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The Power of Choice !!

Enjoy the little things

Enjoy the little things

Hi folks,

Wanted to share a little about something amazing……

It’s called Choice.

Truly an amazing word.

Why you may ask….

Well, let’s start with a quote, then read on 😉

Life is not a matter of chance…it is a matter of choice.” ― Ka

24 hours. Every day we get them. And every day we use them. Sometimes we use them wisely: creating, exercising, resting, cooking, eating. Other times, the hours are wasted: mindless Internet surfing, watching too much television, worrying, or oversleeping. But every single day, the hours are always used. This is the very nature of time. There is not “more” use of time, only “better.”

This is also the very nature of money. Our finances are always used somewhere. They may be directed towards the house payment, the grocery bill, the student loan, the savings account, or others, but our money is always spent somewhere. There is not “more” use of money, only “better.”

I have found the idea of … not getting more, but instead getting better,,,is true for many important resources: money, time, energy, focus, mental capacity, relationships. Understanding this truth and embracing it becomes an important principle in living a thoughtful and intentional life. Life is, after all, the sum of our choices. And often times, the choice isn’t more, but better.

Recognizing that positive change is not a matter of choosing more, but choosing better is a powerful motivator.

There is freedom to be found in it.

It is a powerful and inspiring shift in our thinking. Consider these practical examples:


I used to think I didn’t have enough time to exercise. But when I made an intentional commitment to begin exercising regularly and add it into my schedule, the use of my time began to change. There were not extra hours in the day, there was only a redirection of them. As a result, I began to spend less time watching television. Exercise was not a use of more time, it was better use of my existing time.


Similarly with money, I used to think there was never enough. But as we began our journey towards minimalism, we soon discovered we had more money available than ever before. Not because we were making more, but because we were spending less at the store. Suddenly, we were able to redirect more finances towards saving, giving, and creating memorable experiences. We did not spend more of our money, we spent it better.


As positive changes began taking place in my home and life, I felt drawn to eat better. As a result, I began learning how to cook and enjoy healthier foods and meals. Junk food was being replaced with fruits and vegetables and chicken and fish. I didn’t add food to my diet, I changed the food in my diet. Not more, better quality.


Often times, one of the greatest changes we can embrace in our lives is learning where to place our focus. When I began to intentionally choose to meditate on the positives in my life rather than the negatives, I opened my heart to gratitude, contentment, and joy. This was not a result of more focus, but better focus.


Similarly, whether we choose to spend our time with ourselves, positive influences, or negative influences, our relationships are always directed somewhere. These voices we allow into our lives impact us greatly. When I work to choose positive relationships that inspire me to contribute value to this world, it naturally changes who I spend my time with. Again, not more relationships, better relationships.

There are, of course, some elements of life that are not finite. Our capacity for love, hope, and joy will always grow as we discover more and more places to find them. But often times, this growth is not a result of choosing “more” for our lives, but choosing “better.”

So here’s to living a Boundryless Life ….by Choice !!

Enjoy the power of choice....Chose to relax AND Enjoy the Present Moment !

Enjoy the power of choice….Chose to relax AND Enjoy the Present Moment !

Enjoy your New Year with New Energy !

Relax to Revitalize

Relax to Revitalize

Hi Folks,

Here’s some great energy tips to help you enjoy a Boundryless New Year.

If you feel zapped of energy far too often and not sure why,  it’s more often mental than physical.

There are several physical causes you should consider. Yet there many more causes for low energy that stem from non-physical causes. And there are many things you can do to improve low energy.

Physical Causes

Tired of feeling tired and run down? If so, you’d be wise to look at both physical and other common causes for low energy. A physical cause can be discovered by your physician. The more common of these physical causes I would consider are these:

  • Low thyroid hormone.
  • Congestive heart failure (lack of blood-flow capacity).
  • Anemia (lack of oxygen-carrying capacity).
  • Adrenal fatigue (lack of cortisol).
  • Chronic viral infection (such as hepatitis C).
  • Insomnia (with resultant daytime fatigue).
  • Hypoglycemia (transient low blood sugar spells).
  • Overweight.
  • Too much refined/processed food and lack of whole foods/fresh produce.

