to put is simply only exercise when you are itching to move and then do exercise you enjoy. For most people who is some kind of sport or general play activity (frisbee, walks, group exercise classes)

Dont Worry About Strength – Many factors apply to strength: limb length, gender and body type…

We’re a combination of levers; that’s how we move,” Vanderburgh said. “Generally speaking, the longer the limb, the more of a disadvantage in being able to do a pull-up. I look at a volleyball player and wouldn’t expect her to be able to do a pull-up, but I know she’s fit.” – Link

Strength is not a good indicator of general health and wellness. Yes resistance training is important but how much you lift is not – simply doing some form of weight training is important for bone density and a strong body that functions well, for men and women.

Use it or Lose it – When it comes to general health and wellness there is a definite correlation between those who move and health. Whereas there is no direct correlation between avid exercisers (gym rats, serious runners etc) and health/wellbeing.
Take advantage of your body. Walk and spend time on your feet – simply standing for prolonged periods forces our postural muscles to kick in and work, it also turns off fat storage triggers and makes you more likely to stay lean. For instance standing while on the phone, the bus or walking to get your shopping are all ways to sneak in time on your feet without thinking about it. There is no harm in sitting but it shouldn’t be your default position for the day as it causes bad posture and weakened muscles, especially the hip flexors and lower back.

This goes for those who also exercise. It is not what you do for 1hr a day that counts it’s what you do for the other 12 hours you are awake. Make sure to take regular strolls if you work in a seated environment, also stretch at some point during the day (ideally before bed to release and relax muscles)

So How Should You Exercise? The two rules for this are to exercise when you have energy and actually feel like getting up and doing something. In other words no going for a run when your body is telling you to lie down and nap.

And number two is to exercise in a way that you enjoy, find something that gets you excited and wanting to move whether it be playing a sport or going for a long walk or a run. The last rule is to integrate some resistance whether it be pushups/pull-ups or circuit training in the gym (or like myself, find a nearby park or outdoor place with fresh air and sunshine to enjoy some exercise) – this is especially important for women as the lack of testosterone and tendency to decreased bone density with age makes this extra important.

  • Spend time on your Feet
  • Stretch
  • Resistance Training (remember the word  “resistance” is anything that gives your muscles a challenge..be it weights, your body weight, or even objects around the house can be used!)

Those are the three important parts of being fit and exercising well. This is not a post to slander exercise and its effects but simply to make you aware that it is more important to move – keeping your body active by moving. If you can stay lean and healthy without overdoing the exercise you are doing well – the last thing we want is a body which needs ‘exercise‘ in order to stay lean or for you to feel healthy. Never let it become a crux but rather something you enjoy and look forward to.

Live Boundrylessly by doing more with less !!  🙂

You really can exercise Anywhere !

You really can exercise Anywhere !