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Enjoy More … By doing Less ~ Yes !

Enjoy Less to Enjoy More

Enjoy Less to Enjoy More

Hi Everyone,

Just a short post to share what us busy folks talked about recently…..

Enjoy more of everything…..by doing Less !


If you’re like us working with what seems like an endless stream of tasks, browser tasks, social media, emails, meetings, rushing from one thing to another, never pausing and never ending.

Then the day is over, and you’re  exhausted, while often have very little to show for it. And then, start the next day, ready for a mindless stream of tasks and distractions.
I am a fan of going against the stream of what most people do, and taking a step back. Is it really worth it? Is this the best way? Are we losing our lives to busy-ness and distraction?

What if we did less instead of more?

Of course, I’ve suggested doing less before, however it’s a topic worth revisiting… 

Today I offer a few ways on doing less, for those willing to give it a try.

You may ask … What are the Benefits ?

I could probably write an entire book on the benefits of doing less, but here’s the short version:
1.  You accomplish more. No, you don’t get more done (you’re doing less, after all), but if you do less and focus on the important stuff, you actually achieve better results, more meaningful accomplishments. This is how I’m able to work less but still write hundreds of posts a year (on various sites), create e-books and courses, and more.
2. You have less anxiety. When you let go of the distractions and the non-essential, you free yourself from the fear that you need to do these things. You learn that your world doesn’t fall apart when you let these things go.
3. You enjoy life more. Taking time to really focus on an important task, or enjoy the little things, rather than rushing through them, is much more enjoyable.
4. You create time. When you do less, all of a sudden you have free time! What can you do with all that time? How about spend some time with loved ones, read, write, make music, exercise, cook healthy meals, start your own business, meditate, do yoga..in other words doing those things that you truly enjoy doing?
I’ll stop with those benefits — they’re sufficient for getting you  started.

But I think you’ll discover others as you give this a try.


Savor Tasks

When you do a task — let’s say writing something — create space around that task. Really pay attention, really pour yourself into it, and enjoy it. Any task can be enjoyable with the savor mindset — yes, even cleaning and doing taxes.
When you do the task, don’t rush through it, but be mindful, be present, and smile.
When you’re done with the task, savor your accomplishment instead of just looking for what’s next. Breathe between tasks.
Priortize Your Tasks

If you normally do 20-30 things a day (as an example), small and large tasks and meetings, that’s great — but are these things important? Are they good enough to make the cut of what should be in your life?
Instead, think of yourself as a collector. Each day is limited, our lives are limited, and we can try to cram as many things as we possibly can into these containers, or we can collect just the experiences worthy of being in these limited days.
What would you include in your day if you were culling experiences and tasks down to the best ones? My day, as an example, often contains these things I love: meditation, writing, enjoying some coffee or tea and reading, spending time with my family and friends, exercising, eating healthy meals, helping people, going for a walk, more reading, drinking a glass or two of red wine. Not every day has those things, and not always  in that order, but those are some of the things I find worthy of my day.
Create a Less is More Day

Can you do less today? How would you do it?
The answer is yes, of course, you can do less today, even if you’ve already started with a rush of small tasks. Here’s my suggestion:
Take a breath. Take a moment to pause in your busy day, and breathe. Pay attention to your breath for a minute, then pay attention to your body, how you’re sitting, whether your jaw is clenched, what is tense.
Now consider your day. What have you done already today? What is on the horizon for the rest of the day? Is there anything you can let go of? Can you create spaces between your tasks? Can you cull your tasks, getting rid of the non-essential, just leaving the best?
Learn to know the essential. It takes time to figure out what tasks give you the most impact on your life, your career, your ability to help others and change the world. But start learning today — pick what you think is most essential, clear some space, and just work on those things. Savor them.
Reduce distractions. Consider going on a digital cleanse — take a day or a week off of social media, news, entertainment/gossip sites, the places you usually spend on distractions. What will you do when you feel like some distraction? Meditate, exercise, create.
Breathe. Enjoy the new space. Savor the beauty of doing less.

Here’s to enjoying a Boundrylessly Happy and Healthy Life by doing less while Enjoying More !

De-stress the Post Holiday Stress

Hi folks,

If you’re like many of my friends, we’re talking about post holiday stress and daily stress.

So here’s some ways that hope help you like they help my friends and I 😉

Enjoy eating to overcome stress ~

That’s right, I said EAT !

But the right foods and not the left over holiday cookies 😉

Stressed Out

Stressed Out

Feeling stressed? Rather than turning to the pantry and grabbing that box of chocolate cookies that’s calling your name or resorting to the fattiest,  juiciest burger from any fast food joint, turn to smarter choices.

While the above foods may temporarily help take your mind off whatever is stressing you, they aren’t a long term solution. And what’s worse is that they’ll all have negative impacts on your body composition, so that in itself can also increase your stress as well.

It’s important that you do take stress seriously because too much stress can have an extremely negative impact on your health and can set you up to experience a number of degenerative diseases.

Those who are highly stressed out are going to be releasing more cortisol in their body. Cortisol is not a hormone that you want free flowing throughout your tissues as it can increase your risk of stomach fat accumulation, while also boosting your risk of heart disease and eventually stroke.

Healthy Meal Plans - Stress!Fortunately, with the right diet techniques, you can overcome these problems. Let’s have a quick peek at some of the top foods that help combat stress.

Foods That Fight Cortisol

The first food to eat to help reduce cortisol is salmon. Essential fatty acids are a must for proper hormone support and salmon is one of the best sources. Other good foods with essential fatty acids include walnutsand flaxseeds, so be sure to get them in as well.

Healthy Meal Plans - Salmon

In addition to essential fatty acids, also nosh on foods rich in vitamin C from time to time as well.


This includes foods such as oranges, bell peppers, as well as kiwi’s, all of which can help defend against cortisol release.

Healthy Meal Plans - Bell Peppers

Foods That Fight Stress

In addition to eating foods that help reduce your cortisol levels, it’s also important to consider other foods that combat stress as well.  Sweet potatoes are a good one to select due to their beta-carotene content, as well as their complex carbohydrate composition. They’ll help to improve the level of serotonin release you experience, which can instantly promote a sense of calmness in the body.

Turkey is another good stress-busting food to consider. It contains tryptophan, which is an amino acid that can help you feel more relaxed, putting you into a mental calm state.  Plus, the protein rich nature of it will help you control your blood sugar, so you don’t experience a crash which can leave you feeling more stressed and anxious.

Finally, include plenty of green vegetables in your diet such as broccoli, kale, as well spinach as all of these will contain vital nutrients and antioxidants that you need to combat the damaging effects of stress on the body.

So there you have some key stress busting eating strategies to make sure that you remember as you go about your diet plan. Eating balanced meals at regular intervals throughout the day will also help combat stress as it’ll keep your energy level on an even keel so you’re ready to deal with whatever comes your way.

Here’s to enjoying healthy eating to De-stress and live Boundrylessly !!

I am enjoying eating to beat stress ... are you ?

I am enjoying eating to beat stress … are you ?