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Give more to Get More ~

Give the Gift of Generosity

Give the Gift of Generosity

Hi Folks,

Wanted to share a great post by one of my favorite writers, Craig Ballantyne.

Here is his wonderful story unedited, in its entirety.

How Giving Can Make You Rich

By Craig Ballantyne

Not too long ago, I watched a fascinating presentation by the inimitable Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary was born in the former Soviet Union and his father brought their family to America where nine family members lived in a studio apartment while his father pursued the American Dream.

Gary eventually grew the family business, Wine Library, from $3 million to $80 million per year, and he now runs a social media company helping large corporations optimize the use of Twitter, Facebook, and other Internet marketing channels. Gary’s latest book, “The Thank You Economy,” argues that the new economy is being shaped by the use of real-time insights from social media.

The presentation I watched was Gary’s keynote speech from last year’s Inc. 500 conference, and while not for delicate ears (warning: excessive cursing), Vaynerchuk delivered a non-stop tour de force and extreme value in his hour. Usually I can’t stand to watch video (I much prefer to read), but Gary’s presentation held me spellbound in front of my computer because it was both entertaining and delivered “a-ha” moment after moment.

Gary will be the first to tell you that giving extreme value to your customers is an essential part of building your business or career (just read his book, “Crush It,” for the full story on how he used the delivery of tremendous value to build Wine Library).

But where do you, someone who doesn’t have a wine store or 900,000 Twitter followers like Gary, start delivering value in your ‘just-starting-out’ or ‘have-not-even-started-yet’ business?

Well, it’s simple. Begin at the beginning and go on ’til you come to the end.

You start with one person. One reader. One viewer. One customer. You deliver value to them, learn lessons from the interaction, and you improve your system.

You write your first newsletter, asking for reader feedback on how you can make it better.

You create your first product by hand and sell on e-bay or at a local swap meet for a profit, getting constructive criticism from your customer on what you can improve.

You go to your first seminar, meet some people, share what you know to add value to their lives, and you leave them better off than you found them.

The next step is to write a second newsletter for the seven or twenty or thirty-five new subscribers you attracted. Or you sell your 5th, 10th, and 100th product on E-bay or at the next swap meet.

Or you go to another seminar, make more friends and contacts, help more people, and go home to find more ways to help those people.

You ride in, help a bunch of people, and leave them saying, “Who was that helpful person?” And then they talk about you – in a good way. You build a reputation as a giver, a value-adder, a problem solver, and you become the person everyone else wants to connect with. You’re invited into deals. You’re asked to be a guest expert on websites. You get collaboration requests. You are rewarded for delivering excessive value.

This is the mentality I had when I created myalmost daily free email newsletter from, InternetIndependence.com. Each day I would provide extreme value to readers, so much so that they kept on asking, “When are you going to sell something?” My email list grew almost exclusively by word of mouth, because I had no affiliates (there were no products to promote) and I wasn’t buying advertising.

I also created something that I called, “My blog post of a lifetime,” and you can do this with a speech, presentation, or report, too. In my “post of a lifetime,” I delivered all the content and value my readers would need to get started, and I wrote it from the perspective that “if I could only write one message for the rest of my life, what would it be?” You can read that blog post of a lifetime here.

The surest path to success is to help others. Solve problems. Design your product to provide the greatest value in the marketplace. Add value to someone’s life. Follow the golden rule.

As my friend and mentor Yanik Silver is fond of saying, “I firmly believe you cannot out-give the universe. Anything you give out comes back to you in kind multiple times.”

Don’t you think you could build successful business relationships with others by being the most helpful, giving, and caring person in your industry? It’s so easy. Just help as many people as you can, starting today. The more you help others and the more they succeed, the more success you will achieve. Don’t hold anything back.

Can you ever give too much help to someone? I doubt it. I’ve yet to be accused of helping too much, and my three main businesses reach over 450,000 people on almost daily basis with advice that helps people move forward towards their goals.That’s why I give my Virtual Mastermind members everything I produce. It’s my latest attempt at “out-giving the universe.”

Here’s what you need to do in order to start helping and giving value today.

First, identify that problem in your industry that you can solve.
Second, become part of the conversation, online through social media, forums, and your own newsletter, or offline through attending seminars, trade shows, or swap meets – wherever your marketplace congregates.