Eating poorly is the most common physical cause for low energy. It goes hand in hand with a sedentary lifestyle.

Shift to better eating by habits by fresh juice feasting and drinking lots of fruit smoothies. (You can add nuts, eggs and stevia to make smoothies into complete meals.)

For better nutrition, go off these particular food categories in particular: dairy, refined sugar and bread products. Then get yourself an exercise routine with great music (iPod shuffles cost less than $50), and you’ll see your energy spiral upward for sure.

Although physical causes for low energy can slow you down, behavioral and emotional sources most commonly are to blame for zapping energy.

Energy Zappers

What’s in your mind, your feelings and, as result, in every cell of your body is usually the cause of low energy. What you think and how you feel are your reality.

When you first open your eyes in the morning, there is a “feeling tone.” It’s that moment when you are first aware that a new day is upon you. Notice the feeling at that moment, and you will discover if mood is to blame for low energy. A happy feeling tells you that your mood is generally good. Alternatively, a feeling of uncertainty or fear tells you that your mood deserves a boost. Be honest with yourself.

You can shift into a feeling tone of confidence and happiness, which will translate into more energy if mood is your main reason for low energy.

Here’s how: The five minutes when you first wake up are vital to the entire day. Visualize what makes you really happy. Keep your focus on it and allow good feelings to flow into your body. Imagine yourself doing and loving the performance of what brings you joy.

Be sure to focus on the good feelings while you see this picture in your mind. This requires letting go of doubts that what you visualize can be a reality, and it allows fulfilling possibilities to flow into you. Even if you spend only a few moments dreaming about happiness, your dreams eventually take some form of reality.

This gives you the energy to know you are following a passion you really enjoy. The emotional fuel for this energy is a renewable resource. Physical energy may seem to run down as we age, but emotional energy can increase.


Think about the relationship that is the one that dominates your feeling tone. If you have at least one good relationship in your life, you can focus on that one and let the good feelings from it flood your mind and body. At the same time, let go of the fight inside you toward all others, because holding on to that fight drains your energy.

Let’s imagine you and your spouse decide to go out for the evening together. You both have plenty of energy while you are preparing yourselves for the evening. Your spouse is even playing upbeat music. As you start your drive together to the city, however, a negative feeling (from a discussion) is thrown into your enthusiasm and suddenly your energy drops. You go to dinner; but instead of going dancing with friends afterward as planned, you both decide to just go home to bed early.

What killed your physical energy? Did you let your discussion turn into negative feelings? It is easy to create a bad mood between you when a simple sentence is spoken without caution, turning into ill feelings that kill your energy. Had you both simply not taken offense (let it go, let the other person be “right” and keep focused on the positive), such energy-draining moods would never develop. The perfect relationship can be the one that takes time and patience and soon becomes a source of emotional fuel.

Other ways that your energy can be drained:

  • Being over-committed with duties and responsibilities.
  • Allowing others’ expectations to run your life.
  • Believing another’s critical views of you.
  • Guilt and shame. (Remember that your past is only for you to learn from; it’s not true of you now, if you keep it in perspective.)
  • Comparing yourself (with envy) to others’ good fortune, then criticizing yourself.
  • Worry or chronic fear.

I’m sure there are a multitude of distressing feelings that can drain energy. You must be willing to take an honest look at them and free yourself. Then, you’ll have passion and energy again. You need to experience pleasure and fun often. Great music, great friends, new experiences, prayers with feeling and positive anticipation will fuel your energy.

So do like me….

The night before plan your next day.

Do this at least 3o minutes before sleep …..

Listen to relaxing music, read a  book, meditate …one or all will help you unwind 🙂

Most important….

Allow your mind to recharge just as your body needs to. So take a moment in the morning to deep breathe and visualize your day of success…Yes, I said day of s success !

At lunch, take at least 5 to 10 minutes to deep breathe and if possible a short recharge nap instead of that coffee.

End of day, unwind with a relaxing walk, some yoga, whatever you like to do.

Here’s to enjoying a Boundrylessly Happy, Healthy, and Productive New Year !!