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More Productive in Less Time ~ Enjoy Life More !

Enjoy Living More ~

Enjoy Living More ~

Hi Folks,

Today I want to share some productivity tips that will help you get 8 hours of work done in 4 hours.

If you’re like most people, then you probably only get a few hours of impactful work done in an 8-hour period.

Do you ever spend your day in an unproductive state of constant distractions…

…jumping from one task to another…

…with your email inbox open and constantly interrupting you…

And then, you look up and the day is over.

And you d didn’t even get the most important stuff done.

Have you ever experienced this?

I sure have.

Let’s look at some strategies that have really helped me super-charge my productivity (in addition to the “eating that frog” strategy that I’ve discussed in several lessons).

By using these strategies, I now get more done in 4 hours than I used to get done in 12.

Start using a countdown timer.

Whenever I’m really trying to focus on a critical project, I set a countdown timer for 60 minutes, and then work on that project without any distractions during that period.

I find that using a timer is a very effective strategy…

…because when you see the timer counting down and you have committed to yourself that you are going to focus, you end up accomplishing amazing things during that specific focus period.

Once the timer goes off, you can either take a break, or re-set it for another focused period.

I generally use an egg timer or the timer on my computer (use it to time productivity time  AND exercise time ;).

But there are other types of timers you can use too, such as a timer on your iPhone or mobile device.

You can use whatever type you prefer.

Still….Highly recommend that you give this strategy a try.

Limit your email and voice mail to specific times during the day.

If you keep your email open all day long, you will constantly be distracted with reading and responding to messages.

It is far more productive to just check your email one or two times per day, and to keep it closed during the other times.

This strategy alone has doubled my personal productivity.


In addition to limiting the times each day when you check email, you can also use autoresponders to let people know exactly when they should expect to hear from you.

If you are out on vacation, for example, set an autoresponder to let people know that you will not get back to them until the date you return.

You can also use autoresponders to let people know what times of the day you generally respond to emails, so you don’t worry about them thinking you are unresponsive if they haven’t heard from you in an hour or two.

You can even put instructions on ways they can help address their own issue independently of you, such as to call your assistant, visit a certain web site to schedule time on your calendar, etc.

Autoresponders can be a fantastic tool for managing the expectations of people you work with, so you can spend more time being super-productive instead of getting lost in your inbox all day.

Review these 3 productivity tips again.

See which ones you can implement for yourself.

Here’s to being Boundrylessly Productive to Enjoy more of Life

Enjoy More of Life by being Productive Like Me !!

Enjoy More of Life by being Productive Like Me !!


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