Third, deliver value. Prove your worth. Take action and attract friends, fans, and followers into your life.

Give excessively. Give dangerously. Give so much value that other people think you are crazy to be giving that much value away.

The world needs entrepreneurs and problem solvers today more than ever. It needs you to go out there and give value to people. Make the world a better place. I dare you.

You can do it.

And we’ll be right here at Early to Rise to support you every step of the way.

How are you going to attempt to out give the universe today?

Here’s to Truly being Boundrylessly Rich ~ Through Giving  !!  🙂

Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

Have you Discovered your True Calling ?!



Hi Folks,

Was reading a great post that wanted to share with you.

Are you enjoying Living your Dreams?!

Here’s how….by an inspiring man ….. Brian Tracy.

This post is unedited and is Brian’s original post….hope it helps you too !

How to Find Your True Calling

By Brian Tracy

Your success in life will be largely determined by your ability to find your true calling, the right work for you to do, and then putting your whole heart into doing it very well.

The happiest people are those who have carefully thought through who they are, what they want, where they are going, and then decided exactly what they need to do to get to their goal. Asking yourself five targeted questions can help you home in on whatever path is right for you.

#1: What do I do easily and well?

When you are seeking your true calling, you must look at the activities that have always been easy for you but which have been difficult for others. Often, you will get comments and compliments on how well you do a particular task. You will be surprised when you hear those remarks, because you never even thought about it that much. It just seemed natural for you from the very beginning.

My daughter is a natural and spontaneous little actress. From the time she was three or four years old, she has memorized lines and acted in every school play and function that has ever come up. In fact, by the time she was six, she was memorizing every line in the school play, not only her own but the lines of every other child. When the other children forgot their lines, Christina would whisper them and keep the play on track.

When Christina was 11 years old, she appeared at a city council meeting and gave a speech in favor of a permit allowing her school to expand. She stood up at the meeting, on a chair, in front of 150 adults, and gave an impassioned little talk. As a result, the permit was granted – and Christina was on the front page of two newspapers the following day.

#2: What are the things that I have done in life that have been most responsible for my success?

In looking back over your work and your activities, what are the things you have done that have given you the greatest rewards and satisfaction? If you work for a company, what are the activities you have engaged in that have achieved the very best results for yourself and your company? Your previous success experiences are signposts pointing to the sort of things that you should be doing more and more of if you want to deploy yourself more fully for greater happiness and satisfaction in life.

#3: What would I do differently, knowing what I know now?

Is there anything that you are currently doing that you wouldn’t start up again if you had to do it over? Is there any relationship that you are in that you wouldn’t get into if you could make the choice today? Is there any job or part of any job that you are doing that you would not embark upon, knowing what you now know, if you had to do it over?

As many as 95 percent of people working today are under-employed, not working to their full capacity for themselves and their companies. Only 5 percent, when interviewed, will say that they are working fully extended at their current job. Only 5 percent feel that their entire potential is being consumed and that they are working on the outer edge of their abilities. These people also tend to be the happiest, the highest paid, and the most fulfilled in any organization or enterprise.

#4: What work would I choose to do if I won a million dollars, cash, in the lottery tomorrow?

This is a question I sometimes ask my seminar audiences. When you hear this question, your gut reaction is a good indicator of where you are today and possibly where you should be going in the future. Most people, when they think of winning a million dollars, think of quitting their current job and doing something else. There is nothing wrong with that. Since most people have backed into their current jobs, taking them because they just happened to be there at the time a job was needed, most people probably should be doing something else.

Napoleon Hill once said the key to success in America is to find out what you really enjoy doing, and then find a way to make a good living at it. What do you most love to do?

Successful people don’t feel like they work at all. They are doing what they love to do, and they are so busy doing it that their work becomes their play. Their work life and their personal life blends together like a hand fitting neatly into a glove. There is no separation. They are totally committed individuals who are accomplishing far more in a shorter period of time than the average person who is merely going through the motions.

#5: If I were absolutely guaranteed tremendous success in any job I chose, what field would I go into?

One of the major reasons people hold themselves back from doing what they are truly meant to do is that they are afraid they will fail in some way. And being afraid that you will fail is the surest guarantor that you will fail.

