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When Less is More ~



Body weight exercise is So easy to do anywhere ~ Trust Me

Body weight exercise is So easy to do anywhere ~ Trust Me

Hi folks,

Hope all of you enjoyed a wonderful Happy Thanksgiving while giving Thanks to those special people in your life.

Between traveling for work and visiting family for the big Thanksgiving Turkey day been bus..but a Good Busy 😉
Whenever life gets busy it reminds me of the lesson of …Less is More ~

Focus on Exercise for Health. Exercise shouldn’t ever be something used to counter bad eating habits or because you feel as if you should do it – to put is simply only exercise when you are itching to move and then do exercise you enjoy. For most people who is some kind of sport or general play activity (frisbee, walks, group exercise classes)

Dont Worry About Strength – Many factors apply to strength: limb length, gender and body type…

We’re a combination of levers; that’s how we move,” Vanderburgh said. “Generally speaking, the longer the limb, the more of a disadvantage in being able to do a pull-up. I look at a volleyball player and wouldn’t expect her to be able to do a pull-up, but I know she’s fit.” – Link

Strength is not a good indicator of general health and wellness. Yes resistance training is important but how much you lift is not – simply doing some form of weight training is important for bone density and a strong body that functions well, for men and women.

Use it or Lose it – When it comes to general health and wellness there is a definite correlation between those who move and health. Whereas there is no direct correlation between avid exercisers (gym rats, serious runners etc) and health/wellbeing.
Take advantage of your body. Walk and spend time on your feet – simply standing for prolonged periods forces our postural muscles to kick in and work, it also turns off fat storage triggers and makes you more likely to stay lean. For instance standing while on the phone, the bus or walking to get your shopping are all ways to sneak in time on your feet without thinking about it. There is no harm in sitting but it shouldn’t be your default position for the day as it causes bad posture and weakened muscles, especially the hip flexors and lower back.

This goes for those who also exercise. It is not what you do for 1hr a day that counts it’s what you do for the other 12 hours you are awake. Make sure to take regular strolls if you work in a seated environment, also stretch at some point during the day (ideally before bed to release and relax muscles)

So How Should You Exercise? The two rules for this are to exercise when you have energy and actually feel like getting up and doing something. In other words no going for a run when your body is telling you to lie down and nap.

And number two is to exercise in a way that you enjoy, find something that gets you excited and wanting to move whether it be playing a sport or going for a long walk or a run. The last rule is to integrate some resistance whether it be pushups/pull-ups or circuit training in the gym (or like myself, find a nearby park or outdoor place with fresh air and sunshine to enjoy some exercise) – this is especially important for women as the lack of testosterone and tendency to decreased bone density with age makes this extra important.

  • Spend time on your Feet
  • Stretch
  • Resistance Training (remember the word  “resistance” is anything that gives your muscles a challenge..be it weights, your body weight, or even objects around the house can be used!)

Those are the three important parts of being fit and exercising well. This is not a post to slander exercise and its effects but simply to make you aware that it is more important to move – keeping your body active by moving. If you can stay lean and healthy without overdoing the exercise you are doing well – the last thing we want is a body which needs ‘exercise‘ in order to stay lean or for you to feel healthy. Never let it become a crux but rather something you enjoy and look forward to.

Live Boundrylessly by doing more with less !!  🙂

You really can exercise Anywhere !

You really can exercise Anywhere !




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