But what if you are absolutely guaranteed success in any field you choose? What would it be? What would you want to do if you had unlimited time, unlimited resources, and guaranteed success?

The answer to that question should cause you to tingle a little bit. It should make your stomach flutter. It should send a thrill of excitement and anticipation through you that tells you this is the job you should be doing.

Asking and answering the above five questions can change your life.

You have within you talents and abilities so vast that you could never use them all if you lived to be a thousand. You have natural skills and talents that can enable you to overcome any obstacle and achieve any goal you could ever set for yourself. There are no limits on what you can be, have, or do if you find your true calling.

When you become one of the few people who are doing what they love to do, who are totally absorbed in doing something they really care about, you will make more progress in a couple of years than the average wage slave makes in five or 10 years. You will come to the attention of people who can help you and open doors for you. You will be happy and fulfilled in both your work and your personal relationships. You will have more energy, enthusiasm, and creativity. You will unlock your true potential, and your future will become unlimited.

[Ed. Note. Brian Tracy has accumulated over four decades of studying the success habits of successful people. He has then taken these practices to train groups, both individual and large corporations what is necessary to make personal success simple. He has offered his guidance as one of the ETR Transformation Contest experts, find out about Brian Tracy and his expertise here.]

Here’s to Living the Life of your Dreams ~ Boundrylessly !!

Live the Life of Your Dreams !!

Live the Life of Your Dreams !!

Exercise …. With Allergies…..Sure you CAN !!



Enjoy Spring ~ Enjoy Exercise !

Enjoy Spring ~ Enjoy Exercise !

Hi Folks,

Here’s some tips on enjoying Spring, exercise and dealing with those Spring allergies too !!

When you have allergies, even short exercise bouts outdoors can be challenging. Follow these tips before heading outdoors to exercise to make your workout less itchy and sniffly.

1. Know Your Pollens

What triggers your allergies? It’s important to know what you’re allergic to.

There are different readings for different types of pollens. A tree pollen level above 50 is high, for example, while one to 10 is considered low. Check a web site such as that of the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology, which tracks pollen counts for trees, mold, weeds, and grass across the U.S.

2. Watch the Clock

The pollen count is highest between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m. and again at dusk, so plan your workouts for other times of the day when pollen levels are lower.

If you go out during high-pollen times, wear a face mask designed to filter out pollens. As soon as you get home, rinse out your nose with saline to remove pollen. Some nose sprays that will make it easier for you to exercise with high pollen levels. Ask your allergist.

3. Watch the Sky

Avoid outdoor exercise on dry, warm, windy days, which bring the highest pollen levels.

Many pollens cause eye problems, including a noncontagious form of “pinkeye” that others can’t catch.

High humidity can cause problems, as well. If the air feels heavy, it can make breathing feel difficult. The humidity also contributes to mold growth, which can trigger symptoms in some people.

On the other hand, rain clears the air, making it a good time to go outdoors if you have allergies.

4. Pick the Right Exercise

Start-and-stop activities like tennis are more likely to trigger asthma symptoms in some people than activities that don’t stop, like running.

Swimming is usually excellent for building up your lungs. Biking also is good. But chlorine from indoor pools can be irritating to some people, so use caution and leave the area if you have trouble breathing.

Running in cold weather also may trigger symptoms. Those problems usually are caused by spasms in your airways, which are not a true allergy. With proper treatment, you should be able to do any sport or activity without a problem. If not, you may need to take another look at your treatment plan.

5. Listen to Your Body

If you’re taking medicine and you still feel tired after exercising outdoors or if it causes symptoms that you don’t like, you may want to stay indoors.

Only recommending # 6 for those that  need medication with the hope you will find a more natural alternative (to be pursued in another post!)….

6. Take Your Meds Before You Sneeze

Start taking allergy medications weeks before the season. Don’t wait until you have symptoms. If you know you have spring allergies, take an over-the-counter medication starting around Valentine’s Day and through the summer. Check with your doctor if you take a prescription.

Take medications that have worked for you in the past. Pay attention to the weather, particularly when winter weather turns warm and pollens and molds release into the air.


Here’s to enjoying  a Boundryless Spring AND that wonderful outdoor exercise too !!